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Oil, its slowly sucking away all our money and sending it where?

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posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 11:48 AM
I think billions of dollars a year are slowly being funneled outside our hurting economy into other countries. We are being robbed blind as we stand at the gas pump in shock at $3.87 a gallon gas.

You have two jars of pennies and each day you take a little from one and put it in the other. Those pennies aren’t coming back. Every gallon of gas you buy, you can wave goodbye to part of your little gross domestic product you earned for your country and watch it sail away into someone else’s.

Our economy is hurting and we spend billions and billions of dollars on fuel. At least if that money were being put back into Americans pockets it wouldn’t be that bad because the money would stay in our economy, giving us more buying power.

The East India Tea Company robbed millions of dollars from India sending it back to Britain. What about taxation without representation? Someone found another way to take our money, and this time they were very clever about it. I will not fall victim to OPEC’s legerdemain.

We need to start thinking about alternative fuels and find away to keep all that money we spend on gas in our own economy.

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