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Trouble for Labour? Fabian Society could reject Lisbon Treaty?

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 11:06 AM
Labour's main socialist group, which Brown and Blair are/were members of are conducting a debate with the title;

This House Believes the Treaty of Lisbon should not be ratified by Parliament and should be rejected by the electorate in a national referendum.

The debate is being conducted between a Pro Europe Labour MP and a sceptical Euro Labour MP. At the end of the debate, a measure will pass to define Fabians position on the Treaty.

Another think thank/pressure group, Compass (Centre Left) wrote an interesting piece about New Labour and there fears;

New Labour is caught in a classic electoral pincer movement that spells potential disaster. In 1997 we benefited from the support of a wide social coalition. Now our core supporters, though they may never vote Tory, are showing every sign of not voting at all. And those who switched from Thatcher to Blair now wonder about converting to Cameron.

This news is EXCLUSIVE to ATS!

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