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Would a NWO be "Bad"?

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 01:59 PM
First things first, I would like to stress that I have been VERY anti-NWO for a long time. I've hated the idea and everything it stood for. I have convinced others about the evils of it, and watched many documentaries on the subject. I thought I was pretty steadfast in my faith that the entire idea of a New World Order would be absolutely criminal, and would destroy human rights as we know them.

However, I have started to deeply think on the NWO and it's possible advancements it could bring to humanity. I want to list out a few of these Pros that COULD happen due to a Global Government.

1: Galactic Relations. Lets face it, when we get the technology to finally reach other galaxies with passenger space craft, we will need to be unified to make large decisions, be it planetary domination or alien relations. If we are still divided at this point in time it will be very difficult to make drastic decisions that everyone will accept. You could remedy this with a "UN" like embassy... but look at how well the UN currently does it's job... *eyeroll*.

2: Discrimination. This could see a fall as well. Everyone would be united under one government, and yet there would still be physical differences, there wouldn't be national differences. National stereotypes could also be removed. This is purely speculation though.

I thought I had more time to type this! Anyway please comment on it, I will watch this thread. Thank you for your time.


posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 02:05 PM
Yes and here is why.

It will probably start as everyone being slaves and poor workers but there will be promises of a better tomorrow made by the NWO government. These promises will not be made in vain.

A better tomorrow will come as technology increases. Soon enough there may even be free energy.

But here is the catch, as things improve the leaders will want/earn more respect and more power. They will still hold technology over us. They will have all the technology and only allow certain techs to be released.

Thus the ultimate future (if it doesn't stay as a slave planet) would be a Plutocracy. The richest of the world and the leader of the world will most likely want to be worshiped (literally) as gods.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by ShaunMK
A "One" World Order. Sorry, we must insist.

Of course I would be for it - but only as a police state to keep the peace and order (but no more governments to serve any group of ganisters ever again, let the people manage their own lives and affairs locally and individually).

A totally peaceful and harmonious united one world order, like one big happy family! With a force to make sure you all remain that way. Yes! Who could be against that, except those that are against harmony and peace (which we'll have to toss into the volcanoes, but hey, good riddance, who needs them anyways).

Now, lets take a vote to see who is really for peace and who we'll need to get rid of if peace is ever to be the norm upon Earth.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 10:31 AM
You've all been brainwashed by Fascists.

Stop watching TV. NWO is for suckers...

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 11:26 AM
Over a time (in the control of the NWO) we would lose cultural identity, througha combination of both forcibly mixed culture AND the eradication of smaller cultures and ideoligies.

After a while we will all be eating the same food, drinking the same drugged water and wearing the same boring clothes.
The Police will eradicate freedom of expression and freedom of speech will be denied to us by the Government through the illusion of free speech, whislt dissenters will be 'vanished'.

Luxuries like voting, opposing political parties, green energies, festivals, gatherings, protests will all be denied to us.

We will be tagged and chipped and observed everywhere!
Databases will be set up that predict our movements.

Pills and medicine will become mandatory.

Trust will be lost in a deeply ingrained paranoia, enhanced by BIG BROTHER style 'quotes' and idols and highyl spun media.

Super prisons and concentration camps will be built.

In a nutshell, we will lose our individuality... The NWO only wants one thing....

Total control through technology and fear.


We are still free, we still have our minds and souls. Resist.

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 11:39 AM
This is ridiculous.

Is the idea of a "New Town Order" bad? or a "New Country Order"? Of course not. As human civilisation has grown, the administrative quantum unit has constantly expanded. First of all, our most supreme leaders were the tribal chiefs. Then tribes joined (as we became more populous), and the supreme leader lead multiple tribes. Then these tribal groups joined, to make proto-countries, with one leader leading many more tribes. Every country that we know these days (short of artificially-created ones) started as a group of smaller authorities joining together. It'll keep happening until the entire world is ruled by one power, which will be democratically elected (as we have for our countries now).

Getting all scared about what is perfectly normal human societal evolution is ignorant. Of course it has the ability to be perverted and steered off-course, but then so does anything, and I don't hear everyone screaming that we should live in caves and not speak to our neighbours.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by Techsnow
It will probably start as everyone being slaves and poor workers but there will be promises of a better tomorrow made by the NWO government. These promises will not be made in vain.

Why do you think this?

But here is the catch, as things improve the leaders will want/earn more respect and more power. They will still hold technology over us. They will have all the technology and only allow certain techs to be released.

I don't know what dystopian science fiction story you got this from, but science fiction does not always come true. The whole notion of slavery and the leaders forcing the people to worship them as gods is a little wild.

The NWO will simply be an administrative and organizational layer placed on top of current governmental systems. It's all about monitoring the movement of people and resources to minimize human suffering, maximize efficiency and profit, and to respond to large random fluctuations in the flow of people and goods caused by political unrest or natural calamities. Sort of like the U.N., but with the money and military resources to make sure they can do the job right.

The way things work now, one or more larger countries like the U.S. bear the burden of responding to these problems. The NWO will be able to respond more efficiently, without individual countries having to go broke or incur the hate of the rest of the world.

Nobody's going to be a slave. Slaves make lousy, inefficient workers. The goal of the NWO will be to provide solid public healthcare, and decent paying jobs for people so that they feel safe for themselves and their families. As long as you're not doing something to threaten commerce or the rights of other people, the NWO is not going to be interested in you. If you are up to some kind of monkey business, local law enforcement will go after you, just like now.

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 08:05 AM
Hi all, This is my first post. After see'ing this thread I was compeld to join.

Any one who says NWO is a good thing is obviously BLIND, FACT.

Anyone who says NWO is PEACEFULL is definetly BLIND, FACT.

It is VERY OBVIOUS that the NWO is a selfish organisation that is out for world domination.

Now obviously a few people are feeling offended.... But let me tell you a few things that you fail to observe.

This NWO exists pretty strongly already through out our governments and thier envolvement with Secret Societys, all in connection with the illumanati. Thru thier secret societys they have came up with the NWO.

From what I have learnt,

The son of the biggest opium smuggler in America at the time (Around 1760 - 1770) was studying in Bavaria. Whilst there he met the Illumanati and became a member, learnt what they had to say and returnd to America with a grand scheme in mind.

Once back the Skull and Bones lodge 322 was formed. They began moving in bigger circles, rubbing shoulders with intellectual people who later become bankers (This is where these 2 familys COULD fall in, Rockefella & Morgan) the "Upper Class" so to say.

In 1763 things had settled in France and Britain was demanding taxes from its colonies in America, Now was the perfect time to rally the people, Cause a revolution and begin thier own bank and government.

Once America is established fully and after the war of 1812 assuring independence, the plan begins to unfold if it had not already.

The key figures that were involved in the new government were already involved with the 322 and had taken oathes and such that meant that they had to vote in favour of the master plan.

Now lets look a little more into the pursuits of America since its Independence.

First we have a fight with Mexico,

The American annexation of Texas whose independence the Mexicans had never fully accepted made war with Mexico inevitable. When the Mexicans refused to meet with a US envoy sent to negotiate a settlement of outstanding issues, President Polk ordered American forces to maneuver close to the Mexican border in disputed territory. The Mexicans attacked and the war was on. (Source " Antebellum: America 1820 - 1860.")

The Civil War,

It was America's bloodiest war as brother fought brother. I think its pretty clear they were very devided.

The Spanish War,

The Victory of this war see's America's reputation as a Super Power secured.

America Flexes its muscle in WW 1,

Millions died in the fields of Europe, sometimes while fighting over a few disputed yards.


Allowed America to build the biggest Naval and Air force in the world by the end. With very minimal ground conflict and poor performance when engaged.

Korean War,

Soviets held North Korea and America held South Korea, A vote for presidency was decided and evacuation of both Russian and American forces to take place. North Korea didnt vote seperated itself from South Korea and began a invasion. The United Nations saw this as an act of defiance, and sent UN troops, mostly US, into South Korea to stop the North Korean advance.

Vietnam War,

Vietnam had been a French colony (French Indo-China) before the World Wars, and the French weren't about to let go gracefully. The U.S. was asked by France, via NATO, to keep the communists from "taking over" the French Territory. History Speaks for itself....

Iraqi War,


America is the front for the NWO, The NAU is designed to make the EU connection stronger and easier.

Any one who thinks that NWO is good hasnt seen any documentary's about the prisons in Iraq run by the military Coalition Bully Forces, Hasnt got a life and is expecting the big change to mean big things to them or is involved with it. Money and mans greed fuel all this, Genesis talks of the Tower of Babel and the scattering of the people. Revelation tells of the destruction of the Tower again.


posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 08:19 AM
Sorry ran out of charachters.

I personally feel that even religion isnt safe from manipulation, However I feel that thier is a God. The buddhist concept of Desire = Suffering is something I apply to my life also because its very obvious that mans desire causes suffering to not only himself when he does not get what he wants but to alot more people when he does.

Any how, This is a big post and only a mi nute amount of info and connections and my head is begining to hurt

Peace out, Stay Safe.


posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 08:02 PM
In a perfect world where hatred and evil doesn't exist... then sure, a one world government could work.

Lets face it, the world isn't perfect and top officials can be easily corrupted (ESPECIALLY those that would control an entire planet :lol
. These powerful families/aristocracy don't care about the common man, they want a one world government so they can do what they believe should be done.

Wake up.

[edit on 30-3-2008 by icecap]

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by ShaunMK

Is a New World Order Good or Dad? You ask.

Well, i personally like what some people arround the '30 wrote about this "New World Order", also seen as a totalitarism Goverment.
I always liked the ambiguity yet obvious similarity between Huxley's Brave New World and Orwell's 1984 (both are book that with luck you can find them to read right from the internet.)
Both speak of totalitarian overments that, after killing many many people took power.
A Brave New World speaks of a "happy" world. A world that revolves arround sex, drugs and inmediate pleasure. This world is happy, and the book is about the only person that is not happy in this world.
On the other side 1984 speaks of a facist/comunist (if it may called like that) world that lives with the fear of a constant war, and constant fear by a dicatorship goverment. Anyone who thinks diferent is tagged as a "mind criminal" (actually im traslating from spanish so i may no be completely precise
) and is "pulverised". (that last one... i don't even remember the word in spanish
, sorry)

If you haven't red any i recomend you do, both are marvelous pieces of social study.

Now my opion.
It would be BAD. with capitals.

Why? well. the key word is Order.
Somewhere right now in someplace of the world is scolding his dog for running arround the house. Why? because he is breaking the house "Order".
Order is subjective. Two persons could have a completely diferent idea of "Order". Hitler was creating a New world order. And for everything to be in "order" for him many people had to die.

Just notice that "order" always involve the "reordering" of somthing that is "disordered". But what is disordered? are the moles stealing some carrots disordered? or the bum living under the highway? or that kid with a mental desease?
Even if the "new order" is not planing on killing people? would it reorganize them? would it oblige people to do any kind of activity?
Who gives anyone the right to choose for another?

A new world order, where people loves each other and willingly submit themselves to the people (And not a power figure in the throne like happened with comunism) would be ideal.
But until the people is ready to unite until a single banner, a single ideology. Or just accept any other that anyone may have... Forcing a new world order won't make it happen. It will just bring slavement to the human race.

One more thing i like to ad is that uniting the world would not make us prolifer scientifically.
Most of the biggest inventions of the human race come from misfits of society. Mostly because the idea of order eliminates free will. And free will brings inovation.
We allready have free energy technology and some crazy (and thats why i love them) people is already testing and using it. I'm talking about water run engines, electrolisis devices and more.
For any human advancement the idea of freedom has to live.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 12:27 PM
The question in my mind is who would lead a new world order? Would it be the multi-national corporations and the extremely rich, the global elite, who now control much of it? If so then the rest of the world would be merely the means to provide greater and greater profits for the elite, and the value of the individual would be subordinated to that. It probably wouldn't be all bad; the multinationals do provide a salary and benefits for their employees, but don't mind firing people either if they find them "redundant." High unemployment is good for the corporations, as then people can't be so picky about their salaries or benefits. So people would end up working for pennies a day--as happens already in third-world countries--for fear of becoming totally unemployed. In this scenario I see a kind of "uber-capitalism" taking over the world.

In an ideal scenario the world government would be duly elected by its citizens (although a global election seems a difficult thing to carry off) and the different countries would be like states. It would have the same problems any big country has in governing itself, but magnified many times over. But the benefits of such unity might be immeasurable in terms of cooperation, mutually agreed-upon goals for the betterment of humanity, the advancement toward common goals, the elimination of war, the sharing of technoloy and medical advances, etc. etc.

A NWO, if achieved, would probably be somewhere in between these two examples.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 01:07 PM
I've been contemplating the same idea for a while. A NWO government would be wealthy enough that the motivations of modern governments, such as US involvement in the middle east would not be an issue since it would control EVERYTHING. This absolute power and wealth would decrease the need for wars. Not only that, but this would leave room for the possibility of benevolence. If nothing is left to gain by exploitation, helping the world wouldn't be so unlikely. Issues such as the Israeli/Palestinian problem would be solved by true neutrality, no more political bickering for gain. The government would no longer need to be corrupt, it would be wealthy and powerfully enough that no one could buy or sell it. It COULD become the best greatest period of peace and prosperity in the history of the planet.

But this is only a possibility, things could get bad, and an Orwellian world could come into existence. There is no way of knowing. It would all depend on the individuals who are gaining this power. I believe if they honestly had good intentions, this would be the best way for the Earth to be, the only way to solve problems such as global warming, the end of proxy wars by superpowers. Also for such momentous task such as space travel, this would prevent competition and everyone researching the same thing, and would create a massive pool of resources to draw on. This goes for all other scientific advances, such as aids and cancer research.

I think there would be a decent chance of the government being half decent, because as human we are rebellious. If the government was too corrupt it would likely be ousted by a worldwide revolution. I believe this check would make the NWO half respectable in its actions.

But, it could go police state to, there is really no knowing.

Thats my 2 cents.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 05:00 PM
I cant believe for 1 second that the NWO is not corrupt and goes against all human rights.

Its wrong on so many levels, If you cant see this.......


Its pretty clear Mr Bush is a muppet, I mean puppet.....

The guy needs help to spell his own name. The ones with the money only have thier money cus they met some one who had the majority of the decision be it thru influence in numbers (For example. The Lisbon Treaty that went thru parliamount, MP's vote NO REFERENDUM. I wonder who's arse they're all licking.....) or thru respect. - Talks of UK Traitors and what this treaty means.

Peace out, Stay safe.

PS. I do believe that the president of europe is going to be tony blair, followed by who ever they see fit next and we have NO say in it.


posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 10:35 PM
I'm not refering to those douche bags, more a reference to the formation of a one world government

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 09:02 PM
Sadly it is them tossers heading this NWO.

Peace out, Stay Safe


posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 09:02 PM
Sadly it is them tossers heading this NWO.

Peace out, Stay Safe


posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 09:15 PM
I dont think that the question is the NWO good or bad can be answered. This is because we dont know what it is. For all I know it could be a toltarian order, or it could be a democratic free order. And none of you know either unless your a part of this order so its kind of stupid to be debating wether its good or bad.

Personally I think there are some advanteges to a one world goverment and other disadvanteges. But as I said before we dont know how it will be.

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 11:24 PM
Most of everythig you all said the NWO will bring about has already come to life. I have been heading up a discussion group on this matter and i have come to a personal conclusion that fear has fueled every thing (including this web site) and thats exactly what they want is for you to live in fear. There is common morale to believe in something bigger that thy self wether it be good(religion, whatever it may be) or bad (nwo). The biggest thing to realize is that "what you resist persists" so teaches old jewish law so if you dont want an "NWO" then stop fearing it and go about your life as if they dont exist, another thing is eat 100% organics and buy a waterfilter. now they cant mess with your mind and health. Seek natural health physicians for your ailments instead of going to medical doctors.
i could go on all day and i eventually plan on writing a book about the cure to the NWO. It truly is all in your head if you think that you are not in control. Any problem that you have is nobodys fault but your own.

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 08:26 PM
Always... not just NWO, but any other form of government. Capitalism, Communism, all of them have ended up with disaster. We can see right now how well Capitalism is working. The fact is, man has yet to come up with a real system that will work. As long as man has the problem of ego, then nothing will work, someone always wants the power and more.
The other problem is that we as people do not have control of the world. Most people can't keep control of their own homes. So with that said.. what do you really think?
With that in mind, I really really doubt that I will ever see a well functioning world.

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