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Is The Depression A Set Up For WW3

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 02:35 PM
Almost a year ago we were talking about a recession, and now we admit we are in a recession. Now there are talks of a depression.

Our last depression was right before WW2, now if history proves anything we are going to go into another major war conflict to get out of our depression.

I've been following the NWO conspiracy by reading books and researching whatever is available on the net. In David Rockefeller's Memoirs he says there will be a major event to bring together the NWO. After WW2 they brought together the UN, their first stage in One World Government since the League of Nations failed after WW1.

Now i believe this "group" was behind the collapse of the WTC and Building 7. The attacks were carried out by the terrorists, they just implemented their plan around them. It allowed them to convince the public that for the world to be safe we need to invade Iraq. With Iraq and other issues they were able to slowly destroy the U.S economy. They destroyed the U.S economy to bring us into a depression, because the only way people will fight a war on a large scale (WW3) is if they have nothing to lose. Where as if the economy is doing well no one will want to fight.

I strongly believe "They" are trying to align Hilary with the presidency. I know the whole Obama thing but look at the super-delegates. Mc Cain say's there will be more wars, and nobody wants that so he won't get elected (not that he won't try). Hilary promises to pull troops out within 60 days of her presidency. IMO that will create a power vacuum and Iran will either jump all over that or we will be lead to believe that.

I strongly believe that we are heading to WW3 with the Middle East with the U.S and Isreal or what some call little U.S leading the wolf pack. Like previous wars, pick a side, and i hope i'm on the winning side, but the out come might not be good. NWO

What do you think will be the result of the Depression and how we will get out of it?

How do you think they will eliminate sovereignty and bring together the NWO of One Government?

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