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Keynote Speakers Land at UFO Crash Site

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posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 10:17 AM
Mornin' Forumerions,

A host of Ufology's distinguished speakers are in route to Aztec, New Mexcio for the 60th anniversary of the Aztec UFO crash of 1948:

AZTEC — The tall tale has it that 60 years ago this month, a UFO crashed in Hart Canyon, north of Aztec. Supposedly there were charred alien bodies aboard the craft, which was knocked out of the sky by a radar beam.

The Aztec Library began telling this story 11 years ago to raise money for a new building. With the story came national attention and the start of an annual UFO symposium.

The Aztec UFO Symposium opens Friday with a speakers meet-and-greet dinner. It will continue Saturday with internationally known speakers and vendors at the Aztec Masonic Lodge, 1020 N. Aztec Blvd . . ..

Other speakers include internationally known ufologist Stanton Friedman; Jesse Marcel Jr., whose father was one of the military officers at the purported Roswell crash; Timothy Good, of England, speaking on military intelligence and UFOs; Ted Phillips, a top investigator of physical trace evidence around UFOs; James Carrion, director of the International Mutual UFO Network; Duane Tudahl, producer of the History Channel's "UFO Files"; and Ken Storch, a law enforcement officer.

"The reason (the symposium remains successful) is we stick to our guns and bring in qualified scientific speakers," Ramsey said.

Friedman is a member of the scientific community, a nuclear physicist by profession. He believes interstellar travel is possible at the speed of light and that it doesn't take as long as some scientists say. He argues that the scientific community allows the government to hide the truth about space flight, flying saucers and extraterrestrials . . ..

The rest of the story . . .



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