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younger generation believers...with experiences

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posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 07:26 AM
If credit collapses and nobody can get credit, then truck drivers can not get fuel, unless they have a few thousand cash on them all the time.

So, if truck drivers can't, well, truck! Then food will not get to the supermarket. If food doesn't get to the supermarket, then people are just three meals away from anarchy.

BUt, I was a tad, er, under the weather when I wrote the above post - I don't even remember writing it :/

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 10:43 AM
Hi, I was searching around trying to find information on what my son experienced and also my mum when she was a child. I came across this post and thought I'd share both of their experiences and ask for any comments.

First, my son is 9 now but when he was very young (under 5) he started talking about a 'crocodile man' that came through his bedroom wall and tried to make him go with him, back through a hole in the wall. It really frightened him but at first I just put it down to nightmares.

When crocodile man started visiting more often I told my son to never go with the crocodile man and to always call me if he needed me. I also smudged his bedroom and placed some crystals around the room and under his bed. Crocodile man never returned.

Like I said earlier, at first I put it down to nightmares but I know my mum used to have mysterious animal type visitors when she was younger and she always swore they were real and not dreams/nightmares. Her visitors had bodies of humans and then things like an over exagerated fluffy rabbit's head. As a child they terrified her and even now she doesn't ever go to bed without my dad and she's terrified of the dark. She's also very insistent that aliens/beings from other worlds exist but she won't read about other people's experiences incase they say any of the things she's experienced because then that would mean she'd have to face up to having really having visitors and she prefers to ignore it.

As an adult she thinks her visitors were maybe trying to potray themselves as something that a child could relate to - as in a cute fluffy bunny. However, it didn't work and just frightened her. There's a lot of other stuff that she says happened but she refuses to discuss it. She got very scared when I told her about crocodile man, visiting my son, and she suggested the crystals (smudging was my idea).

My son is also terrified of the dark and hates to sleep in his bedroom alone. He shares with my other son so that's not really a problem unless my other son is away on a sleep over or camping with the scouts. He does sleep in his room alone but only with the light on.

I've never experienced any kind of visitors but have had quite a few spiritual experiences and am very interested in ancient history, tarot, magic, etc.

Anyone else experience anything like my son or mum?

The house she grew up in backed on to open fields and she used to think she remembered the visitors chasing her across the fields.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:23 PM
Hi guys, just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing. This thread got pretty quiet. Anything new?

Not much going on here. I've had a couple vivid dreams in the past few weeks but, other than that, everything is kinda on the calm side of things.

Hope everyone is doing okay, regardless of the current chaos that is America right now.


posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:49 PM

I'm a guy, 26 years old at present time. When I read the first post I feel exactly the same way.

1. I feel like something BIG is going to happen, it is kind of a feeling of restlessness, but I can't put my finger on what it is. I have tried to "catch" the emotion by analyzing what I did before I got it, but there doesn't seem to be a pattern to when I suddenly get the feeling.

2. People around me seem to be occupied by things that are unimportant, like what color their next ipod should be, that a game is soon for release or going out to drink and get laid. I do feel like I'm "higher" than everyone else. Not in a belitteling way, but I see things people do and care about, and just feels like we are not connected what so ever. It is sort of like I crave for a "true" connection with people, but get turned off when they start speaking about trivial things which are on their minds.

All of these things might have something to do with what I experienced when I was between 13-18 years old. Last time it happened I was eighteen, and as I stated earlier I'm now 26.

I have been lying in my bed, suddenly I got totally paralyzed then a buuuuuuzing sound came in my ears. Not a sound like you can "hear", but as if it resided in your ears. I felt a huge push on my chest and on several occations I was literally lifted up into the air and floated above my head. - I never got to open my eyes. One time when this happened I came, meaning something made me have an orgasm.

Obviously these incidents made me afraid, and haunted me through my teenage years, however I found out about night terrors which explained the phenomenon and I settled with that.

Until recently that is. The feeling of "something big" didn't dissapear, but lately I have been checking out various information on alien abduction, seeking the truth behind the worlds power structure etc, and the feeling is gone, but replaced with an awakened feeling and a wish to inform and wake up others. - Like it was some kind of ... plan all along...

I recommend watching "U.F.O DISCLOSURE PROJECT" on YouTube, in my opinion that two hour seminar is at least proof that there are Aliens on planet Earth.

- I'm not saying I was abducted, but I see it as a plausible explanation. I never expect to find out what really happened through those years, but like all of us, I believe our personality is shaped and formed by our experiences so there is no doubt that these incidents have made me the curious and searching person I am today.

Thank you for your attention.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by Mayan Pilot

Heya mayan, good to see you back. Nothing has really been going on with me. I've noticed that my lack of socialness was contributing to my negative view of the world. A lot of things I felt were to come have not yet come but may?!? I still have that waiting for something feeling but I think its also correlated that my psyche is tired of me waiting for something and its trying to tell me to quit waiting and get moving... push forward. Im wasting my time might be a better way of saying it. Who knows. Its good to see ya back tho.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 09:14 AM
i never saw an alien, what i did saw where 2 ufo sightings.
1 i was alone.. it was triangular, tried to make pictures but back in 2002 the camera's where sh*t...

the other one happened in day time, around 2005. My neighbour rang the door, and yelled of a strange shapeshifting craft in the sky.
We looked trough a binocular and it was very weird. It was indeed shapeshifting. We couldnt take pictures, cuz it was really far away and then u would only saw a dot.

i've been intrigued by aliens and ufo's since my childhood.. I've experienced 2 weird nights.
1) We were on holiday with my family. Oen night i woke up, and i noticed my face was very wet, also some1 was standing by my bed. But instead of fear i became calm and went back to sleep. I was 12 or something. Next morning my face was dry, but i can still remember to this day something was covering my face like a lotion or something.

2) I was 20 years, at home. I sleep very light, and i woke but couldnt move (sleep paralys?) I always have the need to sleep with my face facing the wall... So i couldnt move, and i tried to scream. I remember i wanted to scream for my mom (
) but i couldnt.
Also i began to hear sounds behind me, just like something was there.
Now i have a wooden floor, so maybe it was the wind or a cat but i went insane. I coudlt move, i couldnt scream just listening. I closed my eyes and wanted to sleep.. i passed out and when i opened my eyes (to me it felt like i was just gone for a minute or so!?) i could move again.

I do regret now that i didnt want to know the truth, if there were aliens (or others?) in my room i would have noticed when they tried to lay me on my back instead of my side (facing the wall)
but i was too scared, remarkable i was able to go back to sleep..

I came in touch with alien & ufo theories trough my dad, who always had fascinating stories to tell. Like the nazca lines, pyramids, stonehenge and area 51.
You didnt hear these things on school

What's also strange is that 2 of my (ex-)girlfriends had encounters with aliens or ufo's, while they had a relation with me.
One saw a huge ball of light (i made a thread about this one back in 2003..), the other one woke and couldnt move (paralized) and she said something was on her but she couldnt push it away. she tought at first it was me, but i was at my place.. she passed out and woke up and called me (this was in the morning).
She doesnt believe in aliens and ufo's, and both GF's didnt know i was that interested in this things.
I told her to check her body for marks, but she couldt find any.

these things never happened to them, I'm starting to believe i influenced this? I dont know.

I also have the feeling i was put here on earth with a big meaning, likes omething big is waiting for me. I have this feeling all my life..
I dont believe in mediums or channelers, but I know exactly when some1 is talking over me and if it's good or bad... Also sometimes i can read some1's mind. Not 1on1 like readign a book, but in a conversation 1on1 i get signals, words.. Sometimes it's very usefull with relationships, teachers (im still a student) and yes it sounds stupid but with my poker homegame (I can read the cards sometimes)
I think i have a good "gut feeling", and that i can read people's faces (emotions) very well, i dont believe that much in paranormal...

Anyway these are my experiences, i hope to get more and to learn more.
I always look in the skies, and i always will.

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 07:37 PM
I don't know if this means anything, but in the last two weeks to a month I've been having sudden and inexplicable flashbacks of my life. It's never anything particularly important; just small moments of my life, particularly my childhood, recalled with extreme vividness. They occur totally without any prompting from me. I'll be cooking or talking on the phone, not thinking about them at all, and they just hit me suddenly.

Concurrent to this has been an increase in intuition, insight, and "feelings" about things, for lack of a better term, particularly when it comes to research I'm doing into some of my family's experiences over the years.

This is new and recent, and the reason I haven't posted in this thread for so long is that nothing has happened before now that I felt was worth sharing. Has anyone else experienced this or anything similar in recent days and weeks?

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by AceWombat04

I haven't experienced anything like that recently, but over the past couple of years I'll randomly be thinking of nothing in particular and then remember something out of the blue, either a memory from when I was younger or something else. I haven't quite figured out what the something else is, except memories of dreams I've forgotten in that realm between sleep and awake. They feel incredibly familiar though-thats the best way I can describe it.

I've been hella busy with my job the last couple of months, so I haven't been around much. Haven't had the time. Hope everyone here has a good holiday for whatever they celebrate, or don't celebrate. Either way, enjoy the down time!


posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 09:38 PM
This is an awsome thread!My life changed tonight.I read two specific experiances that COMBINED with the MANY other commonalities I have with fellow abductees.When I read about the uncanny ability of one person to "catch things in mid air before they hit the ground" I almost fell off my chair,my nickname is the white ninja for this exact reason,the streetlights going off ,ha thats been a running joke in my life and Ive won a lot of beer betting guys it would happen.I read every word of every page of every volume including the dictionaries[and they were huge--if you dont make fun of my spelling I might teach you how to manufacture pennecillan]of the WORLD Book Encyclopedia when I was eight years old.I am a surly 5 ft 7 and 170lbs but I was the most outstanding male athlete in my high school.I took an I.Q test in school and was asked along with a girl in my class to retake the test because our marks were off the scale[I lived in a small community and both of us were never treated the same again it was harder on her because I was wise enough to hide my intellect ,she overachieved at everything and was ostracized by the other kids and I was constantly harrassed to fullfill my "potential" by all the teachers.]I had a library card for the high school when I was in grade four-FOUR-i HELPED THE LIBRARIAN ORDER BOOKS FOR THE SCHOOL LIBRARY.I am middle aged , not part of the younger generation.However I believe that all of the abductees who were imlanted whether they are aware of it or not are the younger generation,so I felt free to post here.I was abducted by humans and at least one little [bleep bleep]that I cant clearly identify other than small.dark brown,with a dark robe type of cloak or something.The little bleeper was the one that invaded my house.It didnt like me at all I repulsed it by simply existing.The humans were blonde ,they wore BLUE bodysuits,and they were as far as I could tell 100%human,including their emotions and relationship dynamics.They were military and it was a military ship.I was lifted into the ship and simply walked off of it to go home.Physical things were done to me when the abductors "believed I was asleep"but were immediatly STOPPED when it was realised I was awake.I did let them finish, of my own free will AFTER EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PROCEDURE EXCEPT ITS AGENDA WAS EXPLAINED TO ME.There is a war and humans are in it,we can operate their ships I was told I could fully operate 0ne and I was seven.I was given a choice to join the war or go home .I dont know anything about the specifics of the war other than the fact its GALACTIC NOT UNIVERSAL.I was implanted twice that I know of,one has come out.I also am beginning to see the "pieces coming together at lightening speed"it was planned this way so we couldnt all be silenced at once.There were cattle mutilations in my area when I was taken.BUT THANKS TO THEM[my crazy learning streak] I KNOW WHY.The bovine genetic material is used to facilitate the implants they do on us.No I didnt read about it on ATS,I looked it up on one of my "strange information searches ive found myself doing my entire life",the information was on a University Educational website that led me to the most current molecular genetic research textbooks.Anyone else who was abducted knows the rest of the story-it led me to the next piece of the puzzle.[YOU only have to google the russian torpedo that travells faster under water in a bubble of gas to understand ZERO POINT ENERGY TRANSFER thats how ufos fly fast] SOME OF US ARE IN POSITIONS WITHIN SOCIETY THAT PROTECT US AT THE MOMENT BUT OTHERS OF US ARE NOT,we all have to choose whether to "come out or not".There are dangers involved MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION WISELY.I am moving to a new state soon ,my posts have all been anonymos but NEVER from an I.P address that can be connected to me ,and I lead a transient[not poor]lifestyle.Be carefull knowledge can be dangerous.Whatever you do keep posting your experiances ,lots of us will be on the move.

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 10:21 PM
The first post describes experiences I've had and I'm 20 turning in 4 months 21.

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 10:23 PM
Wow cosmicstorm you just described me aswell.

Im a mother middle 20's and can relate to alot of what you just said. Im too waiting for what i'am meant to do.

Alot of psychics have told me im the one to direct people and help people with 2012 being off significance for me.

Anyhow i know we are all one and connected to sometthing that will be really special thing for us in the future.

In between my shoulder blades i get this urging pain that i want to spread my wings but there is none there more like an invisible feeling.

I have had psychic tendencies i have not developed fully yet. I have been shown amazing things that cannot be comprehended or noone will understand.

Time will tell we were definately born in a time of great wonder.

Wow i kind off fidn ti hard to write about my experiences because its always funny when i read it back to myself which is why i keep alot of experiences to myself.

My mum said there was somtthing special about me as a baby and angels always saved me and she saw me one time floating down to the ground from the tree and i remember that too. One time when i was 2 i remember also climbing out my window and floating to the ground. I have been saved mysteriously many times in my life so i know i have a purpose to accomplish on earth.

Alot of people have told me there is sometthing special about me. I get stares like im sometthing different too. Children are very attracted to my presence.

I have had a pretty hard suffering as a child been through many trials and tribulations but i know in my heart sometthing good is going to come out of it.

I believe i passed on alot off this too my daughter. She is very inquisitve, intelligent. We also had an angel in our ultrasound picture. She kicked the ultrasound off in my stomach when it was coming near. I read later that ultrasounds can be dangerous to fetuses.
There is sometthing so special about babies and they know alot more then us adults give them credit for. More like old souls trying to make new again.

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posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 01:20 AM
reply to post by meadowfairy

I thoroughly enjoyed your post

I used to feel that way, like I have or had a grand purpose, but i have yet to see it and searching for my purpose i find nothing... finding nothing for long enough you begin to think its a lie... so what is that purpose?

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 03:13 AM
I understand quite well what you mean rjmelter. To tell you the truth i have kind off given up. If 2012 has importance for me and im meant to like say save a few people by taking them through a portal who or what will i meet to help me on the way i only got say 4 more years to get through and learn what i need to.

As off yet my only ever supernatural things that noone can prove is OBE's, the way my car went through a tree and another time stood still when i went onto the middle of a highway and would have been killed by cars on both sides but there were no cars to be seen and i backed up my car(there were more times i was nearly killed and saved), the flotation thing, my pregnancy, . You would say why would this clumsy human being have any significance and to top it off im female.

Im learning lots of things and gathering wisdom from experience, there were times i went through deep depression mostly stemming from childhood and i would think off wanting to kill myself but i could never ever bring myself to do it, even then i knew if i live another day it might get better and it did. Then i found the raw food diet after an illness where i too was almost killed but it was sometthing like my intuition telling me to do this diet and i became better and cured myself and felt more connection to the earth.

As everyone else im still young and learning what my purpose is and i guess my experiences never let me have a silver spoon in my mouth. I have to go through it all to understand my purpose. If i dont experience then i dont learn form it and i will just judge all the more all who speak of such experiences. As i know others would off me now.

There is always some situation that leads to another in life like a movie screen going from one to the other. Maybe there is nothing we are meant to be doing at all but achieving what our souls set out to do on earth and thats why we have feelings of a grand purpose. Maybe we wont know that purpose until our task in complete and we see the otherside who knows.

Maybe my way of saving the earth is indirectly by giving out some sort of message that gets picked up similar to the 100 monkeys and this could be the key to saving humanity from itself.

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 05:23 AM
reply to post by h3akalee

Sorry, didn't read the whole thread yet, but just wanted to say that I share some of the experiences as h3akalee's.
I probably fit in the age renge - I'm 27, and always was somewhere out there (as seen by the others). I've had some pre cog dreams, intensive deja vu, probably some psychic abilities, although I haven't worked on that much yet.
What has confused me for the last maybe 10 years is the street lights going out as I approach them and turning on again as I leave. In years 2003-2004 I counted those occurences and came up with the number of about 30/year. Once I thought I'm going totally crazy - I was going along the street, and as I passed one of the lights it went out. All the others were shining just perfect. Then I approached the next one and this one went out also. I turned back - the first one was shining just fine. Then I've said to myself, if the next one goes out, I'm out of my mind.. It did

then I turned back again and saw all of them shining as nothing has happened..
I've also got some bruises/scratches on my body after the night with no apparent reason that healed in one day.
And I saw an ufo in the same year of 2003 (my thread "My 2003/07 sighting").

Anyhow, sorry if this is not really on topic


posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by ilaruum

Do you have mercury fillings in your teeth? Just curious.

If its focused like that you could have a strong energy field around you, thats a very interesting story you tell.

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by meadowfairy

More agreeance, nothing really to add.

Are you a paranoid person sometimes?
Mercury fillings in your teeth?
Any of that stuff?

I've been searching for anwsers.

Lately ive been meeting a lot of people who said they've seen me before somewhere, and i dont live anywhere near them and then there are people I've seen before and actually most of the people i've seen before are in dreams and i think they must have dreamt of me too, so they arent random people we dream of... theres actually some connection but what is it?

I started ATS discovering truth about coverups but most of those are paranoia and if theres a coverup its for a good reason... but articles like these the supernatural or whatever are what fascinate me the most.

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 09:33 PM
No i dont have mercury fillings they are dangerous and i suggest anyone who has it, to read up at about it.

Yes i can be paranoid about the unknown since i have had paranormal experiences with a drug i took that the doctor gave me almost killed me. All these strange things happened to me. Ive discussed them here but it stopped when i went on a raw food diet but if i binge away form raw i have them episodes again and awful dreams.

I do read alot off info about the scientific side off my problems but the more i open my mind the more i know the buck doesn't stop there. I dont stop my beliefs just at wordly existence. I also dont trust too many scientists due to GMO and playing with other things that are natural to the earth.

I base alot of my beliefs on sensing and experiencing and never discuss them out in the real world for if i do then i would definately be told im looney and who wants that. Im big on quantum science.

I like to look at life differently from most people and i want to be open about it but at this time noone is ready for that. Which is why its easier for me to blurt it out on the internet with like minds. So many normal average people experiencing the same things yet we cant discuss in reality. There has to be some truth to so many people with the same experiences.

People ignore experience for proof but im here to show there is nothing wrong with experiencing with positive things that dont hurt yourself or anyone. Just like in the shop they have to taste test before they sell you the product.

You need to taste life.

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by rjmelter


No, no mercury fillings.. Not really paranoid either usually, though there were some short periods when I experienced great fear of something terrible happening with no reason at all.. That freaked me out

One more thing, ALL (like 5-6) mechanical (and some good ones at that) and one electronical wristwatches that I've had during my life show about 5 minutes ahead in about a week after I set the correct time. Because of that, not wearing any for about 6-7 years already. Cell phones seem not to mind me

As for sharing, I have many of similar experiences as you guys (and girls) and no one really understands if I try to explain my point of view, although I have no problems in communicating, am well liked and I 'feel' others emphatically really well too.
It's just quite hard to express everything I want here in foreign language but I think we share some common things that don't really need explanations.
Have a good day

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 04:01 PM
Hey everyone,I thought I would let everyone know on this thread(as I respect this thread and have many friends on it
) that I am back and glad to be with you all again!My business(as most are aware what it was) is now taken care of for the most part and I am anxious to see how and if ATS has changed(I hope for some things it has,and hope it hasn't for others).I have many stories to share of some unusual experiences I had while on hiatus.Well I hope everyone is doing okay and I hope we can all continue to share our thoughts and feelings of events going on in life.I won't be around the internet again for about 3 weeks,but then I will be back on all the time,just like before.Until then-hey all(old and new),I'm glad to be back and can't wait to talk with you all.

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by jkrog08

Now Now

Dont get addicted to ATS Just yet :-p

Good to have you back

Cosmic Storm went A-Wall however

So what kinda stories do you have for us?

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