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My strange dream

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posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 02:38 PM
Last nights dream was highly unusual. I was standing with some family members who I now don't remember, at a gas station with one of those large canopies covering all the gas pumps.

The sky was slightly overcast and then out of no where we saw all these fighter jets flying fast and low towards what I believed was the east.

Upon further watching, they weren't fighter jets but more like cargo type planes, but they looked like swept wing bombers.

Suddenly a couple landed right in the street hard and fast, a bunch of trucks rolled out the back and SWAT looking guys with guns scrambled everywhere.

Next the trucks opened there doors and these guys started administering some sort of shot in the arms of the people. Some of the people were immediately taken and thrown into the back of these trucks - like paddy wagons.

I was not scared at all through this dream, just slightly amazed at how quick everything happened. I stood in a very short line and was given a shot, then told I was ok and let loose.

Then, the doors were closed on the truck and it quickly sped away and the jets took off as quickly as they landed.

That was really weird.

posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 08:46 AM
The dream I posted a few weeks ago had some similarities. Mainly the military presence and being given shots, one in each arm. Although, the setting of my dream was different. An attack occurred at the university during the spring graduation commencement. I was thinking later that the military being there so quickly was because of the military science/ROTC attachment in place at the university. In the dream, however, these guys got out of a deuce and started injecting people with something. I was being tested for radiation.

Later, I began thinking about the actual setting. Auditoriums and convocation centers full of parents and graduates. Supposed to be a happy day, right? Young people going out into the world to make their mark in life. It turned out to be a perfect opportunity for mayhem.


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