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Online Tarot Reading

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 06:56 PM
I know its online, maybe cant be taken seriously, but i found the results interesting and certainly my past card was true, try it out and see what you think.

You just need to pick a past, present, and future card, and read your results at the end.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 07:16 PM
Wow, I really enjoyed my reading. It reminded me of when I used to be a charlatan tarot reader and fed crap to the gullible just like that.

Thanks for the link.

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 07:25 PM
I love for all kinds of free readings

I find them very reliable.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 07:36 PM
cool link. I've done online tarot on some other websites too.

I find that no matter the cards being pulled or how many "sessions" we attempt, it's our nature to find and make connections and then somehow those cards seems to "speak" to us on a different level. We are the ones that give them "power" and it's not the cards or the program that has the "magic".

still it's fun and I like doing tarot readings. They've helped me with personal reflection and understanding many times. Same applies to Runes and the IChing.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 08:01 PM
I once had a friend who did Tarot. He said that the probabilities of the universe are what decide your reading, and the person laying down the cards has no importance whatsoever.

In other words, you could have a trained monkey throw a handful of dice on the floor, and you'll get the same random results. So, having a computer lay out your Tarot card is not that far-fetched : the probabilities of the Universe are still in control.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 08:44 PM
It bothers me how they word it to be read many different ways and make it vague enough to appeal to most average peoples lives, kind of like horoscopes. while i believe there may be power in horoscopes and tarot (because i understand that what can be imagined by a powerful mind can become reality) i would be suspect of a majority of them because of the way many people just use the vague style to give "predictions"

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