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Relative Nature - Greater than the Speed of Light - Fulcrum point - life and more

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posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 04:53 PM
First off - introduction -
Yes this is a bit basic but very deep.
I've been wanting to write a book with my views for some time. I am not a pro scientist, I rarely ever go to church, I love life.

Disclaimer - There may be some redundant repetition in this writing and may seem little long.

1 - Creation and division. Time and space. Perception is a sum of all of these.

Science and religion are married. They are perfect. They are one. Science is religion and religion is science.
Science is a beauty that has been created. The creator may be called God and religion is for all intensive purpose a practice. Religion celebrates science and science celebrates religion. Religion exists because science proves it and science exist because the nature of religion supports it. Religion is a word that belongs to everyone. Religion can mean many things and is also practiced in churches. In fact its nature but what for? Because of science. Why? because of religion and so on. This can go much further but I wanted to start out....well in the beginning. Basically Science is probably the only fun thing for a priest these days. Jokes aside science is a deep term. A man of faith is just the man to enjoy a waterfall. He knows the ways and is content. A man like that probably does accept the nature of science and actually does embrace it. Yes the water falls down because of science and the fruits bloom because of the elements of light and H2O. Now for a content man that can be enough and frankly I admire that. A man of science may also understand that water will fall and so on. Religion and Science.

Now, on we go.

- Relative nature.
Lets for sake of explanation start with now.
Everything has a common denominator whatever it may be. Science dictates that that is so. This common denomination is the link of everything.

That being so relative nature will now show us how we can travel faster then the speed of light, understand new dimension, invite other life from our universe, permit our traveling and much more.

- In theory relative nature is that there is a relative fixed point while everything else is moving. This fixed point can also change but the physics are. This relative fixed point can be anywhere. The fixed point is the fulcrum of all things. This is how we may have anything in common with anything at all. However this may or may not matter. We will come back to this.

- At a fixed point in orbit.
Say we are in orbit fixed on the great pyramid of Egypt. (;^)
Not up, not down, left or right but further from it. (;^) Being left or even "up" in orbit is relative to our selves as earthlings. So here we are in orbit relative to our solar system. Now if there was a straight line drawn from the center of our planet indicating our planets placement in our solar system we can determine our relative speed with the earth around her axis. Basically depending on the distance from our pyramid and earths rotation. So relative to these factors if we are in a low orbit we are traveling a bit faster then Earths 1000 mph. However relative to Earth we are suspended .....above the Pyramid. Now we are also traveling at 67,000 mph around the Sun. The Sun orbits the milky way traveling at about 486,000 mph. So we are moving really fast through the galaxy. So now lets keep going. Lets say we thrust out to Mars. Obviously our Space exploring divisions calculates these measurements but lets say we do line up our calculations and trajectories and get very close to the Martian solar orbital path. Mars is traveling at 54779.83 mph around the Sun. If we were to head straight from Earth, stay in the solar orbit, create a new point of reference such as the Sun which would mean we would no longer be fixed on the pyramid and head further towards the Martian solar orbital path we could compensate for Earths rotation of 1000 mph. That would leave us sitting with Earth and rotating around the Sun and then proceed to The martian Orbital path. If we go straight in theory or rather if we keep going we would then be in the Martian orbit traveling at approx 101373 mph. around the sun. 46594 mph faster than Mars. The equivalent of being on a carousel where the center would be the sun, the outside would be traveling faster. Now I know this is not entirely how its done and my figures are certainly approximate it is however to show and explain my realization.

So we know we are going fast. Say we want to land on Mars. We may be moving faster than Mars according to my basic scenario calculations. We may be moving faster. The point is that we did not generate that speed conventionally. Our speed would be a sum of our -existing orbit around the sun relative to the Martian Solar orbit. Hence we might have to slow down more than twice the amount of speed then we started with (how are we gonna do that??) all the while we in our ship actually never went technically relative to our selves faster at all. Basically imagine relative to Earth we are traveling 1000 mph in the opposite direction of Earths 1000 mph rotation ....essentially de-orbiting. We are now fixed to the Sun as reference and with Earth in orbit around the Sun but not in orbit around Earth. We continue onward towards Mars in a straight line. When we get there lets say we are still orbiting around the Sun with Earth yet we are in the path of Mars. We would be traveling about 50000 mph faster around the Sun then our neighboring planet.

Now do we speed up or do we slow down? Well we can do either.
That is part of my point. It is relative. Since we are now going faster than Mars we can go in front of it, turn around and speed up. Or we can go in front of it and slow down. When you realize this you realize that this is basic stuff that you already know. I have to include it though.

Bare with me.

The good stuff.
We are traveling through the universe on Earth, unmanned to Mars, towards the Sun...all over the place and very quickly just as there are other systems out there traveling all over the place and the ones on the other side are moving in the opposite direction passing us although far away still passing us at very high speeds. We are all in a big system.

Here's an example. You drive west and you see the Sun set. You drive for hours. Relative to the Sun not once are you going forwards. Try telling me that when I'm driving to LA and I'm looking for a hotel and its getting late...Anyway.

I think it goes deeper though. Lets say an ET seeks out new life. Lets say there Solar System is moving at 1000000 mph and they come here they will have to slow WAY down for our system. ...
So so many life forms are all moving at different speeds and I believe we all need to find our common relative nature for us to interact. If visitors come and they think and they can theoretically that we are moving at such and such velocity and we disagree then we would conceive them as wrong and that they may fear that and vice versa. We all may have a hard time adjusting to other forms of velocity that is relative to unknown points as well which can maybe phsycially be challenging. To improve this if I am correct would be to understand that we all have a connection to the center which technically exists and that may be the true reference of relativity.

Think about this...What is true zero speed in space?? How can you reference that. Well I think it is part dream state, extra dimensional, religious maybe, I do know that we all have it. We are all relative to one or another. So I guess its all good.

In science though it opens doors. Here's one. Because of my views on relativity this should make perfect sense.

One craft travels away from its planet (planet A) at half the speed of light of course relative to its starting point and another craft on a planet (planet B) travels 100 mph under half the speed of light and the two craft pass each other. Well the sum is 100mph less than the speed of light, but what if the second crafts planet (planet B) is traveling towards the first craft at 500mph. Then the two should pass at a speed greater then the speed of light....

Even better. What if the second craft which is now traveling 400mph greater then half the speed of light... approaches a planet, (planet C) that is traveling at only 200mph greater than half the speed of light relative to the starting point on the second crafts starting planet (planet B). Theoretically the second craft could enter the atmosphere and would have to compensate the faster speed of 200 mph that it is going by slowing down to where the craft lands....Now the craft and the planet are moving at 200mph greater than half the speed of light relative to the starting planet (Planet B) because the craft slowed down to the planet. all the while the craft is just parked looking at the sky. Then the first craft from (Planet A) does a fly-by in the opposite direction of the 2nd craft and planet (planet C). The first craft would have flown by faster then the speed of light by 200mph.

Anyways I posted some of my views here because I think they need to be spread out. I'm not a great writer and it would take so long to get to "The Book" although I'm gonna try. Also I am a musician and that is a love for me. I really just want to play music with people for the people..and animals..beings..

I have been asked and advised to write my views many times from friends so here is a beginning. I do feel that the purpose is for everyone. These thoughts usually come quickly as I think they do for everyone so it can be difficult to get them documented. This is a good start and it is an early draft.

Here is another Mathematical question that left me sweating for hours. I believe the answer encompasses science and religion even on a spiritual plane. Here is the question: What is infinity minus one?

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posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by Stella Lotus

What is infinity minus one?

Easy. Infinity minus one is the greatest prime number.

posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 05:28 PM

Originally posted by Akareyon

Originally posted by Stella Lotus

What is infinity minus one?

Easy. Infinity minus one is the greatest prime number.

Pretty good. However wouldn't that specify that one number greater than the greatest prime number pre-existed nulling that fact?

Thank you Akareyon and to anyone taking the time to read through..Thank you.

Also the infinity minus one question to me is a bit of a trick question. I don't want to peeve the mathematicians.

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 04:57 PM
Creation was made for people to smarten up.
When they didn't do too well the Truth came along to help.
There is a lot of ground work already done by experts to help us.

I found most solutions can be found and not going into details
of your post you sound satisfied.

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 10:35 AM

Originally posted by Akareyon

Originally posted by Stella Lotus

What is infinity minus one?

Easy. Infinity minus one is the greatest prime number.

Infinity -1 = infinity.

Lets try to imagine infinity as a numerical sequence. 1+2+3+4+5+6... = infinity
Infinity -1 = 1+(-1)+2+3+4+5+6... -> 2+3+4+5+6... = infinity.

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