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Whatever Happened to American Airlines Flight 77 as seen by SamDanner

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 04:04 PM
long time no smell captian:

Either way, his story is not right. I think Craig Ranke even called him out. As did Dylan Avery.

I will post some stuff here that I have read.

2 guys who you have used ad homenim on in the past are now worthy to support ad homenim on another person? thats awesome.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by pccat

PCCAT: Yes I now remember you from the Rumor Mill News days. This holographic information I have gotten as me even wondering. John Lear tells me that I saw a hologram. I felt air hit my arm and my face!. How do you Hologram that? I have now gotten tho the point that nobody will ever know the truth about Flight 77 and the twin towers and really WTC 7. There has got to be more to this life than me trying to say something that can not be understood or even explained. The fire was not that hot at the Pentagon with that thermite/gunpowder smell all around. How could the whole flight manifest just be cremated, and I saw Pentagon dead. Holograms, Mr.Lear? Are the street lights holograms? The bases that the lights sat on just dust?
O yes!! And the particle beam weapon shot from outer space to turn the twin towers to dust, just like those light pole bases with the mounts blown to bits. I saw this at the Pentagon with my own eyes! What happen to Mr. Russell Pickering? Well I bought the stuff and I will just produce it on U-tube. I want to stick to American Airlines Flight 77, but there are no answers.
Sam Danner

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 09:41 AM

Originally posted by SamDanner

This is absolutely bizarre. If anyone needs an example of why the 9/11 Trooth movement is in need of serious therapy, here ya go.

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posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 11:27 AM

posted by SamDanner

posted by trebor451
This absolutely bizarre. If anyone needs an example of why the 9/11 Trooth movement is in need of serious therapy, here ya go.

Really? I thought SamDanner was one of you. SamDanner uses about the same degree of logic and common sense as one of you. He must be one of you. Don't you want him?

Hello to all. First of all I am Sam Danner, Matthew Danners Father. My son Means More to me than My own life and I would Gladly Die for any of My Family members. What My son Matthew has told you is very True. I was at Home when the world Trade centers were hit. Yes I got My son out of bed and we watch it on TV.

I lied to you the seeking Puplic on the Truth about 911. My son only wanted to protect me. He Loves me. Even Today He is up set with me for all of the Media Hype. A well meaning good Friend of mine put Matthew and Myself as if we were Prize Fighters or something over 911. Shame on My Friend and shame on me.

Yes I was a Electrician for Amtrak. No I was not there at Amtrak that day. I did however go to the Pentagon on My own after the Building was Hit. The Pictures of me picking up Rubble from a Suposed 757-300 from American Airlines are in Fact true. I did not and I repeat Did not see Anything Hit the Pentagon. I lied about the whole alleged Crash. However My encounter with Pentagon Officials Stands. I was told that the Aircraft was a Global Hawk. From the parts that I picked up I can not confirm nor Deny this.

Tuesday August 8th 2006
Sam Danner

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 05:49 PM
Out of space beams from satelites turn the WTC to dust.

You know aside from a complete sci-fi thing to say, thats how i would imagine beams from out of space destroying a building.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by jprophet420

No Worries mate! I know these people and they have no clue as to why I said a confession on WINGTV and the cut and paste from Dylan,s site about my son. There are very good reasons why that was written. Remember, be nice.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by SamDanner

OK, is it just me or nothing really is gonna happen in this thread.

I dont see anything of relevance to anything here, besides, are we still waiting for that written statement that was 4000 character post which is at the bottom as a maximun of characters per post.


I was there and I will tell the story as complete as I can. I just wrote a 4000 character post at a thread called A Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon.

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