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Homeland Security

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posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 02:29 AM
I found this article on the internet, which I never knew. The bold section sure sound familiar.

The word conspiracy is everywhere these days you hear it and take it with a grain of salt not understanding the global effects of the actions of a few. Those who control the money control the planet, but what happens when those acting under the cover of darkness decide they want it all. There are those of you who call us crazy for our beliefs, yet, just what happens if we are right.

To effect a change you must be in power or a position to make laws and have enough financial backing to be able to carry out the plan covertly. To carry out a plan such as this would have to be done under the very noses of the constituents they serve, never to raise an eyebrow, or to cause visible ripples to society. To do this dastardly deed would require exact planning and time to gain the ground and momentum it needed to be born. Who would do this and who would be able to succeed where others have failed? This answer is in front of you each time you watch the news or read a news publication, these people are all around us in many forms, some like the informants of Communist Russia, or the people who were brainwashed to report on the people for the Third Reich.

As Hitler was on the rise to power history reports he had his own capital building bombed, this act he accused Russia of doing. This bombing scared the German population so badly that Hitler himself started what was called Reich Security, translated, Reich was the German word for Homeland, or as you sees Homeland Security. History shows what followed and how this came to an end, or did it? Are the same principles being updated to be used in our society today? Look around you, what do you see and hear?
To Divide and conquer, create havoc, start wars, affect the fuel supply, control the media, create poverty by job loss, make healthcare hard to come by, and disrupt the food supply. This misdirecting of information has been going on right under our noses for many years, just as Hitler did before World War 2, now it is all under the guise of National (Homeland) Security. Each day you read and view where our freedoms are being bought and sold in the name of God and country. Yet we do nothing, some think it is a bad dream, some say it is only imagination, and some just play ostrich and choose to stick their head in the sand hoping it will all just go away. Then take the ones who do try to say and do something, these people are marked, they disappear, they lose their jobs and their financial security, or just labeled and made out to be crackpots or crazy, all again under the guise of national security.

For us, residents of the world, we see how each day is turning into a struggle to survive. Our fuel costs are over the top and expected to go higher. Before our present government took power oil was $25.00 barrel now in just 8 short years oil is over $100.00 a barrel. This is having a global effect, as now as reported all countries are facing food shortage problems. Could this be due to a needless war, or to a plan in play that will lead to a one world order? Are we as citizens of the world going to tolerate this kind of action or are we going to say no more to the power hungry people who are causing this.
As a global community we are free, free to choose and live our own lives unhindered by anyone who wishes to use any kind of eristic tactics to harm us. We have power, we can raise an alarm, where we are allowed to vote we can demand a reporting committee for the actions of our elected officials, and we can demand a voice in or respective governments. United anything can change, divided we will fall, we can call for a national election on all major laws to be passed in our countries, we can have a voice. We can limit the amount a gallon of gas or diesel would cost, enact a price ceiling on all food, create a national healthcare system and any legislator who would not support this would not be elected to any government, state, or loca

posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 01:43 PM
Final channelings: Homeland Security and the Formula of Compassion

This article is the final installation of a 3-part series on the 9D Perspective that began with Election 2004 and Beyond, followed by President Bush and the Formula of Compassion. Its purpose, as with the previous two installments, is to provide a higher perspective on a person or thing that is significantly impacting our country and the world at large.

Two years ago to the day, I awoke from a dream in which I was shown the rise of a 4th Reich. I wrote about that dream in the article, Timeline 2003: A Message from Sanat Kumara. Looking back I see that it was a message telling us what our future could hold if we didn’t start looking for a more evolved means of solving our problems. It’s two years later and that dream has begun to manifest. The Nazi regime I saw in the dream, enforced through Hitler’s military police force, the Gestapo, has now manifested as the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The emphasis of this “Formula” article is to share a higher perspective on the Department of Homeland Security. In doing so, it is hoped that we can by individually releasing it from playing its role, collectively remove the need for it to continue as part of our reality. But before I begin, I will once again, establish a few basic higher dimensional concepts so that you, the reader, will understand the beliefs behind this perspective. I also encourage you to read the first installment in its entirety to fully grasp the meaning of this article.

The Higher Perspective

If we can step back and observe our world from a higher perspective, we will see that all these events, a policed election, the loss of our rights, and HAARP, are all part of a greater plan at work. We are at the end of a grand cycle of evolution where we must make a choice. We either move up to the next level through ascending our consciousness and our planet, or face destruction. It’s at this point that things really heat up. It’s all part of the process of ascension and we, the people, are the co-creators. Through our choices, individually and collectively we bring forth increased amounts of Light, but, at the same time create more potent manifestations of the Dark. Now why would we want to increase the Dark on our world? That’s where most of us have missed the boat. We have been taught that the Dark is bad and has no value but from the Higher Perspective, it does. We create the Dark manifestations in order to act as a catalyst to keep us moving forward. We learn through the pain, pain is the great teacher; it shows us what we want by experiencing the consequences of what we don’t want. Once we understand this universal principle, a principle of compassion, we can begin to change the reality that we now see.

The higher perspective is the process of looking at events from a more integrated, thus accepting view. It is the “God” view, if you will, where polarity does not exist; all things are seen as aspects of creation and thus are neither good nor bad. Moreover they exist (we create them) as part of our learning experience. From the higher perspective, we, creator gods and goddesses, create our realities in order to learn more about ourselves and to grow into more evolved beings.

The Inner Technology

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all create our own reality. Until recently we had no way to fully understand this concept, we didn’t understand the mechanics behind how we create. It occurs through what has become known as our Inner Technology. It has been discovered that the heart has its own neural network. This neural net interfaces with our reality, i.e., the morphogenetic field or mass consciousness. The morphogenetic field acts as a reflector or mirror that shows us what we think and feel. Quantum physicists have discovered that this neural network, rather than the one in the brain, is the real controlling factor in influencing the morphogenetic field. In other words, the brain controls the thoughts but it is those feelings in our heart that are reflected in the mirror. Thus, what we feel in our hearts, our true intentions and motives, are reflected through the reality that we see. Hence the sayings, we are what we think, and we create our own reality.

The Inner Child Relationship

What exactly do we see in the mirror in regards to our relationships with others including those with things and organization, in essence all creation? It is our relationship with our ourselves, known by many as the relationship with our Inner Child. Others will reflect back to us, through their treatment of us, exactly how we treat our Inner Child.


posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 01:46 PM
We all want to feel loved, appreciated, valued, and happy. We all want to feel joy and peace. We learned from the higher perspective that these feelings come through developing a strong healthy relationship with our Inner Child. It comes through learning to get our needs met in a balanced, win/win manner. It means protecting ourselves and our rights by standing up for ourselves, speaking our truth even when it goes against the status quo.

Since we cannot see the beliefs and behaviors within us that create the reality that we see, we look to other people, things, including organizations and events, to mirror our relationship with our Inner Child back to us through their actions, their treatment of us. By learning to “read the mirror” we can change the relationship with our Inner Child and thus shift the mirror of our reality.

The Formula of Compassion

The Formula of Compassion (Formula) is a process tool that enables us to use our Inner Technology to change the mirror of our reality. Through the Formula we are capable of acknowledging and integrating the “dark” feelings or thoughts about what we see in our mirror, in this case, the DHS. It enables us to transmute our feelings of fear, anger, rage, helplessness, etc into compassion by seeing what it is reflecting back to us via our relationship with ourselves and with others.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

In the wake of 9/11 the Patriot Act was passed. In short, this Act gave the government new powers to fight terrorism. To enforce their new powers, the Department of Homeland Security was established. Through the powers it has been awarded, it can martial the military and police forces to take action against any person or group that is suspected of being a terrorist threat. It uses a color code system to announce to us the level of action being taken, and the degree to which our civil liberties are suspended at any given time.

When at code red status, civilian government is suspended and martial law ensues. At that point we live our lives under the jurisdiction of a police state. What is upsetting and what I dislike about this is the fact that our government can now heighten the alert warning and shut down our schools, businesses, transportation and local governments without proof or verification. Without warning, local officials have the right to institute martial law and implement curfews.

With the approval of our government through the auspices of the DHS, we are encouraged to police each other. Now, anyone who suspects that you may be a terrorist threat can call the DHS and report you. They don’t have to have proof;, all they have to have is a suspicion. That means that if you get into a conflict with a neighbor, they can get even by calling the DHS on you and telling them that they suspect you to be a terrorist. If you speak out about President Bush in an online chat room and say that you’d like to kill him, your chat friend can send a copy of your message to the DHS and they can arrest you. This promotes an air of terror that has nothing to do with actual terrorists.

Going further, if you have the misfortune of being a suspect, your house will be invaded, your records and personal belongings will be confiscated as possible evidence, and you may be relocated to an internment camp where you will stay for an indefinite period. With civil liberties gone, you will not have the right to a trial. In short, your life will most likely be ruined. Sounds pretty frightening, doesn’t it?

And God help you if you make the grave mistake of protesting the government’s new power when there is a code red alert. You will be arrested and detained as a threat to national security. In other words, you no longer have the right to disagree. Doesn’t this sound like Nazi Germany during WWII? Do you see the similarities?

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want this to be a part of my world, and I know that using external means to eliminate it will not work because they have never worked in the past. I can look back at history and see that. So, acknowledging this fact, I turn inward to use the Formula of Compassion.
The Nine Steps

Step One – What is the lesson that I wanted to learn from the Department of Homeland Security?

I believe it’s teaching me how painful the price is when I give away my power and my responsibility to protect myself and thus, my Inner Child to someone else.

Step Two – What is the contract that I made with the DHS?

On a soul level, I entered into a contract with the DHS to protect me from those who would seek to harm me. In entering into this contract, I agreed to allow my protector to use any means it saw fit to provide that protection. In addition, by entering into the contract, I agreed to forfeit my right to disagree with how it provided that protection.


posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 01:47 PM
Step Three – What is the role that the DHS is playing to act out its part of the contract?

The DHA is playing the role of a tyrannical protector who has been given full rein to protect at any cost, that cost including the forfeiture of all my civil rights along with the power to cause me pain if I break my agreement to keep my mouth shut about how it does that.

Step Four – What is the aspect of me that the DHS is reflecting back to me?

To do this step I will have to use the DHS as a mirror of my relationship with my Inner Child.

How many times have I misused my power as parent and thus, an authority figure, against my Inner Child? How many times have cared more about obtaining security in form of approval and safety from rejection and abandonment by sacrificing her needs and thus my own? And in doing so, how many times have I dominated her, turning a blind eye to her attempts to show me that I am leaving us exposed and vulnerable to the manipulation of others? How many times have I deceived her, telling her that what I was doing was in her best interest? Furthermore, how many times have I stifled her protests and told her that if she didn’t go along with my plan, there’d be consequences to pay?

I’ve done that many times. In my need to be accepted and approved of by others, especially those I perceive as authority figures, I have left myself vulnerable, I have given away energy and supported people in doing things that I know are dishonorable and unacceptable. I have kept my mouth shut when others harm me in order to keep the peace, telling my Inner Child that it’s not worth making a fuss about. I have been her Gestapo, her Department of Homeland Security, policing her every move, controlling her by telling her that what I do is for our security. Consequently, my Inner Child feels terrified, and powerless to change things because I am now out of control.

Not only have I done this with her, I have done this with others as well when I accept the power they give me to take care of them, to rescue them from situations that they can take care of themselves if they were just willing to take the responsibility, and the consequences of using that power, for protecting themselves.

Step Five: What is the Gift that the DHS gives me by playing this role?

The gift is the lesson learned. By allowing me to see the price I must pay, having given away my power and responsibility to protect myself to it, the DHS has given me a chance to feel that terror and pain, and to do so before it is too late to change it.

Step Six: Acceptance
Can I accept the role that the DHS has played, along with its actions, to help us learn this lesson?

Yes I can. I can additionally acknowledge that as an American I am not exempted from the abominable loss of freedom that a great percentage of the population of this planet has known and experienced and that I have complacently accepted as their misfortune and not my business. Now that domination and loss of civil liberties is a reality in this country I am able to have compassion for others who have been dominated.

Step Seven: Allowing
Can I allow myself to let go of my anger towards this institution and its representatives who played the role to help me learn the lesson?

Yes, I can. How can I be angry at a collective or a person for doing to me the same things that I do to myself and to others?

Step Eight: Release
Can I release this institution and its representatives from blame?

Yes, I can. How can I blame them for taking power over my life when I willingly handed it over? When I can accept full responsibility for my freedom and being, on all levels, and when I can do this without threatening other’s freedom, then I will find myself living in a world that reflects just that, harmony in our differences.

Step Nine: Kindness
Now that I have released the DHS, can I be kind to its representatives, and if so, how can I do it, and when will I do it?

Yes, I can. I can do it by taking responsibility for my own freedom and lack thereof. On a soul level I can be thankful for the role this institution has played in waking me up to the reality of what’s it is to loose personal rights and freedom, to feel the threat of powerlessness to a collective power. I can share this opinion with others where appropriate, and not be too cowardly to share the higher perspective as it applies to the DHS.

In closing, we still have time to change the mirror but it will take our willingness to accept that the only way out is through the heart. My question to you, the reader, is, how much more pain and terror do you need before you are willing to make that change? It’s up to us, you and me collectively. Isn’t it time that we become our own saviors?

posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 06:34 PM

I think its useful for you.

EDIT: I do believe that there are extremely clairvoyant intelligent people that assist the government in their monkey business. I gather that they are reserved from mainstream due to a plethora of issues that would hamper their drives.
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posted on Apr, 1 2013 @ 03:14 AM
I couldn´t read one with a straight face after I read about the contract that my soul has with the department of homeland security.

It is pretty hard to grasp the bullet points of your text. Could you maybe summarize what your feelings are?

I got that the DHS is somehow evil, but I haven´t gotten why.

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