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What if any ''animal'' would you say resembles a grays ancestor?

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 04:34 AM
Ive been thinking recently that maybe there is a creature or animal on earth that could be linked the ancestors of these aliens. I mean they still quite possibly could be direct decendants of animals or maybe even a dinosaur of our earth.

Lets look at what we know shall we...well they range from about 3-7 feet in height quite frail looking and have 4 fingers? They have broad eyes indicating a dark living conditon because the need to see would be more great. They oviously must reproduce somehow id say via eggs. Large heads filled with enourmous brains.

Does any of this seem to resemble some creature we have or used to have? If so if we found that creature wouldnt it be like finding out that we were related to monkeys for the first time and to this end we would know pretty much everything about them.

Dont forget about genetic engineering ofcourse...cause even today we have become our own nature.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 04:53 AM
hello paranoidkid, through-out my readings i came across the same issue that you bring up... but the animal they usually say could evolve into or similarly to a gray would be dolphins!

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 05:26 AM
HAHA thats actually very funny cause my first post was going to be the resemblence between dolphins and grays it was even pretty long but i thought i would give any1 else there opinion first cause the only problem with the dolphin theory is the legs/arms witch i have no idea how to explain.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 06:09 AM
I would bet on Homo Sapiens species. Much more similarities then with dolphin: easier to lose nose/fingers then switch from marine life form.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 07:52 AM
a cross between a human and a lemur.

Surely some form of primate?

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 10:26 AM
Humans. We are the closest thing. But I have reason to believe we've been altered. "Created in their image" if you will.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 10:29 AM
If the greys exist, which I believe they do, they almost certainly did not evolve on this planet. So, I believe it's a moot point.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 10:39 AM
I would think it would have to be a COLD-Blooded animal...Think about dino's, they lived on earth for million's of year's. I would think it possible for some kind of intelligent evolution based on that time frame. Maybe it has happened and they went off somewhere. ( example.. Myans, )Look at some of the theories regaurding ancient structures on Mar's. If they are there, (structure's that is)that could be a possibility as all of the so called feature's of Mar's also appear to be very, very ancient. Dolphins & grey's may have some remote resemblance, but are'nt reptiles cold blooded?

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 10:51 AM
I've actually been working on a theory pertaining to the evolution of Greys. Now, one of the theories on Greys is that they're humans from the future, well maybe they're from the future, just not humans. What if they are the dominant species that arises after us, but in order for that evolution to occur we have to die? Just like dinosaurs had to die before we could evolve. Now, it's pretty apparent that sightings of UFOs have increased since 1947, the same year as Roswell. Now, I was thinking that maybe that crash changed the events of history. Maybe because of that we are able to develop crafts for deep space travel and eventually find another planet for habitation. Well, then whenever catastrophic even that takes place that is supposed to wipe us out now fails to wipe out the entire species, so then a group of people come back to repopulate Earth, thus preventing this species from evolving. This then explains why the Greys aren't really helping us, but they're not invading either.

Anyway on topic. If they have evolved from an animal currently on Earth I think the best bet is to try to figure out what might be the closest relatives to the Chupacabra, since I've heard descriptions of them that slightly resemble Greys.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 05:15 PM
First and foremost, I've not to my knowledge ever seen a 'grey' in person, so I'm simply basing this guess on pictures and depictions I've seen online.

But as for your question, it's interesting, and I think that many years ago I may have arrived at your question from the opposite end, in a little thought experiment. Also interesting is that this though experiment was almost touched upon in another thread earlier today!

My thought experiment was 'what if the K-T Impact Event had never happened'.

This is the huge asteroid impact that many scientists believe wiped out the dinosaurs.

At that time, there were many species on Earth that held great promise (in my view) for the eventual development of what I call 'Secondary Intelligence' (this is a term I made up, to refer to species like Humans who have developed beyond 'reacting' to our environment, and have achieved a level of intelligence where we may begin to alter our environment to suit our needs).

Among the candidate species I found with the 'right stuff' were Velociraptors (and other raptors) and Deinonychus (very similar to the Raptor).

These animals had digits that could eventually (as humans did) manipulate tools. They would need to lose the large claws, but I believe that both of these dinosaurs had 'opposable thumbs'.

They also both had something comparable to 'binocular vision', which is essential for depth perception. These animals were pack hunters, just like humans or wolves, and as a result they needed the visual acuity to track prey, and the communications skills necessary to work as a unit with other individuals.

These are signs of intelligence, that in my view are at the very highest level of 'Primary Intelligence' and an animal with these capabilities in my view are good candidates for the potential development of 'Secondary Intelligence'.

Now, this is purely [THEORY], but it is possible that some species of Raptor evolved to survive the KT Impact, and perhaps lived underground. It is possible (although not likely IMHO) that such a species could have eventually evolved to a point where they could master technology.

In reality I don't think that Greys are the descendents of Raptors from Earth, because Earth DID have a KT Impact Event, and because we've found no signs to date of high technology such a species might have left behind.

However, that being said, it is entirely possible that 'Greys' exist as descendents of a similar Raptor-like species, evolving on an Earthlike world that did not suffer such an extinction level event.

Given a few thousand to a few million years (assuming the species survived that long) a Raptor would eventually lose it's tail and claws, out of lack of use. As it's intelligence and experience level rose (even from one generation to the next) just as humans have, the Raptor would steadily advance through the usage of various tools, and on to more complicated equipment.

Anyway, in answer to your question, I'd say they visually resemble Raptor descendents, but to make that theory even close to likely, they would have to be Raptors from another world.

Interesting question!


posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 05:38 PM
A book I read called supernaturals talked about alien abductions where the abductees described certain animal with large black eyes and from there the experience goes into typical alien abduction scenarios.

The top of the list was owls, an owl like creature with large black eyes would come, stare at them etc. Another animal was a deer. One person said a deer with large black eyes stared at them throught their car window right before they were abducted. My mother called the shorter blue/black variety of Greys the "mole people".

Not sure what to make of that!

It's interesting to hear about the idea of a raptor like being, as the ancestor of the greys.

I'd had an experience where I felt a reptoid in my room and several times had this dream where I was shown/told that reptoids were descendant from the raptors and live along side humans, disguised as one of us. This was before I knew anything about David Icke, too.

Like you said, Raptors have everything needed to survive and be an intelligent species. It's an interesting, though scary idea.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 01:38 AM
Those ZETAs (Greys) are not related to dolphins.

They are insectoids; and related more with WASPs, look at the
eyes dead give a way.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 05:18 AM

Originally posted by Xcalibur254
I've actually been working on a theory pertaining to the evolution of Grays. Now, one of the theories on Grays is that they're humans from the future, well maybe they're from the future, just not humans.

Sorry to burst your bubble mate but it's already a theory held buy others - namely Dan Burisch, the claimed S4 Scientist. You may find his work compelling.

You will find many links through a google search. Here's a random one to get you started.


I regards to the Ops question, Owls have always spooked me.. the knowing eyes... Urghh! lol

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 06:41 AM
Bald squirrels.

If greys were the size of squirrels, I'd certainly get one as a pet, put him in a little fur jump suit and train him to do tricks.

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by VelvetSplash

LOL VelvetSplash!

Would that make you a Bald Squirrel Whisperer? I can see your shows on the Lifestyle Chanel now.

Hmmm, I'd pay real money to see that!

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 03:16 AM
Cool ideas.

The dolphin could work, since they do have vestige arms and legs from thie ancsestors being land mamals, look at thier skeletons some time, neat.

John Titor thought they were future humans too.

Everyone else says there are several types of greys, and they all evolved elsewhere. They look like hairless suguarbabies to me though. Surely reptile could be a possibility. I geuss if they are the drones type those would have evolved on a computer program? I would ask them unless they are the longnose type, those I'd runaway from, no one says anything good about the longnose greys.

Skin is no biggie, I mean look at us Honkies, we are all decended from Africans, about 10-20,000yrs ago, so skin color changes pretty fast, I'd bet texture could too, so skeletal, DNA, basic shape, stuff like that will be more important, and all of those we can see, kinda look human, so maybe they came from primates too.

Cool thought exersize.

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