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George Bush, The New World Order and the End of America

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 01:24 PM
I think when the 1st President Bush used this term it was very BOLD.

Why would he use this term knowing what it meant in certain circles. He knew what kind of a buzz word it would be. Yet he used it. He could have said a better tomorrow or a brighter future.

I'm surprised he wasn't called on it more at the time. Some people refuse to accept that there are some in America who see the end of America as a good thing. These powerful people are following an agenda.

He also said, he wants the nations of the world to be ruled by one set of laws. He should have been called on this. This is advocating the end of America as a sovereign nation. If there's one global law then America can no longer make laws that are best for the American people if they conflict with global law.

This is also calling for a one world government. Somebody has to enforce these global laws.

This is why the dollar is falling. It's not an accident. I believe the dollar will crash and the next President will say we have to switch to a common currency with Canada and Mexico in order to survive.

I don't know if it's skull & bones or something else.

If you want a new world order then you want to do away with the present world order. The present order is America as a super power. I think that will be said in past tense soon.


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