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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 10:56 AM
This is greeat!

I think the first post was straight forward and well organised. I should make a print out of the best stuff on this thread and post it around town, or if not.. i'll go to my parents house and post it off the fridge. They're hard to get through to, but so is mostly every body.

You should see my recycling box, the amount of plastic I go through to at the moment just to get "healthy" drinking water... that is.. completely absent of flouride.

I find it hilarious when people tell me they don't drink water because "they don't like the taste". Water is a tasteless liquid man.. its just supposed to feel wet!..and taste like whatever is floating around in it.

And the real joke is... Distilled (flouride free)... costs signifigantly less at the grocery store.. Its like... c'mon and line up and pay 5 bucks to get your pool water! I tried drinking this tap water for a day.. i couldnt do it.. it was awful.

Anyways, thats water..

We're in a box man, once in a while one of us managed to climb the walls, and learn about the outside before they get brought back.

Theres negative brainwashing influences everywhere.. I notice that it I have a pretty good control of it if I stay focussed and aware of watching tv... i never do that..but when I do man.. I don't zone out.. I'm alert.. l study it, and its effects on me.

Education.. don't get me started on that conformity system.

Traffic... I never thought of that one.. but i've always known I've hated it.. it's always filled me with negative, stressful energy and thats why only NOW.. at 22 years of age am I giving in and learning to drive. Its a dirty, in-efficient system.

Money DOES most certainly limit movement.. or i'd be gone by now.. i would have seen a good chunk of the world. It does limit resources as well if you're not smart about it. That means resisting the "good food"..while not eating the terribly unhealthy stuff.

They don't make it easy just to live what I'd call a PAR life.. stable, neutral.. i don't ask for much... but I don't want to be a prisoner.

Great post.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 11:42 AM
If we serve one awareness and that awareness is written about in a book claimed to be divinely inspired, than we are covenanted by a bi-polar jealous oneness who demands we worship no other and declares itself creator of good and evil.

It appears this particular document shows the ways of the one and what it expects of its servants. Which is a show of emotion, killing, murdering, annihilation, assimilation, jealousy, love, hate and all the rest of emotional states we have in the dark arsenal of life.

There are times I swear the human being is nothing but a play thing for some super intelligence wishing to feel our emotional states of being. This force behind us seems to control every situation for an outcome that only it may know why it happens in such an order.

One thing for sure, it loves man pitted against man and the color red spilling everywhere. I wonder though, if the patriarch of dirt and his matriarch of bone had not eaten the green pill in the garden, what would it have been like than.

Btw, I have no religion since it is a tool of the elite to control fools from realizing the truth. I do believe that if you are onto the ones game and it knows you know, well than you have a better chance of getting out of the reincarntion trap.

See my sig, know the truth........

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 05:28 PM
the titor experience:
Excellent points as well. Formal Education most definitely plays a major role.

I was thinking about asking the Mods to allow the first two posts of this thread to remain editable. I could use the first one to add in the additional points from the thread in bullet format. The second post could be used for an expanded version of it. The names of those collaborating would be added as co-authors. Not sure about the idea though, what's everyone think?

Oh no, that's the right question to ask. They do not feed off the positive energy and that's a way to ween them off of you. We just simply stop feeding them. If the energy they expend to keep you producing begins to outweigh the energy they are getting, then they are forced to change strategies. When they reach the end of their strategies and the point of diminished returns is reached, they are forced to move on. For most people, general societal programming is enough, whereas those humans that have sold out keep the fear going (like the MSM for instance). But there are those that are figuring it out and they become a threat. They may be given more individualized attention depending on the level of their energy producing abilities.

Yes, it is human nature, now. It is learned behavior. I am in no way absolving humanity's part. I think it should be looked at objectively. There's one thing that kinda bugs me though, that I find is another example of pervasive programming. It's often stated that "We are this" or "We are that", usually in reference to 'warlike' and other not too pretty ideas. But reality actually paints a much different picture given the wide enough perspective. Out of all the people on the planet how many are actually fighting? And how many of those want to be fighting? I'm willing to bet that it's actually a very small percentage of overall society that really wants to go out and kill others. Most people just want to live, have a family, have enough food, have some good friends, and enjoy some of their life.

I'm not saying that humans could not or would not have come up with these coarse emotions. But I think trully, the questions about our true nature should be more personal. If everyone on earth was given the absolute truth of existence, there would still be those that choose to enslave others for self gain. So it really comes down to who we each are personally. I know that by nature I am not prone to hurting others. Most everyone I know is the same way. And looking at general human behavior, outside of the MSM programming of always showing our bad side, most everyone I see is generally good natured. Going further still, I think that we possess the ability to be the darkest entities imaginable or the shine brighter than the sun.

And that brings us to the point of the physical realm. How do we choose to interact with existence? Choosing the dark path will lead to a point where the energy needed to maintain survivability is cut off to the point where that energy is needed from others. The coarse energy is always sought for self which clogs the "pipe" so-to-speak. The finer energy, the "good" energy as we say, is given freely. Therefore, it doesn't block the infinite flow from within. The more "good" energy that's given the more that can come through.

The grand conspiracy is not all inclusive, only very pervasive. Humans, as free-will potential gods, are not nor could never be completely controlled. They must trick us into limiting ourselves; defining ourselves.

In the end though, it comes down to knowing yourself. Are you by nature an evil creature that seeks only self pleasure at the expense of others? Are the rules of society the only thing holding you back from going on a murderous rampage? When you are around others, are you constantly plotting to take advantage of them, be they family or strangers?

Those are great questions, abelievingskeptic. And an excellent contribution to the thread.

Indeed, that is the purpose of this thread. Thank you for the concise clarification.

I like that song, we want your soul. In one sense, I agree with your statement of difficulty. However, after looking at things from many different perspectives, I've come to find for myself that the difficulty is the best component for growth. This change in thought also allowed for a clearer view which increased my ability to see more opportunities for spiritual growth.

Diet was mentioned, but feel free to add. Yes, the consumption of flesh, excellent point. That wasn't specifically mentioned. That's a deep rooted one there and quite possibly very important.

Thanks for sharing. I would have to agree. I think it's one of The major components to this. The mind must be free. But I think it must also be healthy. The Neo-Tech material called the mind disease, mysticism. They stated the roots to the disease are laziness and dishonesty with self and others. This is something I have found to be accurate when doing self study and it appears to be common among others, as far as I can tell from observations.

"The cloud is blocking the sun." No, it's not. The cloud is completely incapable of that. But that lazy speech keeps our perspective limited. That sentence isn't a big deal. The problem is that our thoughts and speech, again from what I have seen, are not held to scrutiny. How often do we lie to ourselves?

Freeing the mind, to me, is of utmost importance. Here are a few things I had down for this thread but didn't add because they didn't quite fit the flow yet.

- The mind is infinite (in potential) since there is nothing any of us are incapable of thinking of.
- Existence is also infinite (in potential).
- The Mind and Existence are interlaced as one. Mind-Existence forms ME. The mind being the matrix where existence is born with neither ever trully being separate.

And well, while in the flow here, I'll add a few more things I had written on the thread but didn't post.

- Each zero point has infinite expansion potential.
- As awareness, you are the very fabric of existence and individually possess the ability to expand infinitely.
- The universe is nothing more than a grand illusion meant to prompt curiosity and facilitate existential maturity.

Great post yourself and more excellent points.

Yes. When you are able to see the patterns of energy exchange (even without aural sight), it's not something you can switch off. In fact, it becomes more pronounced. Situations fit patterns and are seen played out over and over. Watching yourself when interacting with others (humans do feed off this energy) is quite interesting. I think it's a viable study, seeing how people try to produce an emotional state in you and then seeing their reactions to you subtilely blocking their attempts. Or catching yourself trying to get emotional food from others. The statement "misery loves company", gains new depth to it's meaning. Those humans that are now addicted to the coarse energy will find their own ability to produce it becomes less and less. They will need to get it from others more and more. Eventually, they will be at the stage in evolution of our 'gatekeepers'. They will need to enslave lower life forms in order to survive.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 08:03 PM
More on frequency control, brainwashing.

It seems like every...if not 80% of movies where there is conflict between people.. that is, a movie where there is a very "bad" man.. Don't you find it interesting that they pretty much always kill them off? A lot of the time it doesn't even fit with the plot well, or it doesn't give much closure. A lot of the time it isn't even imaginative, rather they just try to make it as brutal as possible. I know they do it because they like to make you mad the whole movie, so they can give you that gratification when mr. "Bad Guy" gets kicked into a wood chipper! As if the only way to deal with a problematic person/thing, is to destroy it.

It's all about the little things, you don't know how they brainwash you unless you look for them. Watching movies is a good study of this.

And music... hell, thats a huge one.. it influenced my a lot when I was younger.. but I thought it was all positive.. It made me feel good to listen to..but it re-inforced / created hate for certain things around me.

Let me say.. an effective brainwash is when people don't know they are brainwashed, they don't even think it for a second.

You gotta keep the senses sharp and the mind analyzing. If we are to escape the prison, we need to know everything about it.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 08:11 PM
I was thinking, do you think video games should go up as well. I admit, i was a Game Jockey at one point, but i sold my 360 a while ago. I was thinking, there is so many violent games out now(And the rating system is laughable, so many ways to bypass it:lol
, do you think that contributes to the Violent Society, and if so, then that would be part of the huge Conspiracy.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by darcon

Therese 2 sides to this...

1... you hear people say... well it lets them get their violent urges out in a non-violent way...

2.... They only have these violent urges because of influences!

You can call it human nature if you want, but i'll tell you this.. I don't have the urge to hurt anyone, I never have, nor do I want to/feel I need to use violence to satisfy some animal bloodlust.

I think I always liked fighting / violence more because of the art to it. Martial Arts for one, thats just beautifully awesome.. its the skill and moves that make it appealing. And you have to admit theres an artistic appeal to other violence, here I'll give an example..

Your watching a movie... a big canon shoots a missile... a powerful sound and gust of smoke and fire propell it, you follow it as is soars through the air, making you feel like your flying with it.. It finally hits something, causing the object to burst into a million pieces, rubble, fire, smoke, its a brilliant display.

In that respect... I used to appreciate war games.. but you could compare it to fireworks... and aren't those pretty harmless? Aren't they just for show?

Theres an artistry to everything that makes it more appealing. A beauty, to the savage act.. making us eventually like it, then crave it even.

It just depends on how you let it affect you. Personally.. if I see 2 people even push each other around in anger, I get a whole range of emotions. I feel saddened by the whole act. That seems to be the way it goes... when people fight you either love it or hate it. "You're screaming yaa kill him!" or you're trying to break it up.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 08:57 PM
here is a thread started by sky floating that might fit relatively well into what you have goin on here

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 10:23 PM

Originally posted by Shar_Chi
Did someone mention diet? Among obvious factors at work in maintaining the illusion such as water fluoridation, genetic modification, and plain over-processing, there is another system at work.

In particular, our participation in the consumption of flesh implies consent to the cycle of suffering. I don't understand the specific mechanism, but my life experience tells me consuming flesh serves to lower overall consciousness and perception of a greater reality. I think it has something to do with the principle of practising compassion leading to spiritual growth.

I could go on. Sorry to raise the same old points, so I'll leave it at that.

indeed, its a system I have a hard time getting off. I try to stick to fish and any meat I usually eat is well, in the form of pepperoni or something to that degree. I just don't find it appealing eating a big chicken thigh, or steak. Not one bit.

I need to get better at cooking with meat alternatives.

Diet is deffinately a huge one. C'mon like.. a big plate of steak and potatos? what a joke... that will suck the energy right out of ya. Just think about the density of what you just packed back and think about how hard your body has to work to break that down.

They want us tired man... Always tired, so they can hook us on drinks..whatever else..

We're having a big problem at my workplace right now because the boss man wants us to work full 8 hour shifts.. We explain to him that we get our 8 hours of work done in 3 hours.. and that we aren't given much more to do..further more... we will not do anymore because we have in the past...whatever we thought would get us something of a raise or pat on the back and instead we got nothing. - That was a bit of my work rant but my point is... I think a lot of people can get their days work done in half the time!

You think about this system we have man... ok, i'll give you a run-down on a typical daily routine of brainwashing / breaking down of the human spirit..

You wake up.. TO AN ALARM CLOCK.. this horribly disrupts your sleep cycle and you notice the effects of it if you pay attention to these things...
You get dressed... putting on clothes your forced to wear/ not comfortable with.. depending on who you are...some people like playing a role..for others who knows...confidence problems for one.. they might feel silly wearing the work uniform.

They chug a coffee...who knows whats in it..depending on where you got the coffee... we don't need to say though.. its not natural, and I find it wakes me up..but my brain isn't as sharp. - Thats like coffee from like Tim Hortons...or your starbucks.

Ok so already we're in a pretty crappy mood.. before we left the house we problem saw the news... oh look..more lies and useless stuff I didn't need to know, ...and hey..look, a couple commercials...they are showing me some products I don't need...but I want... Maybe if I work over-time I can afford it.


Ha, i'm just gunna split this up cuz it could go long and i don't want people to lose interest because of the post size.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 10:36 PM
^ ^ ^ - Continued from my post above..

Ok so maybe you take the subway to work.. don't those send out negative ions or something, that affects your mood as well? Everyone on the subway looks so damn depressed, I try to radiate a good mood, in hopes that it will spread.

Ok so you get to work... you get herded like sheep, bumping into each other with little regard for curtousy...but this is understood, its culturally acceptable..because no'one wants to be late for work! - whatever man.

Your so un-aware of whats going on at this point that you're just going with the flow... you notice your all trying to pile through one door when you realise there are 4 other ones that are empty..maybe its the first time you ever saw them...

Ok I'll skip the part where your at work.. everyones job is different, you know very well about the negative influences in your work environment.

Ok so...guess what... its been 3 hours since you woke up and scrambled your brain... you worked for 8 hours at the least... it might take you another 2 hours just to get might need to pick something up on the way home as well.

You get home... You have like an hour - 2 of even some work at home... take care of your kids or whatever responsibilities you have.. That leads you... out of a full 24 hour day.. like 2 hours to yourself...and what do you do with them? You watch the propaganda box !(television).. I know its screen refresh rate or high pitch ringing just dulls my brain.. it makes it relaxing..thus so hard to turn off.. You ever notice you'll turn the tv, just to not even watch it? You turn down the volume and read or do something, but you have the tv on... Think about that ones...

Ok so anyways.. a bit of tv is all you have of your free time...then you sleep, where your mind tries to undo the daily damage.

I can understand why people are the way they are... given this system I'll illustrated here. People are wound so tight because they don't know any better.. they feel trapped.

Myself.... I work for 3 - 4 hours... I'm home at noon!... I have...10 - 11 hours to myself and they are ALL constructive... I try to make sure of that. As I type right now I'm losing sleep because I know this is constructive and hopefully helpful, and that makes it all worth while.

Seriously though... a thread like this should be pinned to the main page to keep reminding us. Just by simply being aware, we can vastly improve our lives..and each others

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 10:50 PM
One last note...

I work 3 - 4 hours day...and get paid about 1/4th of the office workers I work around. Considering my days are relatively stress free and that I have 5 - 10x more free time then them (my guess)... I consider myself to be pretty that respect.

And whats the point of accumulation of wealth anyway? Everyone keeps telling me to buy into this, set up an account with the bank to do this... bla bla bla... worries worries worries.. I know people who are 35 who are frantically trying to save money for retirement!

Why do people wait until they are 65 to start living their life? It's the system man.. and its damn sad.

LIVE DAMMIT, LIVE!!! If you're job sucks.. QUIT! Mine does.. but the pros outweigh the cons, and i'm trying to establish a career making art.. That means... freedom! free of the chains, free from the slave galley which is society.. but don't worry guys I'll try to bring you all with me.

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 01:19 PM
More good points darcon and cavemanDD. Movies, TV, and video games certainly. If nothing else, they can desensitize us to some of the cruelest acts. How much they contribute to violence in society I just don't know.

Nice rant cavemanDD. That is the story of our quiet desperation.

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by OmniVersal

Thanks, although it was filled with spelling mistakes! I don't care to spell check things. I really should.

I was gunna add another point but I can't recall what it was. Ahh everyones already covered the major important ones.

The good thing about threads like this is.. we're talking about brainwashing.. and as long as we talk about it, think about it.. we become aware of it, and that may just be enough to weaken its effects.

I've come to realise today that I have a caffiene addiction, and that I need a coffee to function... i tell myself it's because it would just make things easier to have that extra boost but...

And I need an energy drink just to work on my art. This is a terrible system we're on. I have only myself to blame for the use of stimulants. But if I slept the regular amount I'm sure I could shake it. I'm healthy enough that I have natural energy...

I take a centrum forte... mutli-vitamin - multi-mineral... i know that some things get cancelled out by each other through chemical processes in those pills, but what i wanna know is how much they are really affecting us.

Honestly.. for all I know it could be chalk.

Its hard to get minerals though and I'll take what opportunity I have to get them. Food contains so little or even no minerals. Minerals are VERY important to living a healthy life. I can't think of anyone who actually tries to get them... but then I think.. no body gets the propper minerals...and so maybe thats why everyones getting so damn old and sick before they should be.

I was reading something a long time ago, I can't remember the website.. But they were talking about how some cultures have natural mineral water, and because of this, it's not uncommon for them to live past 100 years old.

Minerals are essential! I don't care about longevity but I want to be healthy and decently fit when I'm an old man.

You have to take a close look at this one... such things like mineral defficiencies are causing the people in our society to break down to like a machine that hasn't seen any maintainance. How long do you think it will be before you break down? You may be healthy now, but your probably already seeing the signs, yet are un-aware of them because they happen gradually over time.


posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by abelievingskeptic

what a genius
forgot to post the link. but it is a good thread. it was one of the first threads that attracted me to ats'

posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 02:56 AM
Now you see if the wolrd was run by people like the O.P, there would be no worries. YOU should run for some form of political ideal, the title would be something along the lines of "truthocracy".

I am in awe. People like you inspire people like me to not only question our reality, but to actually research and detail our findings, so that when the other 90 or so percent of the world population awakes (and they will), us apprentices if you like can pass on the knowledge.

If I could kiss you I would. Spread the love brother/sister. Spread the love.


posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 03:22 PM
Absolutely CavemanDD. I can already see the signs of physical breakdown. It's a dastardly plan to keep our life expectancy down and to keep us always feeling less than optimal. Then we get into doctors, the health care industry, and insurance. It's a cryin' shame really.

Wow watchZEITGEISTnow, that's quite a compliment. Indeed, if I ran the world, I'd feel the responsibility for each human alive. I wouldn't just feel responsible for their physical lives but also their spiritual evolutions.

It is up to us, though. Not necessarily to try to change the world or even to escape from it. But to shine from the center of who we are, giving silent permission to others to do the same.

Edit to Add: Thanks for the link abelievingskeptic. Skyfloating is indeed a keeper of the light. A profession anyone can choose. But it comes with the cost of, as Skyfloating put it, being "in the minority". It also comes with the responsibility to keep that spark going no matter what. The job is anti-dogmatic and never seeks followers. It can't concern itself too much with specifics like how many alien races play blackjack or how many angels it takes to make a 'flock'. The job is to simply point out another route; a different angle. A broader perspective. One that includes everything in the equation. Unification instead of separation.

[edit on 28-3-2008 by OmniVersal]

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