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All in the Family

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posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 10:04 AM
Here we are again at the dawn of another Pesidential election and what do you know?
Yep, they are all related.
Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, who has made his opposition to the Iraq war a linchpin of his campaign, is distantly related not only to President George W. Bush but also to another wartime leader -- former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Because of his shared ancestry with President Bush, Obama is also indirectly related to his rival on the Republican side, Sen. John McCain.

Now, I hate to sound like a conspiracy nut buuuuut,
hasn't David Icke been trying to warn us of this for years?
They are all related folks.They all have the same bloodline."Royal Bloodline no less. It says in this article that John McCain is related to a long line of several Kings. They are all keeping it in the family so to speak.
My question is why? WHY?
Is it that we are all related if you go back far enough or is there something to this reptilian agenda, or something in between?
Your thoughts PLEASE! Here is a link to the articleAll in the Family

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