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Hillary self-destructs

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posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 08:11 PM

Hillary self-destructs

The Hillary and Bill Clinton scorched-earth strategy of laying waste to Obama, or his supporters like Bill Richardson, is going to backfire among those in the only constituency who can put Hillary in the saddle. The super delegates.
These people are professional politicians, officials and operatives who are horrified that the Clintons et Co. are producing negative soundbytes which will become fodder for the McCain side come the real contest in the fall.
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 08:11 PM
This story courtesy of SteveR who brought it to my attention. Thanks again Steve

It seems the Clintonistas are losing ground here over negative political attacks. Obama has not stooped to their level as he knows he'll win without such help.

The Clintons have no shame and will stop at nothing to gain the democratic primary win.

Now Bill is putting himself before party again, as is the Clinton team, by ruthlessly dissing Obama. Within hours after his good “friend” Bill Richardson defected to Obama’s team, Bill mused aloud that only McCain and Hillary were candidates who truly loved the U.S.

It seems the Clintons are painting Obama as the "bad guy" here. The additional thread I posted mentions how the Clintons are friends with McCain.

No matter which side we vote for, America is pretty much screwed. I will vote for Obama if only to keep the Clintons and McCains of the world out of the white house.

These people have really lost it and are hell bent on their power trip. Not again Clintons, not again.

It was clearly a churlish remark by a guy who had courted Richardson and employed him in his cabinet and as an ambassador in a couple of countries. Then on Easter a Hillary attack dog likened Richardson to Judas who sold out his loyalty for 30 pieces of silver.

Nice one. So you sell potential friends out before they get a chance. The Clinton family make me sick. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

How can you compare Richardson to Judas? They're not even in the same category.

Ok. I guess I'll start comparing Hillary to the whore of babylon and Bill the antichrist.

Richardson said this even before the Clintons attacked him, and certainly makes a lot of sense:

He said that the fighting must stop and Hillary must cease and desist in favor of Obama because he was a “once in a lifetime leader”.

In all likelihood, if we see the Clintons win again, we're not going to have another decent President for years and years, if at all.

I see Hillary giving the death blow to the democratic party, much like Bush ruined the GOP.

Politicians are pretty good these days at ruining the country. I wonder why?

Could it be because they sold us down the river and serve their own private interest groups?

No...Couldn't be?

Politicians don't have America's best interest in mind? I'm mind-boggled.

I am absolutely astounded at the conclusion I just came to.

This quote sums up my feelings pretty nicely:

Short of a Hail Mary Pass, the Clintons are digging themselves an early, and permanent, party grave. More super delegates are going to follow Richardson’s lead even if Hillary pulls off Pennsylvania on April 22.
National polls, after a rough week for Obama, have them tied and he is gaining again at her expense. But Obama has 730,000 more votes and 131 more super delegates than her and has it bagged even if she wins everything else in huge numbers.
(visit the link for the full news article)

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