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NEW: is Tweeting on Twitter!

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posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 03:28 PM
Computer and texting now works and all that....

Just need people to follow me now, so come on, kids....

Get with it.

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 03:31 PM
You don't have to follow everyone as long as you are on the ats twitter site. Youll see what everyone writes on that page cuz you are one of the people ATS is following. If you want to follow that person separately and away from ATS then you would 'follow' them.

Thats how it seems to work to me.

I like it too. Great idea!


posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 03:33 PM
Its not easy is it.... Im there, but have no idea what im doing.

ATS is moving on mass..... fantastic.

Good luck people add me if you can.



posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by Telafree

Damn you technologically competent people....

good shout

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 04:21 PM
This sounds like fun. Start with the average amount of time it takes to sign up multiplied by the number of 'kid' interruptions multiplied by my lack of technical knowledge and I will be all set up in three days.

Here I go.........................

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 04:27 PM
never mind twitter .

where is the post list function?

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 04:38 PM
Ok I'm stuck trying to join. After I set up my username and password, then it asked for my email address and password. But my email is not on the pull-down (yahoo, aol, hotmail, gmail or msn) and it won't let me just enter it. Any suggestions? Thanks

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 05:16 PM
Oh, never mind, I found that teeny tiny skip button. I really should wear my, where are they?

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 05:56 PM
Twitter has character limits for usernames.......I hate having limitations imposed on me!

Anyway, you can follow me at twitter......just follow benevolentyrant

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 06:04 PM
Can some follow me? Ok, that sounded desperate, but I'm trying to see if I have this setup right. Thank you Thank you

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 06:06 PM
Seems like this is only useful if one fiddles with a mobile device all day? Am I right? Otherwise, since I'm at my desktop computer all day, I'm not sure of the advantage. Any thoughts?

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 06:16 PM
What will be the relationship between ATS & Twitter when it comes to moderation ? If J.Doe is causing problems on one site or both, how will that work exactly ? Will a ban on Twitter result in a ban on ATS ? Or vice versa ?

And how are you going to prevent impersonation ? I can't see there being anything in place to prevent a person from registering on Twitter as one of the Mods or as some prominent ATS'er ... aren't you leaving yourselves wide open to abuse ?

*puzzled by the half-bakedness of it all*

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 06:52 PM
I joined and am following the group:


Did someone say something about 5,000 points? I forget.

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 07:30 PM
5,000 points....

I actually did forget.

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 09:07 PM
ok im in as Zept
this should be cool
if i can figure it all out

taged and flaged

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 09:10 PM
edit: dupe post

[edit on 27-3-2008 by Zeptepi]

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 09:22 PM
Twitter is for followers...

I am setting it up now, probably go with the username lucidlunacy

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 09:47 PM
From what I can surmise as to the nature of most ATS members, being a part of a larger perhaps less anonymous network might not appeal to them as much as say the accepted anonymity level of the ATS forums.

Though I'm sure it is a good choice in marketing and networking terms. It might not have as much success as you may hope for.

Of course. To those who would typically avoid social networks, I would recommend that you see how little information you can give of yourself when joining Twitter.

I will join Twitter. And I will attempt to see how anonymous the network can be.

There's no harm in at least taking a look.
One can always simply refuse to give personal information.

Best of luck.

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 09:55 PM
Well I guess I am "Twittering"...

Never thought in a million years that the name "TWIT" would ever apply to me....

(Keep telling myself that change is good)


posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 10:15 PM
Alright, I have joined.
Yes, it can be anonymous...

For those who might get lost in the joining process :

1: Click Join.
2: You will be asked for a name (Use your ATS User name)
(It will let you know right below whether your name is taken already.
3: Chose a password... I like to pick random letters and numbers and write them down.
4: Enter your e-mail address. (In case your password is forgotten.)

Here's the part people are skeptical of.
On the next page it displays your e-mail address, and asks for the password to it.
The intention of this is so that it can use your e-mail contacts to mass mail and ask them to also join... whether your scared of your e-mail being read, your anonymity being destroyed, or simply annoying your e-mail contacts, simply DO NOT enter your password, or anything for that matter.

5: In the corner of the page (top right for me, some say it was at the bottom... it's not easy to see at first), you have a skip option. Press that and you can avoid this screen altogether.
6: You should be logged in now. You can update your picture by clicking on the picture box... you can update your current status by typing what you're doing in the "What are you doing" section.

On the "Home" section (tabs along the top), there is a search bar along the right, near the bottom. Type "AboveTopSecret" in there and click search.
At this point 2 contacts will appear... AboveTopSecret and AsalaATS (she listed ATS's website as her own.)
Click the follow button next to AboveTopSecret... and if you have some form of admiration for Asala...heck, click it for her too.

8: You will now have "Following 1" listed on your home section now. You can visit the members you are following by clicking on that, then on the member itself.

Personally I think the term "following" is kind of stalkerish... doubly so if you did happen to click follow on Asala.

Anyhow, that will get you set up and linked to ATS. No information has been given of yours other than your username and your e-mail address (Which is held in confidentiality.)

I'm not sure I like the lack of options on Twitter... I'm sure they're there, but they aren't making themselves abundantly obvious.

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