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FOIA: KSC Prodecures for handling reports of Space Vehicle Fragments and UFO's

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posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 07:58 AM
NASA_Reporting_Instructions_Jun_28_1 967.pdf
"Processing Reports of Sightings of Space Vehicle Fragments"
A Management instuction outling the procedure for handling reports of space vehicle fragments, within which NASA include UFO's.

Document date: 1967-06-28
Department: John F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA
Author: Kurt H. Debus
Document type: Management Instruction
pages: 5


Archivist's Notes: This is an interesting document which outlines the procedures to be followed by KSC personnel in the event of being contacted regarding SVF's and UFO's being sighting.
It allows the reader to make links between certain agencies who appear to be cooperating and contains the extremely interesting phrase 'Under no circumstances will the origin of the object be discussed with the observer or person making the call.'

Very good quality document. No redaction


posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 10:27 AM
As mentioned above, this document details the procedure for processing reports of downed space vehicle fragments.

(page 2)

Purpose - lays out what the document intends with regard to sightings known or alleged. contains ambigous paragraph "included are reports of sightings of objects not related to space vehicles"

Applicabilty - lays how which agencies (or contractors) the document is applicable to

Policy - states it is policy to respond to all reports as quick as possible. informs that all KSC personnel will cooperate.

Definitions - a) space vehicle fragment
(page 3) b) unidentified flying object

Procedures for handling reports of sightings
a) instructions for KSC phone Operators
b) instructions for persons other than KSC phone Operators

1. take identification details of caller
2. description of object
3. location of sighting

NOTE - as mentioned above, not to disclose any information to the caller under any circumstances

c) KSC scheduling branch - their response should be:

1. contact military base nearest sighting
2. contact KSC Security Officer who will contact local law enforcement to enlist their aid
3. consult Public Information Branch, Public Affairs Office as to whether in public interest

Page 4

4. refer media enquiries to Public Information Branch
5. Consult Senior Scientist on all sightings
6. call ufo reports into Patrick AFB

d) all written communications transmitted to senior scientist

Responsibilities - Test Support Management Office responsibilites:
1. receive, screen and process reports 24/7
2. keep contact with Senior Scientist, KSC and Public Affairs
3. coordinate with above mentioned to determine course of action required

b) KSC Scheduling Branch, Test Support Management Office responsible for 24/7 receiving, screening and processing

c) Senior Scientist responsible for overall monitoring of vehicle fragment sighting program

Page 5

2. evaluate KSC Scheduling Branch screening procedures
3. overseeing the scientific investigation of recovered items
4. "coordinating sightings of space vehicle fragments with launch operations elements who may be interested in fragments of their vehicles for analysis"

d) Communications and Timing Division, Director of Support Operations responisble for
1. ensures KSC telephone operators are briefed and know responsibilites
2. maintain log of reports

signed Kurt H Debus

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 08:29 PM
An interesting document to be sure, but it only makes sense to have a procedure in place for events like falling space debris for a Space Center. It describes where to transfer calls of this nature within NASA, as well as what the person in charge should do to begin recovery, including notifying the military for assistance.

What makes it interesting is that sightings of unidentified flying objects are included in this, with no mention of referring the information to Project Blue Book personnel, which was the official reporting agency until 1969.

The comment about not telling the origin of an object is also interesting. The whole idea of having a civilian Space Agency was to be transparent to the public, which is how John F. Kennedy wanted it. The secrecy was probably due to the possibility of an object being found that came from Russia, and they wanted to keep them from knowing it was recovered. This would allow them to study it and back engineer it if needed without their knowledge. This was typical of the Cold War mentality.


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