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Tips of the trade

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 07:48 PM
Hello everyone! This goes out to all our new members. Tips of the trade.

If you are not sure where a thread goes, there are plenty of helpful mods out there that would be happy to answer your questions.

Personally I have always found a couple mods that I found helpful and U2 them often when I have a question about the context, and placement of a thread!

Sometimes it might take a day or so for them to get back with you. Patience is key. Send them a u2 and wait to see what kind of feedback you get before posting in the wrong place. Its not like the end of the world, but makes everyones job much smoother!

Always be nice! You know Im sure you had heard the saying you can catch more flies with honey than you can vinegar! This is very true here on all threads and parts of ATS! Its a big place, and words matter!

Mods are members too!! Just becasue a mod has a POV that differs from your own.. Dont feel its ATS fault for a Mods stance on an issue.
At one time I was like how could a mod post that!!! Then I took the time to understand what ATS is all about.. Ive been here for about 2 years, and have learned so much. And I do know that mods are people too.. They have feelings and POV. That doesnt reflect ATS standing points.
Mods have to put aside their personal feelings on many matters, for that I have alot of respect for them.. I could never be a mod here.. I get far to heated sometimes.. And just have to log out for a day or so..No biggie.

Always take some time with the post you make. Please know that many people will be reading, and hence what ever you put out there will reflect upon your very being. Being nice is not always easy. But respect is 100% here. If you find something that upsets you. Log out, take some time and cool off.. Come back when you are ready to deal with it with a level head.

Personal problems and issues.. I also suggest if you ever have an issue with a mod, or someone on here, keep it private! U2 works best, and putting diry laundry out here can seem a little disrespectful.
There is always a way to deal with issues, rather than going head first to make a thread about how much you either this or that.
Plenty of mods out here to either vent too, or try to tell them your feelings first before posting for all to see.
Its easy to get wrapped up in debate, and its a good thing.. We always look forword to a good debate.. Yet when something is aired for all to see, drama is like a little snowball, and gets bigger and bigger, and before you know it.. You have a huge snowball comming right at you!

Test the waters first! Its never wise to just jump in head first into things.
Always test the waters out, and see if you feel comfortable putting what ever you are going to put out there!

And lastly, not only the mods, but there are many helpful members who would be happy to help. No one is here to bash, or upset anyone. We are here to deny ignorance. And as this world goes, its easier said than done.

I hope this helps some of you newer members get a little better understanding of how things go here on ATS..
Ive never made a freshman forum post, so thought it was about time I put my 2 cents in and tried to make this a better place for everyone!

All the mods are here to help!! remembering that is the tips of the trade!
Also remember we as the members are the ones who get the most out of this site! Sure the 3 Amigos have put so much work into this place and the many mods.. But at the end of the day knowledge that you can EARN here is worth more than Gold, silver and paper money.
The knowledge on this site is the true treasure!!!

And asking the 3 Amigos and mods who gets the most, is sometimes a double edged sword, ask at your own risk.. Always think before writting. And know truth and knowledge is worth more than paper money, coins, and other things we as humans hold value over.

(In the words of Dr. Love)

[edit on 25-3-2008 by zysin5]

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