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Zy5's Gamers choice.

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 02:44 PM
Hello Wrastling fans!

Do you wanna wrasle? And have some fun in your spare time.

While I may not be a big wrestling buff, when I was younger I was into WWF a long time ago. So now there is a new text based game here that I will share with you all here..

I have some fun in my spare time with this game here. Either at work or at home you can enjoy some text based action!

If you join up, come and fight my charaters.. I have two of them.

Dawn-O-War strenght based.
Wildside Balanced based.

If you have any questions or comments about this game please leave them here for me and I will get back with you!


Now we get to the next game I have been playing in my free time..
Its called Archlord!

This game is really kewl! And best of all its free to download and free to play!!!
Yeah I use to play alot of WOW.. But got sick of paying for a game that people can hack and cheat with ease..
I refuse to pay 15$ a month for a game where someone can walk up and hit me for 25k points of damage in one hit..

I tried my best to build up a guild in WOW. and might go back now and then when my crew is all lvl 70.
So if you have some spare time I suggest you give Archlord a try!

I mean you have nothing to lose, its free and no monthly fee!

Also have any questions about Archlord? Feel free to ask me.

My charater on archlord..
Orc Beserker. lvl 25 First server choice.. named Mogog

You do have the choice to pay for sertin items in the game, and support it. But its not manditory that you pay to play!

Enjoy! And have fun!

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 06:35 PM
While I have some time I will share some other Video games that I do play with my free time..
I will post the title and a quick lay down of what I feel about the game, and give it the Zy5 rating 1-10 1 being so poor I wouldnt ever spend my free time playing, and 10 so good I spend all the free time I have playing the heck out of it!

Dawn of War- Zy rating 10
Warhammer does it right this time! With Dawn of war you can paint your army style, and it really protrays what a Warhammer game should be all about! I really like this game, and have spent many hours playing this title!

Vampire (the Masquerade) Bloodlines-Zy rating 8
This RPG shooter style really impressed me when it first came out!
Very deep story lines, and many different styles of play!
I really did like this game but couldnt beat it.. I never could out run that damn Werewolf near the end of the game. So I gave up, but still like the game very much!

Fable (the lost Chapters)- Zy rating 10
This game is really kewl! I personally really enjoy RPG and this game gives you the chance to either be a good guy, or a really bad guy!
It has much depth, yet I can say it was an easy one to beat.
Jack of Blades is a nasty bad guy and have played this game over and over agin!

StarWars (Empire @ war) Zy rating 7
This is a good one, And gives that indepth style of Fighting both in space and ground battle. If you like battles in space, and on the ground with that StarWars flavor I highly suggest this title!

Starwars 2 (Lego) Zy rating 8
Now at first I thought this was going to be more of a kiddie game.. But I gave it a shot and glad I did! Wow what a great way to use one of my favorit toys in a game! Thats right folks.. Legos really puts some work and effort into making this game a great one for kids and grown ups, with that kid still in um

Simcity 4 Zy rating 8
Simcity 4.. A fun game, but really hard to get started unless you use a cheatcode..
Such codes are fightthepower, howdryiam, you don't deserve it.
With those codes this game becomes alot of fun building towns, and cities!
This is a good one. But didnt have that holding power as with other titles.

The sims 1-6 Zy rating 9
What can I say.. The Sims series is a great game! Lots of fun when you can make up your own guys, and make them live the life you choose.
But for me. And my sick and twisted gaming style..
I would build homes, and lock everyone in rooms until they pee themselfs, and die.. Then I would make extream haunted houses, where the fun just doesnt end!!! Yeah I know, it may sound twisted, but theres no harm in killing a few pixies now and then!

Warcraft 3 Zy rating 10
I love the warcraft games! All of them are great! And I would say the reason this gets a 10 is because you get the advantage of the editor!
Nothing beats a game where you can make and control everything from HP to what ever!!! I have spent alot of time making my own maps and races! So much fun that I say who needs sleep? You get plenty of sleep when you're dead!!!
This covers World of Warcraft too, and starcraft games! all wonderful games!

Well that will do it for this post.. I will cover more games later on..
And if you have any questions about cheat codes, tricks and or hints for any of these titles feel free to ask..

Thats all for now,, enjoy and happy gaming!

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posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 01:43 PM
In this thread I will talk about World of War craft!

A really fun and addictive game! I overall enjoy this game, for the point that I get to hang out with my friends, and run around chatt, and make new friends!
Its not even so much as the game, as the point of hanging out with my real life friends online. And not going out to the bar every weekend to get trashed, spend 100 bucks on yager shots.. Then try to drive home, and pray you dont get a DUI, or worse hurt someone else..

However I had to cancle my account for a couple reasons.
1. I was running around with my friends, and one guy comes up and kills my whole party. This person was running at extreamly fast speeds.
And doing massive damage in one hit.. And massive I mean like 25k per hit! So that guy was sertinly cheating. And more and more cheaters started popping up all over the place.. I couldnt enjoy the game at this point, unless I found some hack programs to defend myself.
I ended up just closing out my account.. Sure I will cheat on some games, but games you pay to play.. Im not going to cheat..

2. A couple of my own guild mates. They just got the game, and said they heard about a Bot program. So they get the bot, and in 2 weeks they have level 70 charaters! And no clue how to play the game, and expect me to run them threw instances, dungeons, and tell them how to play their charaters..
Im like guys.. If you would have played the game to level 70 you might have a clue how to play the game..
Its like cheating on that big test.. You cheat the answers, get 100% on that test.. Then it comes down to when you get that great job, in the office that you have no clue how to do what you just aced by cheating..

So I told them good luck.. Im not going to waste my time playing with cheaters.. Sure Im not to angry about it.. Its only a game..
Plus I understand we all dont have hours and hours to play and get our charaters up to the highest level.. Yes it does take almost 5-8 months to do so. But for me that was part of the fun of learning.

To teach them this.. I had charaters 10 levels lower than there guys.
And we dueled.. I cleaned them up.. And beat them badly. Becasue I played my classes all the way threw.. No bots, No cheats.. didnt buy gold from china farmers..
They couldnt understand how I could beat them being 10 levels below them. Its self evident why I beat them.

So I dont know if I will return to the game or not.. Cheating and China gold farmers have really ruined a good game for me.
I would play it if I didnt have to pay 15$ a month..
Maybe 5$ a month is all IM willing to pay for a game that allows cheaters.

Yeah they say they dont allow it.. But thats a lie.. THey want your money, bottom line.. If you are busted out right hacking into their system, you will get banned. But if you just Bot, or Gold hack, They are not going to catch you.. I guess everyone is doing it..

Am I the only sucker who hasnt cheated on that game?

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