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Galactic Federation Articles

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 03:04 AM
Just thought to share this with you all, please spread to others;
atleast there is some spiritual life aliens out there that sort of care
about our planet; hopefully they will help in the future against
this Orion Empire.

Galactica Federation: Galactic Law Articles-()
(December 18th, 2007)

[Rough or Summarized]

Rules of Engagement:

Article #5 considerations

Article #629 considerations

Level of Warfare weaponry use:

No STARBOMBS(KILLERS) or PLANETKILLERS; outlawed Article #629.

No Nukes or Antimatter bombs/missiles.

No extreme Biochemical weapons; outlaw Sarin/Mustard, or extreme biological agents.

No extreme psionics/elemental spirits in certain environments that could in jeopardize at a planetary level or it's ecosystem.

Scrutinize, high energy beam weaponry; microwaves, lasers.

Galactic Federation Articles:

1> Love us and don't hurt us. Acceptance to Spiritual White laws.

2> Respectors of Freewill.

3> Observe, watch, and be cautious before attacking. If you interact/involvement it is your choice or obligation.

4> Don't take genetic/dna material without permission. Don't telepathical harass or control others.

Higher density levels shouldn't manipulate/affect others at lower density levels; be respective and responsible

-Permission Spiritual looking (Right to consent).

5> Respect Higher to Lower Levels(physical density).

6> FTL(Faster Than Light) Space travel terroritorial permission rights of passage.

Galactic/Constellation(Cluster)/Stellar/Planetary -- Zone/System Permits

7> Angelic(or very high universal spiritual) Level Interference

-Elohim Angels abide obviously by the Holy Scripture.

-Watchout for Rebel Elohim Angels (RTAO, ZTAO, ETAO, KRETAO, ECO)

-They have to be obedient to their God/Creator/Ruler and how they abide with Galactica Articles;

and their use of freewill on lower spiritual level beings within the Universe.

8> Time Traveller Laws/Rules: Don't manipulate with the past, in could affect our present.

Time Manipulation Level: telepathical communicative(observe)

-No physical manifestion allowed.

9> Altruistic or try to volunteer and help others in need of aid.

12> Food shooting, putting hurtful elemental spirits in food of lower spiritual/density level beings.


14> Right to determination. Primitive beings at 3rd physical density have the right to survive or freewill to determine.

15> Respect Spiritual(soul) elemental creation patents. "Give credit where credit is due" Don't Steal.

16> Physical Pain/hurting and laughing. [Malice]

**17> Anti-Mind Manipulation: symboids(bio-organic), crystalline, semiconductor implants. TELL THE GREY ALIENS THIS ONE IF YOU ENGAGE THEM.

24> Pass-life (soulmemory): Must get consent from the victims/specimen souls

25> Anti-species bigotry: Respect diverse lifeforms throughout the universe.

46> Coercian Consideration: for war criminals or victims.

87> Anti-Genocide

287> Malice: Never use anger if you feel it is wrong. Control your anger and don't hurt the innocent; consider your level of force.

Articles 288-625 don't have.

Spirit of God Accepted Articles: Recent Additions year 2007

626> No one but Lord Yesheva can use the word "God". Read John chapter 1, and Spirit of God, has article #15. If you do call yourself a god/goddess your a spirit of antichrist.

627> Anti-empire: Emperors/Empresses are tyrant or totalitarian regimes are obviously scrutinized.

628> Soul Level and Types: Declaration they exist and some souls are extremely old. Never take soulnames from any souls when doing soulscan/analyzation.

629> Outlaw Starbombs and observe/watch for civilizations that can manipulate at the atomic/elemental level for producing the material to accomplish this celestial murderous act.


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