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Who killed Litvinenko

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 10:23 AM
An interesting twist on the Litvenenko poisioning case. Could the Polonium 210 that was used to kill him be used in a dirty bomb as a false flag operation or an actual terrorist srtike? The fact that this material is in private hands is at least a great worry. This story is writtern by Paul Craig Roberts who i have great regard for, he was Assistant secretary of the treasury under Regan and must have sources still around in Washington.

He seems to be suggesting that Litvenenko was killed accidentily by the radioactive substance whilst possibly purcuring the substance from Israel to stage a false flag operation. A bit far fetched? I don't know, but nothing seems to be beyond the British government these days

This story supports the fact that he was indeed in Israel just before the poisining but for a different reason compared to Robert's thoughts. He was there to report on Russian agents dealings with Oil giant

This story supports this, and suggests this was the reason for his murder by the Russian secret service the FSB.

I'm not sure what to believe here. It definitly has more to do thatn his relationship with the outspoken journalist Anna Politkovskaya, and these oil dealings would definitely be a strong motivefor murder.....The story continues


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