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Are you ready for a Change?

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 07:11 AM
The majority of common thieves are opportunists. They have no need to plan an attack. They simply enable themselves to take advantage of a weakness. Their targeting is indiscriminate and they don’t care who suffers as a result of their actions. Generally their motivation is simply to acquire the means to satisfy an addiction. Common thieves will often form gangs for their own protection. It is the most efficient and prevalent form of theft because it requires the least effort and resources.

We all suffer from some form of paranoia. It’s a perfectly natural survival condition. The less secure you feel, the more paranoid you will become. A common symptom of paranoia is the delusion of conspiracy. As a society, if we do not feel victim to conspiracy, then we are often drawn by morbid curiosity.

If you were to consider those two statements together, I think we would come up with a fairly accurate analogy of the current state of affairs worldwide.

Thieves will hide in the shadows. They are not our political leaders. They are more likely to be high powered industrialists. Today’s world is governed by commercialism, not politics.

These people are extremely astute and will not leave a paper trail or waste resources on moving ‘immovable’ objects. They will attempt to predict and then wait for an opportunity – a weakness.

Effects of their actions are widespread and indiscriminate. They work from a distance and never see the faces of those who suffer.

Their addiction is the wealth and status that empowers them to control every one of us. While we think like ‘sheep’ and graze peacefully in the commercial world that has been spoon-fed to us, then we will remain as a flock on our hillside until we are led to the slaughter. Especially if we are told there are ‘wolves’ around.

I refer to ‘They’ because it is a ‘gang’ - a worldwide group who rely on each other for protection.

However, even they are not the ones who are in full control. Why do they exist at all? Who empowered them? Why do they try to manipulate us?

Religion failed - even though the ‘whip’ of eternal damnation was replaced with the ‘carrot’ of rapture or virgins in Heaven. Now, commercialism has failed. As has been misquoted on this site – the ‘Love’ of money is the root of all evil – or certainly, it has severely contributed to the degradation and potential demise of our current society.

We are approaching a new age. It is not the end of the world, but it will be a change towards a new way of living together. There will be catalysts that promote certain changes. The apparent collapse of the US domestic economy is one of them. The expectation of approaching ‘change’ in itself, is another.

Conspiracy theories are easily promoted by disinformation to confuse those who are susceptible – and it all helps to obfuscate the path we are actually following.

I offer no references for any of my statements. You who bother to look are already familiar with them. My conclusions are based entirely on fifty years of digging and observation.

So, who is in ultimate control? You could maybe debate that amongst yourselves, but I would suggest they are not Aliens – and I would guess that they have been here a lot longer than we have.

Best wishes to you all.

[edit on 29/3/08 by Myrdyn]


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