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All witness to cosmic crime by a close alien race

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 05:32 PM
Is an alien race living right here on earth as humans committing crimes superphysically (paranormally and angelically) against our persons and higher power? If you found out they were indeed doing so just that, what would you do to sever the criminal aliens from us who are the just?

It's up to the just of us to handle as we please in several deep measures the criminal alien race that doesnt leave any physical evidence of their existence who when humanly witnessed only per human crime wont be brought to justice by the others of them which are working in all the key high places.

Even because the parnomal/angelic cosmic criminal violations by the alien race are of a different kind of higher up crimes not considered for by our earthly human laws, since the alien race doesnt make fully known all of their paranormal/angelic wonderous capabilities, we must proceed in action to entangle them by their human selves in every sort of casting net we can think of. If not for you alone then for us and our higher power. The higher power will punish them anyway in their after life, but in this life now upon we must hold them all accountable for cosmic violations.

Since they are the paranormal all-seeing eye watchers who induce dreams with real like feelings to them into your mind when you're asleep and induce their disturbing and even hurtful presense into your head or privates when you're awake and induce any voice into your ear close or afar when you're awake, then you know positively they are violating your person and privacy. Yes, they rob you from being you naturally. Yes, they rob the ideas you imagine for personal gain and to use them against you which they can even play back to you in a dream just so you realize what they now learned of you from the mind's imagination of your's. You know who I'm talking about because all relate to this info about what's really going on in this life on earth. Whatever you do dont deny these things which are alien in a kind of supernature. Our higher power wont stand you as a coward or buster who wont do real things when it's all truely called appointed for. Though the alien race is being human they come close to being as you by the paranomal astral plane that has all sorts of levels in it which they can and do use on us who are the just persons. Some say the devil and his reapers written about in the bible was the authors way of actually describing and revealing a close alien race in which this thread is dealing with.

Anyway, it's time to go after them in the classification of the Gospel (Four Enforcers) and the Apocalypse (Daniel as I am/Am I the Ancient). The clues are in the re-configuring of the books bible.

And if you're the paranormal reading this, then know we're on to you and hell fire which you would deny being awaits you.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 06:04 PM
All Witness To Cosmic Crime...

I heard about the Gray and the Reptoid, one was eating batteries,
and the other was 'scoffing' fireworks.
The Police charged one and let the other one off... seems it's one
rule for one and...

It's like Lonny Zamora, when he measured the 'landingprints' of the strange craft he saw with his night-stick, then he used his shoe to
measure the alien's aledged foot-print.

It's one ruler for one...
When you're sat in row-Z and the bal hit's yer head, that's Zamora!

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 10:36 AM
PPl have been experiencing the paranormal by aliens in so many ways. Cant deny that by the ppl. They know. Open your eyes and preceive what's going on. Aliens desire to bury us in the paranormal activities they present us by trespass and force.


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