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NHS 'Personal Budgets' considered

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 10:51 AM

Patients with acute conditions like multiple sclerosis and diabetes could get control of their own NHS budgets to buy treatment, the government has said.

The Department of Health confirmed it was considering the plan, aimed at long-term sufferers in England.

A DoH statement insisted patients would not be given cash, and that no money would leave the NHS under the scheme.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson said: "We want choice for everyone within a world-class NHS."

BBC News

Now this could be an interesting alternative way to view the NHS - if it's successful for MS and diabetes, I can see this being rolled out further across the health service. I also like the idea that no money is actually given to the patient, thus preventing fraud or other unscrupulous acts. It would be up to the patient who saw them and which treatment they had (though obviously they need to be explained by doctors, including the pros and cons, since your average member of the public hasn't spent six years studying medicine

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