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The grand cover up

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 10:32 AM
What do you think about this cover up?

There is something going on made to look like a conspiracy though it's not. The thing is this, it's one alien being being many human bodies because it comes divided up and born that way. Conspiracies take two or more, but since this concerns one being it's not a conspiracy.

Then there is another being this place is original home to that is divided into many human bodies likewise that does not knowing work for that alien being, but that alien being is out to do violations against this being in a superphysical and physical fashion.

The alien being will try it's best to make you think a whole world of ppl that seem to shouldnt know each other are after you, when lo, and behold it's just one being in a dividing of time. This dividing of time will soon come altogether and we which were and are actually one being will regenerate in each and every human body that the alien being doesnt operate. Then what is covered up will be made known as we come from dividing of time to an All-Time Knowing Being in seperate bodies that will be living during then. Until next time enter the ring and witness the same being at the same place at the same time in spread out in different bodies.

There is a knowledge kept different among them and there is a knowledge kept the same among them that connects like the internet because it's even as an astral paranormal altogether brain in operation.

So notice next time they (which is really one) sworm around you with the same reoccuring theme(s) that it's surely the same author of wickedness acting up toward you. Now tell me how that sound? A similarity marks em as the one alright. You would almost think that an entity is possessing bodies to control them to say or do obviously similar things, but that's not the case when it's just that you're dealing with one being that may pretend to you that some other explaination is to blame.

Ever seen ppl follow the leader who if in disagreement or is in a foul tude they all following in the same disagreement or foul tude? Behold, you now know who you're up against that go as though one higher up consents them in proceeding wickedly. That higher up is one alien being that is as a connected seperate selves. These are the terroristic cells that can leave no witness or evidence by communicating as what would seem telepathically, but actually working as one brain.


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