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The year before, advanced planning?

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 10:32 PM
Or could it have just been coincidence?

Since I have been scanning though years of information tonight, found this and figured I would throw it out there. As the gov is in the habit of emergency exercises, how do these events fit in, and why wee the lessons not learned?

The U.S. is spending millions of dollars to stage several mock terrorist attacks in late May to test the preparedness of top government officials. Unfortunately, most of them probably won't be paying much attention.
Some top officials who would be involved in any real attacks are saying privately that this one, dubbed Topoff for top officials, bears little relation to reality. Letters went out several months ago asking the cabinet officials to participate, but none has given a firm commitment, according to people involved.
U.S. Plans for Mock Terrorist Attacks

Have they learned the lesson by now, we can only hope so, because it will be evident next time.


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