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Hezbollah's new Iranian Missiles Now Threaten most of Israel

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 04:47 AM

JERUSALEM (AP) — With Iranian backing, Hezbollah guerrillas have dramatically increased their rocket range and can now threaten most of Israel, senior Israeli defense officials said.

The Lebanese group has acquired new Iranian rockets with a range of about 185 miles, the officials said Wednesday. That means the guerrillas can hit anywhere in Israel's heavily populated center and reach as far south as Dimona, where Israel's nuclear reactor is located.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to divulge the confidential intelligence assessment to the media.

When Israel and Hezbollah fought a monthlong war in 2006, Hezbollah fired nearly 4,000 rockets into Israel. The longest-range rockets fired, which Israel said were Iranian-made, hit some 45 miles inside Israel.


An attack on either Hezbollah, Syria or Iran is not gonna stay out for ever. Israel feels, legitametly or not, threatened and cornered, particularly now Hezbollah is capable of striking most of Israel.

Next week Israel will start the largest military exercise in its history and in my opinion for a reason. It's a last test to review its (defense) capabilities. Either a false flag operation is going to cause war between Iran and either one or a combination of Iran, Syria and/or Hezbollah, or Israel will blatently strike first.

That it is going to happen is sure, when? That's remains a question. I'd put my money that it will happen before Bush leaves office.

Edit: found an interesting news source (placed 15hrs ago):


BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — Recent attacks and retaliation threats have the Mideast on edge about the possibility of another war between Israel and Hezbollah, even though officials on both sides say they don't expect any eruption of major fighting soon.

Adding to the jitters, U.S. warships recently deployed off Lebanon and Saudi Arabia advised its citizens to leave Lebanon. Washington said it sent the ships to stabilize the region. The Saudis gave no reason for their warning, but it came two days after the naval deployment.

Hezbollah's leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, threatened Israel with "open war" after Mughniyeh's assassination. Despite that, Hezbollah leaders say they have prepared for war but will not initiate a fight.

Israeli defense officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have warned that war could erupt if Hezbollah staged a large-scale attack to avenge Mughniyeh's killing.

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