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Unknown Entity Collides With Car [20 sec Video]

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 05:24 PM
But it appeared out of nowhere, must be fast flying squirrels.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 01:56 PM
Intriguing video to say the least.

I think we should maybe adress a couple practical questions that I have not seen brought up.

I would have a remark before asking those questions though. As someone said previously, watching the video without the sound is interesting. The sound distracts you from certain elements. There is something that I find very odd. When the car arrives at the bridge, you can see the driver doing a strange motion with his hand, three times. It looks like he snaps his fingers three times to me, but this is my interpretation. Could it be some sort for him to make sure of his "timing" because the "contact"? I would also note that the camera "conveniently" pan to the left a tad before the impact, putting the windshield (and the zone where the "object" appears) off-frame. Yeah I'm putting myself in a "debunker stance there" but those are legitimate remarks.

My practical questions would be:
- How could such footage be uploaded to Youtube? Not that I would deem it impossible, but that's a long way, neh?
If we are talking about a real car accident, it would suppose the tape to be somewhat intact (add that to the "why the hell were they videotaping that anyway?"... not impossible, but surely a bit unlikely). I guess the police would have retrieved it, possibly viewed it. And I also assume the police would have given it back to relatives, at most. There's not dozens of way this footage could circulate around.
As usual, the lack of background information is very suspect: would the people that put that on Youtube got the footage from a relative, I would have expected a detailed account (where and when did the friggin thing took place?).

- A question directed towards a video specialist: sure a the very end there are some frames that would indicate the car did indeed "roll" or "crash", however the "static", "jumps" and "interference" seems like a good way of hiding cut points in the edit. The "accident" is mostly suggested through a succession of very short clips that could be "faked" (as pointed above, the first one of those seems to involve the camera holder shaking the camera more than anything).

And the various comments about the windshield not breaking (in either the collision nor the "crash") are also spot on.

Bottom line is that there are too many pointers that this is some sort of hoax. It is pretty well done for what it is (Doesn't seem like an obvious CGI job), a shock video, but it indeed look very staged...

As for the nature of the EBE, my bet would be on...

There is also a blurred credit at the top right: TV Bvbo or Bybo (possibly?). A quick look at Google was to no avail, but still...

[edit on 15-4-2008 by Laeke]

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 02:17 PM

Originally posted by Alxandro
NOTE: Rearview mirror orientation with respect to road barriers means the tires are still on the road and camera still INSIDE the vehicle

Another reason why it looks like a hoax:
The rear view mirror in this shot is different that the one in the beginning of the vid. There was a black sticker or something on the windsheild behind the mirror while they were driving. It's possible that the "roll sequence" was from a different car.

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