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Introducing Iarpa! It's Like Darpa, But for Spies

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 08:35 PM

Introducing Iarpa! It's Like Darpa, But for Spies

Picture Q as a tall blond woman with an American accent, and you've got Porter. Lisa Porter. She's the first head of America's new Q branch, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity — Iarpa for short — a fledgling office charged with outfitting US spooks with the highest-tech information-gathering gadgetry.

Iarpa (just say "yarpa") is designed to do for the intelligence community what Darpa (the Defense Advanced ResearchProjects Agency) has done for the Pentagon.
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 08:35 PM
Iarpa (pronounced, Yarpa) certainly doesn't sound as cool as
Darpa, but if Darpa's successes are any indicator, Iarpa
should be just as profitable. Can't wait to see what neat
gadgets they'll actually show us.

Iarpa is the combination of the following:

The National Security Agency's (NSA)
Disruptive Technology Office (DTO)

The Disruptive Technology Office, or DTO, is a funding agency within the United States Intelligence Community. It was until recently known as Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA).

ARDA was created in 1998 after the model of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) by the Director of Central Intelligence and the Department of Defense, and took responsibility for funding some of DARPA's projects. ARDA evaluates proposals and funds speculative research, particularly in the fields of data mining, video processing, and quantum computing.

the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s
National Technology Alliance

The National Technology Alliance (NTA) is a U.S. Government program established in 1987 to influence commercial and dual use technology development with an emphasis on meeting national security and defense technology needs. The primary goal of the NTA is to partner commercial technology solutions to Government user technology needs and then create new or enhanced commercial products where the cost of development is leveraged across a broad user community.

and the Central Intelligence Agency’s
Intelligence Technology Innovation Center,
which I couldn't find any information on.

DARPA's website is worth looking at, there's detailed
information and pictures on their projects:
DARPA Programs

And those are some HOT Related Threads, check 'em out.

Thoughts and comments?
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 02:56 AM
reply to post by aecreate

So, are we gonna be seeing a bunch of new Bond toys coming out in the weeks and years from now? If so, can I pre-order one of those Aston Martins please?


posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 03:06 AM
Just can't help myself. So do their ipods have laser capability? Their iphones have brain mushing sound frequencers?

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