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Chakra Meditation

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 03:06 PM

Originally posted by Shakesbeer
reply to post by Mr Green

You haven't even begun to learn about the AP, and yeah your energy before was obviously wasted on a specific modality of thinking...apparently my energy was too. But thanks for assuming again instead of listening to me, appreciated it...


Ok now you tell me about this AP then. How do I get there, hey lets go now then....oh hang on I cant...I CANT. I have been listening to you its just I cant do the things you can do. Sorry I said it was boring and yawned i didnt mean it. It was a joke OK. Its just whats the point of listening anymore I cant do it. I have lucid dreams now and then but thats random too.
Look I'll make you a deal, I'll spend 1 month following exactly your methods and lets see if it works. Thats unless you have now thrown the towel in, if so then youve taken this wrong.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 03:13 PM
You let down the guy in the garage, no, no buts, you let down the guy in the garage.. you let him down.

Just trying to lighten things up here.

I wanted to comment on the chakras open/closed as a child...

if your chakras were ever fully closed, at any point in your life, it would seem to me that you would be so over-come by depression that as a kid / adult, you wouldn't even leave the house.

For example.. if a childs throat chakra perhaps was closed... then why are they still able to express themselves with crude drawings?

Perhaps, the behaviour we're inclined to, the line of thinking is carried over through our life-times, and that kinda sets a range of where our chakras would be until we learn to change them otherwise... when we get older, we tend to develope or close off certain aspects of our personality..

what i mean is, i dont think at any time they are open or closed, rather just fluctuating, and perhaps some people have a closed chakra most of time, through childhood and adulthood... like say someone has no self-esteem... but they have the odd day where they do.. it fluctuate i believe.

I can see where you guys are getting at with the kid connection.. and I think it may be to do with the fact that kids have this under-developed (good for them) sense of doubt, and logic, so they don't really doubt their abilities..unless perhaps they are born that way.. carrying over something from a past life.

But yeah.. I think conditioning is an issue here... as we get older, we get taught more and more b.s. that undermines our potential, eventually creating such doubt.

If you told a child that they had chakras, and "magic powers". I don't think they would doubt you for a second, maybe because wishful thinking, but the fact remains they haven't been contaminated yet.

Just my guess.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 03:23 PM

Originally posted by CavemanDD
You let down the guy in the garage, no, no buts, you let down the guy in the garage.. you let him down.

Just trying to lighten things up here.


He'll be fine, I know why hes mad and its nothing to do with me and the it guy in the garage.
No need to lighten the mood
Im fine.
Hey I could be the girl in the garage...but unfortunatly I dont have one! How about the girl in the shed.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by Shakesbeer

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

Ahem.. the reason i asked about the chakras is because some people seem to be born with a more inate sense of curiosity of the spritual and possess a higher understanding of spiritual truths than say some other people. So this would indicate that their Crown chakra is perhaps more open than others??? I was just wondering if that had anything to do with it or whatever... If anybody had any ideas about this, lemme know

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by Shakesbeer


you know when I said I astrally projected and saw that blue guy pointing to a blue galaxy, well this was so much more than a dream, I actually felt myself leave my body. This was in April this year. I then started to panic and feel my body couldn't breath like I said before, then I woke up gasping for breath. Yet you say we dont need to breath there but this lack of air felt very very real to me as did the gasp when I came back. I think this episode was very different from a lucid dream which I can understand you needing no need to breath, but can you tell me more about how we breath or dont when we AP/LD. Like I say I really physically felt the need to breath in this case.

Thanks MG

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by pretty_vacant
reply to post by Mr Green

Ahem.. the reason i asked about the chakras is because some people seem to be born with a more inate sense of curiosity of the spritual and possess a higher understanding of spiritual truths than say some other people. So this would indicate that their Crown chakra is perhaps more open than others??? I was just wondering if that had anything to do with it or whatever... If anybody had any ideas about this, lemme know

[edit on 17/6/08 by pretty_vacant]

Some people out there are very lucky and all this comes naturally to them, to me it does not and I have to work at opening my chakras. In the beginning I had to work very hard at it as I felt nothing was happenning, but slowly it did. I still find the upper chakras difficult to open.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 10:56 AM
And for the new comers... HOW EXACTLY can you open up the Chakras. Watching the Avatar Episode the Guru was interesting but every time I try its hard.

Some reasons since birth i have to be told everything in a very direct manor where some things do come naturally... This is the one thing that doesnt when it comes to living in the spiritual realm.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

hey there
It's understandable that when we feel threatened on the AP with a sense of the physical it is hard to overcome. This is where strength of mind comes into play just as it would in a crisis situation. The difficulty lies in the fact that when we get scared, we tend to forget we're dreaming (if we know at all), this is where falling or looking inwards helps to re-ground yourself so that you can remind yourself that; you are okay, and only your physical body needs to breath. And your physical body is lying in bed with it's comfy pajamas on.
How do you fall or look inwards? Well if you can't breath, or feel that you can't, you're conscious of your astral body then, if you can remember that (the "astral") part, you may just snap right out of it and start "breathing" one way or another. Or if that's not working or you just don't necessarily know you're dreaming, you can use something like your knowledge of chakra meditation to aid you there too. You know you have confidence in your heart chakra, go to it when you feel scared, or pressured, or threatened etc. Things will change for the better if you shift your mind to inner strength, whatever tool you can think of to do this is fine. There is no "right" or "wrong" way, the important part is finding the inner strength to "remind" your conscious that you're asleep and your physical body is doing just fine.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 04:07 PM

Originally posted by rjmelter
And for the new comers... HOW EXACTLY can you open up the Chakras. Watching the Avatar Episode the Guru was interesting but every time I try its hard.

Some reasons since birth i have to be told everything in a very direct manor where some things do come naturally... This is the one thing that doesnt when it comes to living in the spiritual realm.

my best advice would be to let go of any and all expectations, and just the imagination do its thing. After reaching a light/deep meditative state, it gets easier to accept ideas, the same as if our chakras were balanced I find.

Just keep meditating, wondering, and testing yourself. I think where most people fail, is not in their methods, but in their thinking. If your mindset ready to accept the idea of chakras and many other energy points? Are you able to think of things energetically instead of "physically"? Remember... even matter, deep down is a bunch of particles moving about, with charges, that make up our physical atomic characteristics.

Be patient, and try working short meditations into your every day schedule if you can... even 15 minutes.

Also, you might want to try that audio file I posted a page or two ago, if the link is still working, it makes chakra meditation much easier for me.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 04:43 PM
Your chakras act like a lie detector I believe, perhaps your heart... but it could be linked with intuition, instinct, or wisdom..

whenever you take in some information that seems strage to you, pay attention to the signs your energy gives off.. I find I can just about read any theory that some people would call B.S. on and I would just feel fine about, it curious, open etc... and then there is other situations where its like the imformaton is irratic, and just not compute... my energy begins to dance, in an uncomfortable and subtle way.

I believe we have this ability to filter out deception. I mean... suppose someones theories, as much as I have a hard time accepting.. suppose I could maybe find truth in them one day... just, I don't know what to say man, except the chakra sensations don't lie.. and whether they are telling me the information is false..i'm not certain, but they do tell me that the information is bad for me, or rather, i'm not attuned or receptive to it.. I feel as though its scrambling me.

But really thats the thing isn't it... whether the information is true or false I guess doens't hold up to the real truth... that the soul needs what it needs, and if your chakras are telling you somethings wrong, then perhaps that is all that matters, for now. Perhaps thats what it really means to follow your heart.. by just doing what feels right deep down, rather then trying to prove or disprove to yourself every bit of "uncomfortable" information that comes your way.

I've had this sensation a few times before, and they were all linked to a deception or rather a path or concept that just wasn't right for me.

I need to explore this further, but I'll say this... next time some BS comes flooding your way... and I don't mean your typical straight out ignorant stuff... i mean the kind of information thats organised and complicated, the stuff that appears innocent.. Read into it, and see how far you get before you get this feeling, and then try and interpret it.

While i'm not saying to practise ignorance here, i'm just suggesting to me mindful of what you take in, and filter out what you feel the soul doesn't currently need.

I'll say this though, I used to get told some stuff that I never really thought about before, but never did I feel uncomfortable to the information, always curious, and patient. I speak of basic principles of spirituality, and bits of wisdom thats been thrown at me. The information just felt right.

So is this displeasing chakra dance indeed a sign of deception, or rather...incompatible or chaotic/unbalancing information? I'll leave you to ponder it.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 05:01 PM
Are there any decent half hour/hour meditation videos out there on the web,besides the one at the start of this thread. (which is pretty cool,but i want moar!!)

longer the better,nothing dodgy either,no illegal downloady type stuff,as i'm pretty sure it'll be against the TnCs.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I wanted to also add, there is a lot of biological signs I used to feel at moments of discomfort... such as maybe blood rushing up and down my chest, or like my heart was being squeezed, or my stomach..

These sensations happen so often in our life-time that I think most of us ignore them, and just accept them and not question them.

Feel your body right now, how does it feel? does it feel everythings stable?

Next time you feel a sensation of any kind, focus on it, and analyse it.

Remember your bodily organs are made of energy as well...

I like to think of the body, as an artistic/functional represenation of our chakras for the physical plane. We have our many layers, and this body is our physical one.. it is an expression of that energy in the physical plane.. think about it. Your heart, IS your heart chakra... at least one layer of it. If all these chakras are linked to the endocrin system, then essentially, being mindful of our physical body can help monitor the non-physical bodies.

Do you find when you get nervous its like your heart pounds and skips a beat?

Whats that saying,... "Butterflies in your stomach" - which is attributed to a nervousness, possibly from low solar plexus energy, which would indicate low energy, lazyness, and lack of confidence?

I'd like to point out how important eating and getting the right "physical energy" is to maintaining motivation for undesireable tasks and events in your day. Get 7 hours of sleep if you can, and eat when your hungry, if you do this, you will be able to handle anything the world throws at you..

another energetic physical indication... your body gets tired, this should be simple enough to grasp. Not to mention sickness, which can indicate blockages in your energy... and technically, germs interfere with the function of the body, so in a manner of speaking... germs negatively affect the physical expression of your energy centers and points.

If you maintain a postive healing attitude towards your body/energy, you will deflect most simple illness sent your way... A great deal of aging is related to stress, which is energy imbalance and impurities, causing visible stress to the physical body. They say meditation slows the aging process, I wonder why this is?.. because of the direct link of your energies, physical and non-physical.

Smoking makes you age... so... the crap in ciggarettes must be negative energy, in the physical expression?

You see where I'm going with this.. you can charge your body with the right energy, also based on what physical expression of energy you take into your physical body.

An angry throught towards a person, could say be... the negative energetic damaging equivalent to.. 1 ciggarette, or some unhealthy food.

Think about this, if all food is a physical expression of energy, that is, it is a compatible light-form that our body requires, we'll say... its programming requires a constant feed of these "food light patterns"... then it is concievable... if one were to be skilled enough in manifestation or be aware of their true being.. they could essentially live off the light entering their aura, or the light that is the oxygen entering their lungs... by simple re-programming the pattern of that energy to feed the body... or even, change the requirements of the body, or realise that there are no real requirements.

Your pulse, could be the phyiscal frequency of your being? It must be in some form or another. There are many physical expressions of your energy, be mindful of them.

And i'm about to leave a lovely post on a crude yet relevant topic. You notice how relieved you feel when you say.. use the bathroom. And the relief ranges I might add. We just feel so much better to be rid of our bodily wastes... now why is this, why does this affect our mind so? Is it because the root chakra sends negative energy to the earth? Is this relief, not a relief of feeling balanced from removing this physical expression of negative energy? And is it interesting that what our body removes is more or less, toxic, thus damaging to our body, just like..... you guessed it... negative energy being damaging, or unbalancing to our non-physical.

If you wanted to know what negative energy looked like, just look at the pollution in the sky, or a cigarette... those are physical expressions of it.

I hope you'll look at your body and the world you see around you differently.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I find the heart chakra never lies, trust it and you will be fine. Follow your heart not your head so to speak....however this should only be done if you are fully in tune with your heart chakra. Pure love is never wrong, trust it it does know best. It is though that very first feeling you get from it seconds before all those other voices and doubts come into play.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 05:40 PM
Contemplate this:

Another note i wanted to add on body energies... oxygen vs carbon dioxide... One feels relieving to inhale, and the other relieving to exhale....its like a constant drone of up and down... /\/\/\/\/ its nice little constant cycle of balance.

You get the point, i don't need to make any more refrences... but think about why breathing is emphasized so much in meditation, and that we do it in a controlled and balanced way...

breathing can speed up our body or slow it down...

Something interesting I thought of... when we meditate... we slow our body down... but the frequency of our thinking increases...

perhaps its this simple... the frequency of our body (pulse)... is stretched outwards, and its like... that moment between heart beats, or outside of time or rather... every beat draws attention to our physical body... and by stretching out this time period, and increasing the frequency of our thoughts... you see where I'm going with this... Our level of thinking increases as does the focus as the body's frequency stretched outward.

We really are timeless it seems.

In this sense... if you were to reach such a deep state... 1 minute could feel like an eternity of meditation.

I find that meditations become without time as they deepen...

also think about how waking up from 15 minutes of sleep totally screws up all sense of time you have temporarily... again... changing frequencies.

The physical body is not a crude burden to be taken so lightly, to anticipate the day we disgard it I believe... no.. I believe its much greater then that... and a very interesting way to explore reality.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 05:57 PM
fat = stored energy.

Never underestimate the Chi of a 300 pound man !


They say obesity is linked to over-active root chakra.. I guess I would be inclined to agree..perhaps a little with the sacral as well... AND... AND... you notice how the fat builds up around that area first? and quite signifigantly.... yet it then begins to mildly distribute throughout the rest of the body over-time... so there you are... you can see where your chakras stretch... you can see that it expands throughout your body.

I guess over-eating, getting an excess of energy would be seen as greed.. thats why i partially link it to sacral.. which I think is greed partially... but also the root has to do with SURVIVAL.. connection to the earth, and fear, or wrecklessness...

the same goes with under-eating... the physical body is deprived of energy possible from depression... also.. a sign that someone isn't really... enjoying life... that is, kind of the opposite of surivival, but rather...suicidal maybe?

Examples of over-active root chakra... athletes... they get all sorts of broken limbs all the time... over-active root is supposed to equate to reckless behaviour i believe.

I could go on and on guys.

Me and shakebeer were talking about earth energies, and how he lives by the root... I realised that my area is an extension of the root specifically... and how I am a taurus, an earth sign. Tauruses can tend to be over-weight, or phyiscal fit... i guess it comes down to their "endurence"... the ability to deal with physical reality, or inability to deal with it.

This area I live by, niagra falls, a gate of the earth root.. is also right across from new york... hmm.. think about that one.

But it makes sense to me why I might live where I do... it is the closest to the earth I guess you can be? And I am an earthy guy. Again they say taurus's are supposed to be greedy... comes right back to my earlier point... All the things they describe astrologically, I think relates to over-active or under-active chakra of that individual, and perhaps... our astrological configuration, or birthchart, is really a map of the state of our chakras.. but perhaps it is much more complex...

On a sidenote, you guys over in england, you don't know how nice you got it living right next to the earth's heart chakra.
Despite what you read in history, the U.K. must be a loving place.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 06:25 PM
Humour can be a balancing sensation.. laugher is quite a powerful healing force.

But if we're not careful... our joy for recieving the thoughts in the humour can cloud ours... essentially subcociously they get into our thoughts because we are somehow convinced these thoughts are good for us, they are right for us.

What does it take for a really negative joke to finally be funny to you? Do you find that after so long you feel inclined to make one of those jokes?

Humour is based on emotional observation, I don't think it has a detailed picture, as I do not think that is the aim, but rather ro provoke an emotional reponse... but again.. the information being fed could be total ignorance, but the joy we feel in recieving it could essentially make us want these ingnorant thoughts... I kind of got distracted there, I wanted to explain that better... you see what i'm saying though..?

Comedy is a powerful tool, but it can be a dangerous one. Look at the television shows, the cartoons.. all of them push a message of mankind being petty and negative.. and of course it is just a joke, an exageration, but over-time, we begin to believe it. And thats the dangerous part.

Turning hateful thoughts into a humorous expression, can make it a joyful thought.. you see the transformation?

How do you get a mob of people to turn racist, to start a war, to burn/throw a stone at someone they love? You make em laugh... pitch some exagerations.. make it funny... watch the seeds of ignorance grow, and keep doing it until you have reduced the subject to an inferior state. Over-time people might start to believe it. Have you been guilty of killing a bug, because you thought it wouldn't matter, that it's life was totally insignifigant compared to yours? You see the pattern here... in time you can be turned into a monster if you really let it happen... when you begin to see people as insects. ( You should love bugs!

In the movies the bad guys are always laughin'

I'm trying to think of something constructive with humour here.. please give me examples if you got any... I think all humour relates to highlighting a flaw in one way or another... I guess in a way you can relieve stress of that flaw, but that might also encourage the flaw.

Someone else noodle on this one.

I'm not sure what life would be like without humour though.. perhaps its an interesting part of having ultimate free will.. its one of the interesting factors that make earth life appealing maybe. It seems like chaos but it seems like more of a balance to me. Perhaps more insight on the matter will come in time.

Hmm I could drone on with this one. Someone else feel free to chime in.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 02:01 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

On a sidenote, you guys over in england, you don't know how nice you got it living right next to the earth's heart chakra. Despite what you read in history, the U.K. must be a loving place. ha!

Wow I hadnt realized this caveman. Yes of course we love everyone over here...well psycho and myself do anyway

You were saying that over eating is just as bad for meditation as under eating..yet Ive read that fasting helps us get connected to spirit so much better. I notice I can not meditate even after a light meal, I think this is to do with the enzymes your body releases , too much activity to find inner silence. However if I havent had a meal for several hours I find it so much easier to meditate. I do find it such a difficult balance finding the exact time in the day to do chakra many outside pressures on time, meals, work, tiredness and all the rest. I can see why spiritual people do so well when they lock themselves away in quite places in the hills for years, no distractions, no other thoughts to contend with..just their inner self to connect to. This would make it sooo much easier but of course 99.9% of us are unable to live this life.

I have achieved nothing in the area of AP by the way
Oh well as long as I dont say its pointless and keep trying it should be OK! Maybe Im just over trying but is there some mantra we can say to achieve this or is it all about the mind and breathing, I know breathing is very important oh and time, time to practise. Time I never seem to have very much of.

[edit on 19-6-2008 by Mr Green]

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 05:18 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

na, you're distorting my words here.

This isn't about meditation, this is about day to day life.

This is about our energy being displayed in a physical sense, and body fat showing it.

I don't see why your weight would effect meditation, I did not say this.

Fat is energy your physical body needs, having fat shows a quantity of physical energy on the person, a type of it anyway.

Over-indulgence in the physical (the earth), would be related to over-active chakra, and the physical plane as a way of showing this to us.

The same thing with neglecting the physical, the body withers away.

I'm not sure why people do this, obviously they are capable of doing it without letting it affect their chakras, if that were the case, it would be constructive for meditation I would think. I guess the idea is to keep the body alive and healthy, but to not be distracted by it, so the mind is free to ponder.

Try meditation after a shower Ms Green, and just go right into it by listening to that audio file I uploaded..

Your root is your calmness and patience... get a firm grip of the root chakra and meditation comes easy I believe... again its a process.... you get the patience...(root).. you feel right..(sacral)... get the motivation (solar).. you see what I'm saying.

Food is distracting.. but I think i've meditated after a meal before.. but i would probably lie down for most of it. I'm gunna be late for work here.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 07:33 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I don't see why your weight would effect meditation, I did not say this.

No I didnt mean either that are actual weight effects meditation, I said the time we eat related to meditation I think makes a difference. No not our weight

But yes how we live our lives and what we eat of course will effect our bodies energies.

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