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Ultraurgent Signal about Dragonian-Andromedian spacewar

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 03:07 PM
Isn't there a rule for not providing sources, and ban/warn for made-up/make believe dates?

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 12:41 PM

Originally posted by skeptical2012
reply to post by kennethmd

The pleiadians and the Andromedians are all white or "nordic" - "aryan" in appearance. Just check those sketches out in the web made by contactees.
One of the first extraterrestrial settlers here on earth are them and they were the first colonizers. The ancient prehistoric pelasgian race are their descedants. Black people were indigenous and they made first contact with the andromedians million of years before that came here through the stargate of Sirius and tought science and astronomy to them. Just check the chronicles of the Dogon tribe in Mali Africa.
Althought some "nordic" aliens mainly those that appear on earth are working for the Dracos alliances as they are Cronus apostates in the ancient Cronus-Selene(YHWH) vs Uranus-Zeus(Andromedian goverment) solar space battles.

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Well i don't like when i disagree with people (because you might turn out to be correct), but from what i know, things are a little different, as far as history and origins of mankind go. The Plejaren people (Pleadians) are descendants of the Lyran race and they colonized some star system in the pleyades but not Earth. Earth was colonized by descendants of the Lyran people that used to live on Mars. After a catastrophe on Mars they started to settle colonies on Earth. Another minor group that also originates on Lyra and is considered a part of the Lyran race is the Vegans. They represent the Lyrans with dark hair and darker skin complexion who settled colonies on Earth as well. They are only 2 of the races responcible for the creation of mankind. I think that in total they are 22 or perhaps even more. The Vegans are more similar to the Indian/middle eastern type of people, as far as appearance goes. The african people were originally designed by the Vegan people with the help of some amphibian reptile race from another galaxy (not sure the name, possibly the famous Naga). If you don't believe me about this, check the creation legends of the Dogon tribes of Africa, they speak of the same thing. The first people to set colonies here were the Procyons (Lyran colony on Procyon) and Vegans. Procyons have white blond variants and asiatic dark haired variants with slanted eyes. Vegans set their colonies in West and North Africa and the Procyons in Asia and Australia (back then connected along with Africa). The Lyrans (blond ones) join later after they experience a catastrophe on Mars. Their colonies set foot where ancient Mesopotamia was, today Iran i believe. Well this is what i wanted to say and the rest is history lol.

Afcourse I might be wrong, but from what i know, the story goes as mentioned above. That all human-looking species across the galaxy are descendants of the Lyrans. Im not sure if the Andromedians fit in this category. Im talking about the Andromedian light beings, not the human-looking extraterrestrials. i think they are more ancient then Lyrans. We are as far as i know, the newest human civilization. And very immature i might add.

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 10:32 PM

If you don't believe me about this, check the creation legends of the Dogon tribes of Africa

Oh.. offcourse.. the Dogon. I have checked the chronicles of Dogon.
They know for eons rare astronomy information about Sirius B the denser star in our sector (coccygeal part of the universal organism), and about the rings of saturn and other knowledge like the humanoid form of the universal hyperorganism with 2 hands and 2 legs straight up and straight down accordingly. They have this hyperhumanoid universal organism form designed in their ceremonial masks with humanoid little statues on the head. This form also resembles the apollonian central sun emblem ]+[ of the solar plexus area of the universe where the nommos originated and arrived for a regular inspection to earth through the stargate of sirius (Hyper-Ion or Hyper-Sun or Central-Sun) and tought the Dogon astronomy and the natural law. Nommos is an hellenic word and means law or also lawmakers / judges, the natural law of the universe and the harmonical artifical law - adopted laws- of the andromedian goverment of the universal hierarchy. The judges of the Andromedian Goverment are all originate from the solar plexus and they are neutral by nature and without a gender (hermaphrodite), they come from a neutral matter area of the universe also.
The dogon also spoke about a dolphin amphibian like form of the nommos. Dolphin or Delphies or Delphoi or Delphi (oracle in Greece) is another protohellenic pelasgian word and means Hellenian or a "Civilization Matrix", Civilizers.

[edit on 25-4-2009 by skeptical2012]

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