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How could Counterstrike in my view be improved?

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posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 03:59 PM
If you have never heard of the game counterstrike it is a massive online first person shooter which is advanced as was as extremely fun although the game does have its limitation and that is what the thread is about.

As I have been playing the game for many years as well as many other valve/steam made games I have noticed that counter strike is the main game that needs to be improved. Below is a list that I think should be improved on:

1. New weapons, the old weapons are getting boring.

2. Linked to last point NEW KNIFE! For one of the teams or both, this would really improve the melee statues of the game.

3. More new game types, so new plays don’t have to play the difficalt maps like de_dust and de_dust2 where all the experienced players play (like me).

4. Maybe a new side/team or maybe two new teams, this would make the game a lot more interesting and would give a new feel to the game.

If any body agrees, disagrees or has any more idears that could join mine then I am happy to talk about the game and my view of improvements.

Ohhhh yay more crap weather! Why me?

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