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Weird Events -- Plane(s) In sight.

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 06:14 AM
Has anyone managed to find the link yet?

I have had a few problems with the internet, but only when I can't get on in the first place rather than whilst being online (cannot find server) and happens with most sites (non-conspiracy) not just ATS. This usually lasts for most of the evening which is frustrating.

If it was a govt thing, then someone would have to be monitoring you and then disrupting your connection when they choose. It doesn't necessarily have to be in real time.

You say you were reading a specific thread, so I would suggest that as many people as possible should also try reading this a few times to see if anything happens.

I do know that there are distruptions in the internet and they don't necessarily have to be sinister. It could just be a coincidence and being a fan of ATS it can be easy to read into such things.

All the same it would be interesting to keep a general log of events (air activity, distruptions, threads, other equipment affected) and see if there is a pattern.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 06:20 PM
*Waves the link high in the air shouting* Found it!

Though it isn't about that much anymore to be honest, my curiosity now is peaked by these "plane(s)" that keep shutting the whole cable modem down. It even affected my mother's and the other computer to the point in which they couldn't get on the internet. (Tried everything to get it back on and soon just had to switch to wireless card instead of having them hooking into the router.

Anyway there is the link I was reading before the whole internet went down. Glad I finally found it.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 12:20 PM
There is a possibility that the aircraft are the source of your problem; especially if they are military. However i would look into other possibilities first. See if you can get your ISP to send you a new modem, tell them your current one keeps kicking you offline and freezing they shouldnt give you much hastle. Have you noticed any static or a "blocking" effect of your television picture? I did read that you have satellite but they could both be affected by whatever is causing this.
If you can, check all the cables going to the modem especially the Coax just look for open spots in the covering, any holes can let in RF interference (which would increase the possibility of a passing aircraft causing you problems).

Also, are you using WiFi? It operates at 2.4GHz and there is a possibility that your microwave could be causing enough interference that your connection to the router is dropped. Some coordless phones can cause problems as well.
Sorry if im repeating stuff i just skimmed the whole thread so i may have missed something.

It does seem odd that each time you lose connection you see something in the sky.

Let me know if any of this helps you.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 01:00 PM
Okay, Now this might be waaaay out there, but i just got done reading Dan Browns "deception Point", and in the beginning of the book, there is a note from Dan Brown saying that all the technology mentioned in the book is real and available today.

Author's note: The Delta Force, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the Space Frontier Foundation are factual organizations. All technologies described in this novel are real.
Excerpts from Dan Browns "Deception Point"
There is a section in the book, where Delta Force are flying in a Kiowa chopper, and it has some form of radar/jamming equipment onboard, that knocks out the radar on a coastguard chopper. I cant find the page right now, as I'm sat in work. The Kiowa was a totally black chopper, with no markings (which incidently, may account for some sightings of mysterious black choppers that fly around sometimes over US cities). This equipment was also able to jam a fax that was trying to be sent, which makes me think along the lines of a cable modem.
Now like i said, this is really really out there, but I'm wondering if its a possibility that this type of jamming equipment could be re-configured for use on an airplane as well as a chopper. I wouldnt normally mention any of this, as it sounds really kooky, but with that note at the beginning of the book, it makes me wonder about aircraft and what we dont know about them.
P.S - it also mentions the aurora, which really blew me away, and talks about the donut shaped contrails that it leaves behind!!

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