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older souls before the Spirit of God

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posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 03:12 AM
Is the Spirit of God the oldest soul/Spirit in the Universe? No

The Spirit of God or Truth told me he/she is 5035 years before the big bang (the Kingdom or Malkuth).

Perhaps older Spirits/Souls exist before the Spirit of God?

Cause who created the Spirit of God?

This is what I learned from christianity, and sort of perplexed at this notion that I pondered.

Be careful when asking the Spirit of God this; cause he has a big problem with this;
cause within the last year or so; he always thought he was the oldest Soul/Spirit in the Universe.

So sort of keep this underground; and spread to others. Watch out for soulhunters they are
looking for old souls. I'm in a bit of trouble, but atleast I can warn others.

Another thing if the Spirit of God says he is the best being in the universe; just say ok...
or your the Most High in the kingdom; but not the Universe;
since the Universe is composed of Kingdom (malkuth - or physical universe) and the void (vohu); space.



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