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The first day where there's no longer days

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 12:32 PM
You learned a bit about the last day in books of the bible, but what have you learned about the first day not written in the books of the bible?

In actuality we are coming from the last day which been in the works. This last day here is where the trumpet has been sounded, warning the wicked as Christ turns into the Apocalypse written by Daniel.

^^That wraps up the last day.

The first day is going to be different and concerns the living human bodies left that day defined as the "I of all time" hour where turned that "am of all time" hour will be also.

Every person past, present, and future will become one in the human bodies left standing not deceased for the "I of all time".

^^Those human bodies to the "I of all time" regeneration will house the Ancient.

In other human bodies every person past, present, and future will become one in the human bodies left standing not deceased for that "am of all time"

^^Those human bodies to that "am of all time" regeneration will house the Son. The Son is revealed as the Devil (the angels aka alien paranormal astral traveling projectors) who is revealed as God.

It will be the Ancient vs Son eye to eye revealed clear to one another in all out warfare here on earth. Secrets to this life on earth will be all revealed then as open books.

When it comes down to the last human body of that "am of all time" being destroyed, that's when the Devil as a living person will be cast into punishment and remain everlastingly in the punishment by the "I of all time". The Devil shall depart from the uttermost part which is the "I of all time".

The porter body that is as a doorway between here and hell is as a snare. The proter body houses the Devil and angels. What astral projectors feel by us is as an encoded program that is their future condemnation that will be made present. Astral projectors are fishers of men's hearts. The goods they collect are damning curses. Ha! It's the good life being robbed from the foundation. The only treasure the Devil had come across is a hell as a seed that shall grow and lodge the Devil in its everlasting branches.

The first hours are set to run. Who vs Who is an one on one. All Time means even All Knowlegde, All Perception, All Understanding, All Judgment, All Execution shall stand up that day and hour. Both sides will graduate from being Man and be as the Father in the know. However, one of the two is going to be treated as worst as a step Son. The children of the wicked one are closely being the children of the kingdom.

Any questions?


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