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Why ATS will never find the "truth".

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 05:27 PM
Hi, interesting thread although no true answer. (my first post by the way so excuse me if I am a bit long winded here - just a sign of enthusiasm)!

A conspiracy by its true nature never really gets solved - there are always sceptics searching for an alternative. When we are told the world is round and we see NASA pictures of the world from space, that's it, done deal, it's as round as its going to get!

However, we see pictures of ufos all the time, but are categorised as manifested hoaxes, sometimes played out by so-called 'debunkers' - why? The term itself (UFO) was created in an era of extreme scepticism (the beginning), it appeared everyone who was anyone reported everything out of the ordinary.

This 'cry wolf' of the masses completely belittled any chance of such 'conspiracy theories' to be realised as genuine investigative allegations (I.e. innocent until proven guilty). The stance therefore, adopted by the US Government? There's too many crazy people out there to tell them anything meaningful, so treat them like mushrooms - feed them s*** and keep them in the dark. Does this sound like a 'Government' or a Government being led by a 'secret Government'? Either which way you cut it, they are all the same - information is power, best keep hold of it!

In furtherance to this, there are simply too many people claiming too many things for any of it to make any holistic sense. (how many threads are there on ATS alone at any one time? - Project Bluebook would be proud!) Lizards? Tunnels under the states? 14,000 mph trains - even then, they do not create a sonic boom and therefore cannot be heard, why - they are contained within a vacuum! and so on. Where do we start? Try Hoffa and JFK, they are still unsolved (the last time I looked, the driver did it, allegedly), and we are seeking the truth about something involving possibly the greatest discovery of humankind!

Why ATS will never know the truth? A guy called 'Sleeper' (a 2005 / 06 thread on ATS) who apparently was whisked around the galaxy by the 'Grays' etc etc was seriously ridiculed on his thread by countless posters wanting his life story - I know they were seeking out the detail in order to establish some level of credibility, however, a person with such a story repeatidly stated that he had made a mistake coming onto ATS to share his ''experiences'' and no answer he gave appeared to be good enough (on a conspiracy site!!).

Tell the above stories and conspiracies to your school teacher, your sibling, your university professor, your doctor and they will tell you (other than you need your head examined, twice!) that they have more important things happening in their lives such as work, family, mortgage etc. to worry about if their cow is going to get mutilated. Not knowing doesn't harm the guy on the street. Ignorance is bliss, the truth hurts - which one do the masses take?

Nevertheless, there are only two scenarios regarding the truth which leaves a 50/50 chance of getting it right:

1. There is no such thing as extraterrestial beings of any intelligence and it is the greatest hoax of all time; or
2. Its generally true, and we (all 6+billion of us) have been treated like a herd of cattle (possibly for our own protection).

If 1 is true, what took so much effort and money to create this hoax, why and was it worth it? (possible secondary conspiracy leading to the Illumanati, if it exists)?
If 2 is true, what becomes of the US government who has perpetrated such a wilful with-holding or neglect of the truth - does this also lead to the downfall of the nationalised governments as we know them in favour for a central power? (anything different is always something better).

Even when I try to pick things apart, I am left with more questions than answers - ignorance is bliss!!

What do I believe? there's too much out there not to be out there.


posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 06:42 PM
I respect all of your opinions-and appreciate them.But I think most if not all of you who responded so far are thinking about this way to deeply and like I said earlier taking concrete and making it metaphysical-(lol,maybe cause alot of the responders are writer-scholars)I dont see how the "truth" can be varible-it is a constant-the only varible to it is how much more is added on to it with the passage of time.For an example:Say the truth is aliens have been here since 1940,the government made a treaty w/ them,now they do what they want.Apeacful race will come to our rescue in 2012 and we will preceed to enter a glorious age of prosperity w/ our galactic brothers and sisters.(I just took theroies from numerous previous post and blended them all together for example).That is the ONLY TRUTH,there is no varible to that,no other meaning,no other way it could be.The only varible,again like I said is what it means for individual people and how much more "truth"is added on with the passage of time during the "coverup".

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by Breifne

Hey,not bad for your first post,lol I dont even remember my 1st,I think i didnt even make a big deal about it,I just jumped right in!I feel complimented you mentioned one of my post in your reply(14000 mph trains)you should post on it sometime.I agree,we will never know the truth about EVERYTHING,but we can know it about alot-IMO.But yea,as soon as(IF)we find out the "truth",a new wool will be pulled over our eyes.Good post,Gave you your first star!

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 08:06 PM
Thanks Jkrog08,

Still trying to find my way around. I am the guy sitting on the fence waiting for someone / thing to knock me off it. The train system mph really has some implications for modern travel but too many people use it (apparently) for no one not to talk! Strange.

I believe that there is too much evidence out there for 'everyone' to be crankpots. However, the bulk of the evidence is either not presented properly or not being made available to the right sources, or to complicate matters further, the sources are not interested (I.e. Media - they do not take the subject matter seriously).

What is needed, is a focused campaign on 2 or 3 major issues at a time, pressure brought to bear on each and squeezed until no juice remains. This requires effort in numbers - try voting for a presidential candidate who is green, safe and moderate (AL Gore) - surely he cannot lie - he breeds cattle (or used to) - cattle get mutilated - he needs cattle - he would surely report this - lol.

Regarding the 2012 debate, unfortunately, I don't go as far as quoting or citing 2012 as a defining occassion, as this is just a point in time that will serve no purpose until it arives - even Nostradamus was wrong on occassions, the end of the Mayan calander lasts 25,000 years: given todays technology, we cannot accurately predict the weather for next week, so I would not read too much into 2012. Maybe another way to bolster the black budget!

Anyway, just a thought.


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