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Need advice again re: how to fundraise?!

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 05:40 PM
I got some good feedback in the past from some of you about activities for my daycare, and thought I'd throw this one out on the table and see what kind of ideas some of you might have for this situation.

My kids' school is a disaster. The entire front yard is dirt/mud....without a blade of grass in site. The walkways are old, cracked and sunken in some spots. The main cement area of the playground is also cracked and not levelled properly so when it rains, or snow is melting, huge puddles form covering the majority of the play area. The kindergarten area is the same, although there is a wee bit of grass in their fenced in area.

I think the grass at the front never had a chance as there are very huge, old pine trees growing there. They make the area too shady, and drop enormous amounts of pine needles and pine cones daily. In the fall, spring and winter, the kids have indoor recesses due to the amount of mud and ankle deep puddles formed on the playground. In the summer, they always come home complaining of sore eyes from the dry dust blowing off of the front yard into their eyes. I've actually gotten my double stroller stuck in the front yard muck when I went off the paved pathway and some man had to help me get it out! It's horrible.

My 7 year old, who is hearing impaired and has lots of ear troubles causing his balance to be off, constantly comes home covered in dirt because he's fallen. The school tries their best to keep him on his feet but he's a klutz
Usually he opts for an indoor recess.

The school has been fighting the board for 2 years now to get them to pay for grass, to no avail. There just isn't enough money for school beautification in the budget right now.

Now, I've had enough. I've decided somehow to take matters in my own hands and try to raise this money, or awareness, or get donations or something!! I've never fundraised..and I'm not a very good public speaker, so I'm already facing an uphill battle. But I'm very passionate and care about this school and our community a great deal and I'm hoping my heart will get me what this school needs.

It's a tall order. I would be happy just with sod donations, or the money to purchase it..but then would also need volunteers to help lay it, and care for it in the first few months. (volunteers would probably be easy enough). But I figured heck while we're at it, repour the walkways and playground. I know the grass is far less expensive than having the concrete poured, but I'm up for the challenge!

I have several ideas for local businesses, charity foundations, and we even have a community foundation here run by teen volunteers that raise money for just this sort of thing (community/school beautification). We have a local football team, and several large landscaping companies as well as home improvement stores. I've also added a couple of area churches to the list of people to contact. We also have a large sod farm here that I can approach.

The problem the heck do I get started??!! Write letters, emails, phone calls, or in person? Should I write up an organized plan before I throw myself into this eg: step by step what needs to be done, measurements, etc. Or, do I just throw myself headfirst into it and let the professionals take care of the details?

I'm lost...the closest I've come was selling chocolate bars when I was a kid, and I wasn't very good at that :/

This school and the staff are VERY important to me. They've helped our kids a lot the last several years and I'd buy the materials myself if I could. The principal is such a great person and I can tell how horrible she feels that the kids can't play outside..and I want to do this for her and the kids, so I want to do this right.

Suggestions, advice please


posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 08:04 PM
Ask the school board for approval to raise money for the reseeding or sod laying and then offer up the right to name the playground for the cost to reseed or lay sod. You can also ask the local landscapers if they want to do it for the kids and you tell them you'll make sure that the parents are all notified of their gift and you can make sure that said notification provides each parent with contact information should they want to hire the landscaper for their homes or other areas in need.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 06:22 AM
Great idea Crakeur. I had planned on approaching either the principal or the board first for permission. It would be terrible if I went ahead with it, the sod got laid and they had to tear it up for some crazy bylaw or something!

I had thought about the offer to have a sign or plaque mounted at the school for any organizations offering support or donations, but never thought about the possible offshoot business the landscaping/sod companies might gain from this. It's a good angle to use when I approach these places as to how they might benefit.



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