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Science and religion combine

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posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 11:38 PM
Here is the message I want to convey. I don't know where else to place it but a general category, because it touches so many points it is beyond reason.

Here's what I see. Science cannot prove God. God does not mean science is the end all of knowledge. So there has to be a happy medium.

Two newsworthy items have combined this week with every other event known to man to combine into one truth that cannot be confirmed as absolute nor denied as proof. It's like a stalemate in the game of chess.

For my first consideration is the scientific discovery that we had a GRB (gamma ray burst) from an exploding star that scientists admit is the center of the universe by their own calculations of reading the red-shift signature compared with what they say is the total picture of the big bang theory. Fair enough. This piece of evidence says that if the big bang is merely a singularity multiplying into a quantified and large sphere of matter then the shape should generally be a sphere, with the source of the singularity in the middle. Hopefully you are all following this.

Given this, there are two alternatives to choose from. First is that we see red-shift from our location (earth) as being the center of the big-bang and everything came from us, which we are no black hole.

The next train of thought says, if the exploding star is centered in time of the big bang, we are actually at the edge of the sphere about to come out of it. We are deceiving ourselves of believing we are the center of the big bang just like we deceived ourselves that earth was the center of the solar system. Think of it as a next step in consciousness that we forgot to learn.

Here is a link to the exploding star article:

Now my next point is more terrestrial. It is the boundary between existence on earth and existence in the heavens in a spiritual sense. I make no claims to either. The Japanese astronaut threw a boomerang in space and it came back to him, which defies all laws of the physics of how a wing or an object can create its own gravity in a small space and then find its source:

ATS thread on the space boomerang

I rest my case. The jury is out to decide these two events of our defining moment of just what truth is.

Care to discuss? Go ahead.

posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 12:24 AM
What the heck is the point of your post? You are simply rambling incoherently about various topics using flawed logic.

If a Japanese Astronaut throws a boomerang INSIDE the spacecraft then yes, of course, it should come back to him. There is still air inside the spacecraft, yes. Is it not the air that the boomerang is manipulating to return from whence it came?

As well,
Your statements about God are incorrect completely. Science can neither prove NOR DISPROVE the existence of God. So your following argument is flawed and without basis.

And Yet Again,
Red shift is observed around us from other objects. No where did anyone state that this means that we are the center of the universe, but that objects are in motion around the central big bag point.

In Conclusion,
Your post makes no sense whatsoever to anyone who has actually studies the matters at hand. You are grouping them together to say what exactly? So far, this post has been another sad waste of my time.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by ben91069

Yeah i couldnt quite follow that either.....

I came here thinking i'd read one thing, and i read another.

Though- i do like the topic of the thread.

I believe God and science are one in the same.
I dont' believe they have been 'combined' beucase i believe they've always been together.

What i mean to say is

What humans call "science"
God calls his work

We say protons and neutrons make up __________________
God says, call them what you want, but thats how i made ______ work

Thats how i feel it is. I think 'science' was invented to study the world, and took off on a cataclysmic rampage to try and destroy God.

Why do scientists try so hard to disprove God?
Why can't the answer simply be "we figued out that God uses thigns we call protons"

You're still discovering and uncovering the mystery

God is all things
God is science


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