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White House ask for ATS theory: "Why Maliki acts now?" (Open 24h Challenge!)

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 09:01 AM
By Washington Post, March 28. 2008

Maliki decided to launch the offensive without consulting his U.S. allies, according to administration officials. With little U.S. presence in the south, and British forces in Basra confined to an air base outside the city, one administration official said that "we can't quite decipher" what is going on. It's a question, he said, of "who's got the best conspiracy" theory about why Maliki decided to act now?

But if assumed that this is really asked from us, who wants to take this privilege, and answer?

You have 24 hours. I can do the postings from three most flagged theory to White House, and Washington Post emails tomorrow. This challenge will be closed 1 hour after my tomorrows "Earth Hour"... Lets do it!

This challenge closing time will be at 10 PM 29.3. Bangkok time, 11 AM 29.3. New York time.


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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 11:54 AM
Nobody wants to answer to this official Conspiracy Theory question??? Hey guys, I waited some repply...

Bottom line. If we just leave Dick Cheney and US Army out from picture, witch is of course difficult, what choices we have? Lets assume that there is big things happening behind US backs, and they dont know a bit, what is REALLY happening over there... So, my theory follows:

Maliki and Sadr are connected deeply, from beginning. Without Maliki, Al-Sadr would be like nothing, because he has armed, funded, and helped the Mahdi Army from day one, and usually with US war money, and offered also information about US activity, and surveillance to him, all this time. Mahdi was also his own secret "black bodyquards".

Problems in Basra is mostly between these guys, and their agreements what are now on table. Taking Basra to Mahdi Army in beginning, was in both mans interests, and a goal for cooperation too. Oil business in south is a good business, and they share profits from its "black parts" together. It was all about dollars, and sharing those. And for Maliki, Al Sadr has the connections over the border for future business.

For a while everything goes fine, and both was satisfied from less coalition soldiers in their back, when trucks and shipments went out from Basra over the border to Iran, of course in night time, Iranians were involved in making these black market deals forward to international buyers. Good business for them all.

But last month Iran open their own oil bourse, and they run out of dollars fast. When Iranian leader, one counter part in black market operations, came to Baghdad, he had many of these black suitcases with him. But all full with in EURO currency!

Problems show up with payments for Al-Sadr, and his gangs, those workers of black markets. How Maliki could wash those sums of money without causing suspicions all around the world? And without CIA knowing about that right away? If he give Al-Sadr Euros, they would expose to US investigators in days... They needed dollars to keep up with the shipments.

So, Maliki keep the all money by himself. Al-Sadr waits his parts of the cash, but Maliki didnt even answer to his calls anymore... Maliki still had a one chance, and he wait to get some $ money, his paychecks, from Mr Cheney and McCain, but they offer just nice cups of coffee, and talks about future cooperations... "#%ยค&" Al-Sadr started really to get angry...

All war funds for first 6 moths Maliki has already used to his new cars, and temples, and wifes, what he gets from Petraeus in beginning of the year, and his good partner, who had help him so many times before, Mr Fallon, has already left the office because previous "money problems" ...

Without dollars, scaring to get caught to Americans about running black market deals with Al-Sadr and Iranians, he offer them bullets instead. Taking Al-Sadr out now, he get from two problems at same time. Nobody asks about his personal agreements with Al-Sadr, and he dont have to give any money he own to him anymore... With Iranians, he promised new player in months.

"It was so glad, that English soldiers had just spend all these months in dessert to train his soldiers in the south..." Maliki thinks, "he will win this Al-Sadr criminal group in days!" And if there would come some problems, Petraeus was always a nice man, with powerful Abrams and Apaches with him. He could not loose!


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