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World's 6th Great Extinction Already Happening!!

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by unityemissions

you say that you talk to others until your blue in the face and still no one listens ,it would not be due to the fact that the vast populace of this world have been brain washed or are simply brain dead due to the bunk put out by our GOVERNMENTS ,CORPORATIONS and the lackeys NEWSPAPERS.
let us see the forests are a[RENEWABLE RESOURCE]and they know how to manage it for profit only -so where have all the old growth forests gone worldwide -ops into lumber,paper and ass-wipe all for money-and yet the scientists tell us these forests are needed to sustain the wildlife ops sorry too small a profit slaughter them off and put a few in the zoo saying that it is the only way to save the species from who or what -MANKIND.reread your history books from our settlement of Australia and how we raped the forests ,how about Africa ,north America and where ever we have traveled we have persisted in doing it every where and we are still doing it to-day.
how about when Columbus discovered America the cod were so thick that you could walk on them by his description and we raped the fish out of the oceans every where . how about that great bowl of a cesspool in the harbor called japan where no fish or life live except giant jelly fish.
but then to we have described ourselves as smart and intelligent because we have educations ,ba`s ma`s and so on and we are at the top of the food chain and nothing is better than us -THE HUMAN RACE.and all that matters is that little pot of gold that we are chasing for ourselves and nothing else matters except MONEY-the root of all evil or so we are told and we never did learn a thing now did we-as we all left it up to a few to control us and all things so that we can all say that we did not sin -TRUE-but we all did contribute to the destruction of all things all thinking that we would be forgiven our so called sin`s and transgressions and this is when -the day all life ends here because of us the human race.
so what have we done to stop this madness and insanity -truthfully NOTHING,as that is so and so`s job and not mine.and they all believe that there is a great man coming who will fix and repair all that we have done wrong so we can once again continue to do it over and over again with our great knowledge and intelligence.question how does this great SAVIOR save us from our mindless ignorance ,arrogance and stupidity, he can`t we have to fix it ourselves as Ron white once said YOU CAN`T FIX STUPID -as stupid is just that stupidity to the extreme-a perfect description of the HUMAN RACE or the blind little sheep who continue to follow STUPID. it is his name.
for the mess that we have made out of this world we do not need rose colored glasses as we could not see day light if we tried as the pile of our own caca is so deep that nothing comes through except -STUPID.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by picrat

Everything written, save the grammar, is true.

We're dumb.



That's the only reason I haven't gone completely biserk. I realize the system is designed to keep us stupid & apathetic. I wonder what we could be doing right now, those who are smart enough to look passed the nonsense, if we were not a bit dumbed down as well.

Apathy is false projection based on false perception. It's just so tragic.

I want out, but there's no where to go.

Wherever you go, there you are...

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 01:19 PM
those of us whom are smart enough to look past the nonsense are indeed the wisest ,as we are calmly sitting back and watching the folly of the fools. in this way we are watching ,waiting,learning and bidding our time until it is our time to take the reins of power and madness away from those who have defiled our mother THE EARTH. for with out her we have no destiny or future . we only have to look forward to our fate which is NOTHING.
the end of all life,and our time is now growing so very short now, as is our patience.
no one has really been dumded down,they in reality have put their minds to sleep ,so sick and tired of the madness and insanity that surrounds us ,that the only way they are able to cope with this madness is to sleep and dream, a dream of wisdom and knowledge and perfection where everything is so right and perfect,this dream is locked within us all ,so how do we wake them up so that they can begin to make this dream a reality within the world of mankind.
all the good books say sinners heal thyself -this cannot be accomplished until we heal our mother and undo the damage that we have done only then can we have our so called salvation -because only then have we saved ourselves,our children our MOTHER -EARTH-from the mindless destruction caused by us the human race.
we may be intelligent at times ,but then again we can be the dumbest stumps in the forest ,as we all have a bad habit of leaving up to someone else,the worst thing is that we all contributed to the destruction of ourselves ,without a care in the world as someone else will take care of it or so we thought .
look at the folly of our governments the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing,and everyone of the others in between are lost and stumbling over one another in a forest which no longer exists as it is sitting in front of them as a table and nothing else matters to them except their bonuses and paychecks and the rest of reality passes them blindly by.
it is not the people who have been dumbed down it is the so called leaders and their lackeys .for if i had a penny for everything they have done right i would owe so much that i would never see the light of day,op`s i forgot i can`t see through the fog of pollution caused by their factories and corporations ,that believe that the only thing in the world that matters is their greedy ,slimy little pockets full of gold.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 06:09 AM
While I'm intelligent enough to see passed the nonsense, I'm not the wisest person around. I spend a portion of my time not unattached. Incredibly disgusted by humanity, and barely able to cope with it.

I'm pretty sure I've got asperger's or some sort of Autistic spectrum disorder. I really dislike socializing. Most people find satisfaction in talking gossip about meaningless junk. I'm baffled by it all, but otherwise uninterested. I don't enjoy going to parties, or bars, clubs, movies....I don't enjoy much besides just wondering, pondering, speculating.

Maslov's hierarchy of needs puts social acceptance somewhere in the middle. I think it's tied into the need for love. I don't feel that universal love for people on a regular basis, because I disagree with so many actions that others do. People say that love is unconditional, so I'm not really feeling love at all. I just don't know. It goes against my principals, to accept messed up people.

People are okay just letting others be, but what happens when that attitude comes to bite them in the arse? That's what the elite are doing. I've personally been trampled over by sociopaths claiming to be my friends. It's not cool to blindly accept society or it's members just because you have a feeling of "love". Not cool at all. In fact, I think that's horrible. It's the exact reason why we're in this mess. We're all as much to blame as the elite, because it's our duty to put the government in check. To check the corporations, if by nothing else, then by non consent. By boycotting. Don't see too much of that these days.

Well I went way off topic. Guess that's what happens when you don't sleep for over 24 hours. Sporadic insomnia. Had it all my life. Guess I could use the delirium. Hopefully I can get some laughs and tears in. That is probably needed.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 12:25 AM
reply to post by unityemissions

you sound like the one who screams into the forest the it is on fire and they all turn to look and laugh as they are safe and sound in the concepts of their pissant little minds .and they call us loners and social paths,the truth of the matter is that we are the wolves and hunters amongst them and they have no idea as to the danger that they are now in. the governments scientists say that all is well just so their funding continues ,these are the yes men -self serving little tyrants who think that their other research is all important ,funny i watched our government give to these elitist thinkers 500,000.00 to study the life of a leopard frog. i told this schooling in grade 8 and these are our men of science.
you sound much like the rest of us who crossed over into death who were told that we have to come back here ,we are all very cold and cynical of the human race as we are the ones who now hold an incredible wealth of knowledge that the rest of the human race is forbidden to have yet.most of us have decided that before we are going to try to teach and help them that we are going to let the vast majority of them die [the die off is coming soon] our reason being that it is easier to teach the few that are left than it is to teach the masses as they the masses don`t seem to care one way or another and there is nothing that the man and his lackeys can do to stop that which has already begun ,nor can they save themselves.
so come out of the dumps as they are all about to get their comeupance so to say .

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