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ED BROWN says its the Jesuits Vatican NWO

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posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 12:50 AM
Knights of Columbus have the skull and bones logo:

Just to gain some ground with you all. Remember ED BROWN who the FBI raided for not paying his taxes.
He says that "It's the Jesuits!!"

Ed Brown - It's the Jesuits (Full Clip)

This is the whole recording. pretty interesting...
Added: March 07, 2008
This is the whole recording. pretty interesting.
Interesting Breaking News. Ed Brown, from prison, states that the Jesuits are in control. (Don't get too exited. We KNOW the Jesuits are in control. Many coadjutors will state this. But I will say that this is an interesting developement.)
This Ed Brown Audio is from 2/28/08
Links to sources of this clip:
And this one is from Ed Brown's official Blog:
Here (above) you can hear the whole thing. He talks more about the Jesuits and mentions the Black Pope.

The Vatican led New World Order. Let me start at WW2. Concordat between "Hitler's Pope" and Hitler. Look it up. Aftermath of WW2 Unification of Europe. The Signing of the constitution of the European Union was done in Rome. The creation of Israel which has been the stepping stone to the conquering of the Middle east for the Vaticans new world order. Think of it as a crusade if you want. But according to Eric John Phelps. Their dream is to destroy the Dome of the Rock and replace it with Solomons temple. The Knights of Malta.. The Knights of Columbus... Freemasonry... Masonic Handshakes. This is a pyramid of power with the Holy See as the Eye of the Pyramid.

Image of the Vatican Jesuit Pyramid Structure AKA thee NWO pyramid structure
Look at the Blue Mass and Red Mass it was interesting. Use the sliding links at the top left of the page.
Amazing website. You gotta read the information on this page.

Youtube: (keywords that might interest you..)
Alberto Rivera (Ex Jesuit Priest) Speaks at Alamo Ministries
RARE 1983 PART 1 Jesuit Infiltration Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera
The late Alberto Rivera exposes Jesuit infiltration
Tony Alamo interview w/ Greg Szymanski
Ex-Illuminati Leo Zagami on Jesuits, Zionists & Masons
Jesuit Infiltration into America By Thomas Richards

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 08:35 AM
great thread, VaticanNWOz

i thing you are right, more and more people are
opening their eyes on the Jesuits and roman catholic church
world secret agenda...!


posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 03:40 AM
While I do not doubt that the Jesuits are powerful they are by no means in control. While Phelps blames them for practically every European war it quickly becomes apparent that the power of the Vatican and the Jesuits was greatly diminished by the second world war. A simple analysis only requires to question why, if indeed they are all powerful, do the Jesuits only have 'observer' status at the CFR?

What I think is possible, is that the agenda of the Jesuits MAY reflect the agenda of the NWO, they may work in conjunction - but the power that they have is only by default if this is the case. That is, they only have power to do others bidding...they are by no means directing the show. Useful tool though.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 07:34 AM
reply to post by Achilles 13

most american catholics never even heard of the jesuit order

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