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Would you give amnesty for disclosure?

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 07:08 PM
I would. I want the truth. They won't tell the truth after all these decades of denial and law breaking without amnesty. I'm sure a lot of people will scream and shout for impeachment, jail, etc. but all I'm after is the truth. It's either that, or they continue the same policy of denial and manipulation.

Very good topic by the way.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 07:23 PM
What makes you think that if they disclosed anything to the public it would be the real truth or the truth at all?

Having such a bad record as they do, and the severe case of amnesia forgetting of promises made before they come to power, our "overlords" will most likely feed us another spoon of lies..err medicine that the masses will gladly gulp in and move on, even more docile and apathetic as they already are.

We need an arbitrary, a being/group impartial to the cause/events to provide the full truth. Then again that had been done so many times and on each occasion (just like those beings/groups predicted) people did not believe it because they were not given a proof (a piece of metal, a scroll or a document, nail from the cross...what will it take?) or it did not come from a "reliable" source such as a country's Government.

Yet, many would quickly accept the "disclosure" by our "overlords" as a gesture of good will and care for all of humanity. After all they are so concerned with our well-being that they can't stand it anymore to see us suffer...

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 01:50 PM
I agree unfortunately. IF they do decide to disclose information it will be filled with lies I'm sure. Either that or they will paint UFOs and ETs as a threat to the world. The Government likes to paint things they can't control as a "threat" even if they really aren't.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 02:30 PM
No amnesty to anyone.

If someone did a crime then they should do the time. I don't believe in a death sentence though because it is cruel and unethical, even more so than the original crime committed.

That said each case should be judged seperately and pardons given when appropriate. In other words the trials should be fair and balanced. The goal should be justice...not revenge.

As for full or partial disclosure I don't care. Also, I don't really care of the when apsect as long as it is done properly so that disclosure does not backfire on everyone.

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 03:43 PM

Originally posted by solarstorm
Where does your balance scale tip?
No amnesty, No disclosure or unconditional amnesty for complete disclosure?

Good question solarstorm, strrd, normally I would say no, definitely no amnesty and for all the known reasons.
But a knife cuts on two sides, so you must also ask yourself the question, what are the consequences of that point of view, and what good be the benefits for humanity if they get unconditional amnesty?
Can we really afford that first point of view?
Because look around and see what happens in this world?
Those momentarily hidden very advanced technologies can if in good hands of course change that dramatically.
So in my opinion it must be unconditional amnesty for complete disclosure.

Look if you want what Jim Sparks say about that.

interview with Jim Sparks

Two things. One is amnesty. Now this is not coming from Jim Sparks. This is coming from interaction with these beings over many years. Amnesty meaning that there are agencies that are sanctioned or not sanctioned, commonly refereed to as Black Ops, secret governments, secret clubs, call 'em whatever you might want, who have contractual interaction, human beings with non-human intelligent species and groups, who have developed in line with these creatures, technologies like free energy.

And these things need to be cut loose because we do have the global warming. We do have problems with the rain forest. We do have a problem with pollution in the ocean. And I can go on and on and on with our environmental woes. So these things need to be freed up. Now, in the eyes of these beings that are extremely intelligent and have a lot of experience and have made something very clear.
Create an amnesty vehicle where because there is a growing majority in this Black Op or secret government stuff that wants to come forward with this information and these technologies. Quite frankly, they don't wanna die bringing it forward. They don't want to be executed, they don't want to be charged, as unfortunately people have been discredited, murdered, maimed, for the sake of national security, innocent law-abiding citizens, many over the last particularly 40 to 60 years, 50 to 60 years, them coming forward in any way shape or form. Let's be practical here.

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 05:09 PM
My heart says hell no to amnesty. We're talking about forgiving people for murder on a massive scale. And I dont mean murdering a scientist to keep quiet. Many wars were fought over a black liquid substance it turns out we dont even need to provide energy.

My head says amnesty is necessary for full disclosure to happen. Self-preservation will mean we'd never have full open disclosure. Seeking revenge on the nazis didnt stop future wars so why apply punishment here ?

I understand why these people originally decided on keeping this secret. The Cold war was just starting. WW2 had just ended. We had no defense against their technology. Orson Wells radio broadcast "War of the Worlds" had cause widespread panic just a few years back. It certainly seemed necessary at the time.

However the powers that be within the govt lost control of the ufo project. It isnt in their power to "disclose" anything anymore. Disclosure would have to come from the private black op sector. This in turn would mean having to admit that someone other than our elected officials are really running the show.

These elite dont want the curtain pulled back to reveal their faces. The Rockefellers and Rothschild families like to remain in the background. Take a look at the annual Forbes Richest Person List...Bill Gates isnt worth 1% of what the Rockefeller / Rothschilds are but they arent complaining.

And what about the religious organizations that have had their hand in the proverbial pie ? Do the mormons, jesuits, vatican, etc want their followers to discover that they had more than saving souls on the agenda ?

Disclosure would mean more than just telling us the aliens have landed. It would also mean telling us that there really is a shadow govt running the show. Disclosure would mean that all elections for the past 50 years have been a fraud.

I think of disclosure this way....

You and I are prisoners in a massive jail. The guard has beaten you for years. The guard has stolen your mail and spit in your food.

Then one day an idea is proposed to grant all prisoners their freedom. Its likely the guards are going to oppose this decision because they fear retribution. We might never get our freedom.

Disclosure will only happen when amnesty is on the table.

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