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Bound (the unsettled)

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 08:32 PM
You cant be released from a country or go to a country freely without getting done certain paper work that then has to be checked and accepted, correct?

So why cant ppl anymore settle wherever on the globe without a passport or a visa or having to gain citizenship in some made hard to come by legalized fashion?

Long, long ago ppl could move about freely and settle as Settlers wherever on the globe without doing some sort of paper work.

And what's the reason for countries making the location of where you were born so important that it must be affixed to you no matter where you go? Why should the whole world care about that?

The place you all were born is earth period. Just like the race you all are is human period. While folks is trying to clear up races so that it's looked at as one race they should be trying to clear up places so that it's looked at as one place.

Should we be classified as one race? Aint like anyone's life depends on a specific color difference. Should our birth place be classified as one place? Aint like anyone's life depends on a specific land area given a specific label by geography geeks. If the world dropped the self-importance to the superficial things it would be a better place. It's what's inside you as the individual that you should feel a self-importance by. Too high of a self-importance isnt proper because it's that that's keeping us down.

You see how they doing race now in how they got it all divided. Well that's how they been doing earth now in how they got is all divided. They make it so there a condition for some to fight againt the pull of the race card and the pull of the place card.

Nobody is fooling nobody. They classify us as a ppl by races and they classify us as a ppl by places. The "s" needs to be chopped off of those two. Not saying there needs to be one government, because we all know there needs to be many governments in case one tries to put us so unfree and in bad conditions to where we need to escape to live by another of them. We are supposed to live by our government, not under it. When you cant honor your government that's when it's not treating you correct. When it's not treating you correct that's when you're under it and it's over you. A gov is suppose to be for the ppl and by the ppl. Though more props to you if you can be over a gov.

Ancient and lost civilization is the earthling which got buried by classifications of races and classifications of locations.


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