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Alien Sociology

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 01:50 AM
According to Hollywood, Earth is surely one of the galaxy's "top places to visit before you die." Cinema aliens come here often enough that the State Department should probably set up passport control.

Of course, that's fiction. But in the last hundred years, Homo sapiens has been flamboyantly belching clues into space that could alert technically savvy extraterrestrials of our presence. Radar and television, odd chemical compounds in the atmosphere, and even the occasional spacecraft sent beyond the heliopause are all messages in bottles that could conceivably wash up on the shores of ET's planet.

Nonetheless, maybe this dystopian view is worth considering. Would the extraterrestrials come here — if not to kill us — then to take our resources or compromise our virtue?

The answer, of course, falls within the discipline of alien sociology — a field in which the data are, shall we say, sparse. Indeed, since we have no idea what the mores or motivations of extraterrestrials might be, you might conclude that, really, there's nothing we can say about whether the aliens would come here or not.

Read complete article here

Its a nice article; please read it

posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by Enceladus

Well done Enceladus!

I've often thought that it's near impossible to guess the ET's psychology. Even those that have truly been abducted are probably only getting the 'shell game' IMHO.

If they wanted to communicate their true purpose to us, they wouldn't be putting humans through the extreme duress & discombobulating nightmares that they do. Then expecting the said humans to pass on the message to everyone else with complete and untainted accuracy.

It just doesn't sit easy with me. It appears they wish to maintain the unfair advantage. In my personal opinion, they aren't the angels that many new age thinkers claim them to be. I believe it's just more comforting to think of them that way.

Who really knows what they think or what their agenda is! Certainly not me!

Nice Post Mate - and interesting article! Worthy of a star!


posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by Enceladus

A decent article which arrives at a logical conclusion. The author, like the rest of us, can only speculate as to the motives of a civilization thousands, perhaps millions of years ahead of us.

It is impossible to guess the amount (or lack of) disinformation given to us by the aliens. But evidence suggests they are like us in that they are humanoid in shape. Perhaps by studying us, it gives them some idea of what their own society was like a million years in the past? Who knows. I don't think it's egotistical to think an advanced civilization would take an interest in Earth and human beings.

I'm sure their knowledge of the universe/multiverse far exceeds ours. Perhaps that field of study has approached it's limit in their society and therefore other fields of study are more interesting (enjoyable) to them... like the study of the culture of other civilizations.


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