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Bloody Skeleton - Cavemandd

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 02:12 PM
I made this for a friend for his birthday. He's a big fan of Magic: The gathering, so I decided to make something along that theme.

If I had more time I'd fix the clouds a little, and make the shadows of the people shorter... they look more small then distant! I had a short dead-line for this one.

Other then that this turned out more or less exactly how I wanted it. An evil looking skeletal warrior with blood all over his face.

Acrylic paints on canvas.

Alright so heres an imageshack link to the picture:

I don't know if you've noticed from my past posts, but I haven't quite learned to embed the pictures! A thumbnail linked to imageshack would be best. But I'm not sure how code works on this board.

- Steve.


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