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80,000 angry men: Is the US surge collapsing?

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 09:40 PM
From The Guardian and Real News Network

Iraqis employed by the US to take on al-Qaeda are threatening to strike

An investigation carried out by GuardianFilms for Channel 4 uncovers how thousands of Iraqis employed at $10 a day by the US to take on al-Qaeda are threatening to go on strike because they say they have been used by the 'Americans to do their dirty work' and haven't been paid.

So, these sources are saying that the surge success is not due to the military strategy. Must be a bunch of liberal anti-Bush networks.

Why won't they pay? It's only 800.000 dollar a day. Do they want to risk the surge collapsing before the election?

We definitely need more info on this matter.

Something we all already knew, money talks.

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