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Ultraurgent Signal about Dragonian-Andromedian spacewar

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by jkrog08
reply to post by LordHumungous

Anyways,I do intend to take a spectrograph of the moons around saturn nd jupiter some time in the next few weeks-and believe me if I find anything that verifies the OPs claim I will promptly start a new post of my own.

Been a while (more than "a few weeks..."). What did you find, jkrog08?

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 07:18 PM

Originally posted by kennethmd
reply to post by jkrog08
The answer for if I can see in the future is no. Only God can show you what going to happen in the future. About space battle. Two fleet that enemy, most of the time don't pick the area they going to fight at. And there is going to be a battle around Earth. Even though you don't believe it.
Beside I give out too much information anyway. Just pretend I'm a troll and don't pay attention to my posts.

Bush is preparing to put lunar base

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 09:08 PM
i read and reply to alot of these post.I can not for the life of me figure out how you "prove" something........
can u PROVE we have rovers on mars??Can u prove we wen to the moon???Can u prove that quantum physics is correct????Can u prove how black holes work???Can u prove we arnt being lied to????Can u prove we are realy here,and even exist???Can u prove this isnt a dream???
Nothing can be proved,but anything can be belived........
yes i belive in god......
and yes i bleive what jesus said... if we had a musterdseed of faith we could move mountins...
But there isnt any way to PROVE anything.... like ufos
we have pics.....we have military confermation.......we have abductess...
we also have the exact same PROOF of such things as the holocost...
our trip to the moon.......Our rover on mars....
I honestly though ATS was here for information so that the reader could make his own mind up,Not rank about proof when there is no way to prove anything....
Hell u cant even PROVE that if u drop a stone that it falls,Mabey its just your preception,and your preception isnt proof...
Just saying someone needs to relize there is no REAL PROOF of anything,only questions.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 02:20 PM

Originally posted by Amaterasu

Originally posted by jkrog08
reply to post by LordHumungous

Anyways,I do intend to take a spectrograph of the moons around saturn nd jupiter some time in the next few weeks-and believe me if I find anything that verifies the OPs claim I will promptly start a new post of my own.

Been a while (more than "a few weeks..."). What did you find, jkrog08?

Better ask first if he is still alive...

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 05:21 AM
reply to post by kennethmd

no one said that's an alien spacefleet my friend , they are humans and they are our ancestors

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by homo_borg

You sionist pig have prooven that you cannot talk and cannot think because you are brainless and spineless.You are a worm trying to eat umanity's flesh.But don't worry the time of your extinction is near, it will be swift but not painless

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by kifeus
reply to post by kennethmd

no one said that's an alien spacefleet my friend , they are humans and they are our ancestors

white humans to be precise.

posted on Nov, 18 2008 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by skeptical2012


Did you post as "Hellenian" on Your posts are similar in content and style.


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posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by kifeus
reply to post by kennethmd

no one said that's an alien spacefleet my friend , they are humans and they are our ancestors

I thought I had mention this. In one of my post. And It was stated that it was a alien fleet.

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posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 01:09 PM

Originally posted by skeptical2012

Originally posted by kifeus
reply to post by kennethmd

no one said that's an alien spacefleet my friend , they are humans and they are our ancestors

white humans to be precise.

Are you sure, they are all white? Some of them could purple and blue. Maybe some of them are orange in color.

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 03:21 PM
Thank you OP for bringing this information.
I can not say i do or dont believe the information you are giving but i surely shelf it as a possibility.

Even the "official" amount of moons detected around saturn and jupiter surprise me and the whole thing makes me think about this article i came across.

Rosetta Flies By "Something" Very Strange

Just as we proposed that the geometric shape of Iapetus was "by design" ... and a major clue to its ultimate end use ... as a radar-stealthy "moon"--

So, we have reached similar technical conclusions regarding "2867 Steins."

posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by kennethmd

The pleiadians and the Andromedians are all white or "nordic" - "aryan" in appearance. Just check those sketches out in the web made by contactees.
One of the first extraterrestrial settlers here on earth are them and they were the first colonizers. The ancient prehistoric pelasgian race are their descedants. Black people were indigenous and they made first contact with the andromedians million of years before that came here through the stargate of Sirius and tought science and astronomy to them. Just check the chronicles of the Dogon tribe in Mali Africa.
Althought some "nordic" aliens mainly those that appear on earth are working for the Dracos alliances as they are Cronus apostates in the ancient Cronus-Selene(YHWH) vs Uranus-Zeus(Andromedian goverment) solar space battles.

[edit on 22-12-2008 by skeptical2012]

posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 10:52 AM
Unfortunately we are still a prison planet under Draconian-Cronian Occupation. But their time is running out.

posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 11:43 AM
YEah I have a feeling the cracos time has just about run out. personally I think that a lot of races are observing what is happening with the human population here on earth.

They say that earth is a prison planet. some say that souls are put inside humans and left on earth in basic galactic quarentine like state.

Personally I don't believe this. I think that humans had a history maybe on another planet not exactly the same as here on earth, and that they were the most dangerous race around. caused havoc in the local sector of the galaxy. half the galaxy rose up and defeated the humans. what was left hybrids on earth were left in a quarentine like state so that we would never raise up and do what we did in the past.

But the remenants of the humans that were defeated galactically have made a comeback. much more evolved spiritually than what they once were. the survivors from the other races of the ancient war are skeptical and are trying to keep humans bottled up. but what they don't know is that the human race on earths destiny is to regain the glory of the original human race and rule the galaxy again. US earth humans will be the most powerful and dangerous of all the sentient life in our sector of the galaxy and we will once again rule.

THe armadas on jupiter and mars will battle for our continued enslavement or freedom. if the dracos and the rest of the galaxy win we will be stuck here for a few million years. if the pleafdians win humans will be let loose on the galaxy again.

And I will be there standing next to my brother humans engaging in humanities manifest destiny in the galaxy kicking ass in the name of earth.
Take that you scrawny reticulan. whats that reptoid your inferior cold blooded metabolism causing a problem with your indurance in this war. well too bad cause us humans are made for this, we can keep kicking your ass all day and night and into the next day. we will not stop. we won't g o away. and once we have taken back oll of the sector and returned it to human dominion. we will dispose of our pleadian masters who thought they were using us to free them. wrong we are using you sucker. thanks for breaking us out of galactic jail!!!

posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by BASSPLYR

Damn, BASSPLYR, that statement was/is a thing of Beauty!

For a moment while reading, I'm trying not to wear this smug look on my face that is saying, "if he only Knew!"

Then, your ending...and I realized you knew! I've gotta say, it's nice to find another aware of it all. Yes, indeed. That's the Spirit!

Front Line, UP! Mind Lasers to the Fore!

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 05:56 PM

As to the OP: interesting 'ultraurgent signal', I'm sure if anything is going on NASA is not going to broadcast it. I wonder if we can really affirm that astronomers have gone missing in 2003? That would be spooky...

And indeed it is spooky.. After a while at last I restored my archive information about this and I will reveal. Numerous extreme so called "accidents" and deaths of rare causes of Astronomers and chief space scientists from the years 1997 to 2003 the years of the discovery and official "filtered" announcements of the new satellites (in reality artificial metallic battle planets) in Jupiter and Saturn orbits.
Let's begin with the European Astronomers "accident" in Alps close by it is a big european observatory of almost equal capabilities to the Mauna Kea in Hawai. I guess those astronomers would'nt interested to keep their lips tight closed. Not as easily controlled by the NSA as their USA counterparts.

French cable car crash kills 20

Everyone aboard the cable car was killed
Major worldwide cable car accidents since 1976

Article By CNN (Now removed! I wonder why)

July 1, 1999
Web posted at: 9:08 a.m. EDT (1308 GMT)
GRENOBLE, France -- A cable car plummeted to the ground in the French Alps early Thursday, killing all 20 people on board, local officials said.
Earlier reports indicated 21 people died.
The cause of the crash, which occurred at 7:30 a.m. as the cable car was taking staff members of an observatory to the top of the 2,700-meter (8,900-foot) Pic de Bure mountain, was not immediately known.
The regional prefect, Remi Caron, said the car detached itself from the cable, but the cable did not snap, as had been previously reported.
Most of the victims were reported to be employees of the observatory, which is run by French, German and Spanish scientists. The cable car was used only for the observatory and no tourists were believed to be on board.
The cable car fell 80 meters (260 feet), in the resort town of Saint-Etienne-en-Devoluy, south of Grenoble.
"The cable car fell. We don't know why. These are working people and they are dead," the resort's mayor, Jean-Marie Bernard, told Radio France-Info.
A spokesman in the prefect's office said 10 staff members of a public works company, five scientists from the IRAM astronomical institute and telephone company employees from Marseille were among the victims.
All the bodies were recovered Thursday morning, officials at the prefect's office confirmed.
An official investigation has begun into the cause of the accident, France's worst cable car disaster in more than 30 years.
The chief representative of the cable car union said the cable car was built in the 1980s and had recently passed a safety inspection. "It was in perfect working order," Charles Simiand said.
Simiand said the system consisted of one cable car with room for 20 passengers and another smaller one used to transport equipment.
Scientists from all over the world are known to visit the observatory, which is used virtually year round.
IRAM, the Institut de Radio-Astronomie Millimetrique, has set up six large antennas on top of the mountain to monitor stellar activity.
The crash occurred near the site of a 1976 accident on the same gondola lift, blamed on operator error, which killed 42 people.

-------------------- ]+[ ---------------------

The following list is autotranslated to English:

A group of French astronomer with historical revelations ... just happened to die all together?
(Article Now removed! I wonder why)

Carl Saggan died in December after a twoyears-battle with a rare disease.
On 3 July 1997, the son of a senior coach of the NASA spacecraft named Brewster Shaw, from Houston, was killed. The gazomeno body from bullets found in the trunk of his car at the bottom of a lake.
On 25 June 1997, the day scheduled for the combustion process of correcting spaceship, and the day of «accident» MIR, a senior program administrator at the headquarters of NASA, the Dr. Gergen Ray, was found dead near his home in Potomac, Maryland, under unusual circumstances.
A few days before ap'to above, a computer technician who worked in the PATHFINDER in Palo Alto, California was found dead. The body was sfinomeno between a tree and a fence into a busy, high-class urban area close to the university Stanford. The police claimed in this case that beaten to death by gang members.
H Program Manager of the Mars Surveyor at NASA headquarters in Washington, Mary K. Olsen, went to JPL in Pasadena a few months ago, and arrived at a hospital with a very strange and abnormal embolism, and finally died. He was just 35 years.
The astronomer Eugene Shoemaker, who discovered the comet that fell to Jupiter in 1994, was killed in a car crash Friday in Australia whilst on a journey to search for asteroid crater. He was 69 years.
O Shoemaker died in a double car in a road accident about 310 miles south of Alice Springs, central Australia, said police.

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 10:21 PM
I am happy this topic picked up-I had not seen it before.

If the OPs information is true, and the gondala deaths are true and Mumbai and it's photos are true and the issue at Yellowstone are true and the spokane library just having the bomb squad address a potential mass shooter are true, then the following is true: for me due to the pattern of trueness to recurrances of my past experiences as an abducted teenaged timetraveller. Granted it's all a bit fuzzy, could be implanted, or occurring on mirror sites, other timelines, or in a state of having been changed back.

But for conjecture-here is a bit this article and thread prompts me to, of it, to be ignored or taken in stride by whomever at their discretion. I will as well enclose this mornings ignored letter to the FBI for futher supporting background information, *below it*

The crafts are occupied by hundreds of thousands of short grey alien appearing drones (as in not 'living'-robotic), built by the small population of grey alien/ chucacabra HYBREDS (if you can imagine the intellect plus the tenacity-and the teeth).

The gist of the war is that the reptiles (my appologees, they find the term disrespectful) are to be aimed at the space humans; the space humans at the reptiles; the human humans at the reptiles; The space humans at their selves and their management; everyone at the grey greys; and the little twisted handlers of all of the grey looking bots enjoy a galactic sized show. Casualties all around.

Origionation: foriegn operatives operating within America, utilizing temporary but deceptive infiltrations of it's government and services.

How do you know?
How could I proove that I know were I to tell you?
Yah but.
Yah, I know.


Your Tacoma office won't take testimony/tips on the bombings of Air India 182 (and thus none of the background and following coverup: Guidoiz, Bastian, Welch; Brame, the cult handler in the domestic violence office: still there (!), Bullseye, William Price ak William Mohammad, hundreds of local and national murders, -for notable instance.

A male at Your Seattle office will take a report on the hundreds of murders-and stayed on the phone with me to indicate this.

A female at Your Seattle office repeatedly hung up when I provided a correlating tip on Chief David Brames younger activities towards and with the above mentioned operative of foriegn and domestic murder, bombings, and biohazard.

The tone and despondancy your female agent took were quite frightening, as well as counterproductive to the report I am undertaking for the office in the way of missed, relevant correlations that the agency could not possibly have made, but seems in all honesty should have if it is to truly follow its mandates or even have a grasp of the material.

I am attempting to due this without including controversial but relevant and actual X-filed material; which I would most certainly included if I were not well beaten in the type of pre-emptive retailitory action, such as recieved via the female agent above, and certainly by the Tacoma/Pierce County domestic violence intake agent who has blatantly refused me the services stated to be provided by such agency: for 15 years.

I am not under witness protection. It is a difficult place to get to when the agencies requesting the information from the public refuse the information from one named: (omitted).

I do not have address confidentiality. It is a difficult place to get to when the referral needed to get to the place free of the subsequent relevant related gang stalkings and disinformations intended to futher cloud, tangle, or refute the relevant message: in order to more safely or securely (without loss of job due to paid harrassment-planted rumors, ect) write, tell, or convey the relevant message, correlations, facts or clarifications of any number of hundreds to thousands of supporting specifics:

under TPD and Guardian endorsement I am taken, held, raped and sodomized for 2 years to the ends of forced drugging and child harvested and held for silencing

And when-under these circumstances my dispositions to the fact are are taken, torn and concealed by ONE WOMAN in what has now become a new domestic violence office arrangement, strangely housing still-that ONE SAME WOMAN. Crystal Brame must have been victim of her as well.

Will you investigate? I hope so.

Daniel Ralph Maples: as a young person I witnessed the killing of his girlfriend by my folks, her brother, and their cultish friends: yet, in Pierce County he has gone away for her murder. There are more cases of these, some X filed type.

Tomas Crane: I do not know anything about this-however, I do know about media disinformation. The sketch of the man drawn, from whom did you get it?

money is only money-I am not seeking this reward. I am seeking help for (omitted) , who, like I, have been raised likely in terror and ill health, beneath a huge organized crime/public corruption scandal crossing all facets of activity. Which should I speak to? The police who will not file his missing person report? The CPS who directs that I commit the federal crime of kidnapping? The Support Enforcement who forcefully arranges a meeting with my rapist, attempted murderer, hostage taker? The DV office lady who says victims counselors are not for me and I may not meet with one? The non related parents who murder to fill their needs-criminal or personal. Perhaps the Sheriff's department who will not serve or attempt to assist to be served an order? Perhaps I should put some poor newsman in danger?

Yet, I call you and I am hung up on when I indicate a bit of information on the chief Brame. It is relevant.

I call you and am asked why I chose to call you. What are you saying when you say this.

When you hang up on me when I am telling you what you should know to be safe I am made to be afraid of the improper handling of the information; which results in a cascade of introspect unintentionally stalling the flow of information for months and years: until the next hurdle of courage is overcome.

Policemen have assisted in my attempted murder-multiple times. Logic would indicate that when the police are not available to view sensitive issues due to a conflict of interests that the next step up in sharing attention to those issues would be to the FBI.

When the local level can not by unfortunate nature be trusted to dilligently and intelligently handle information; am I not correct to look elsewhere. I would not know-it is not taught within the environment of forced servitude and unwitting suicide bombing; under the umbrella of corrupted society enlisting government assist. However, you are seeking that I am to behave in a way that I am unfamiliar with, and as such unfamiliarities would dictate, am unable to identify.

You however, in the position to know and practice what you are about, are or should be held to the greater standard of professional conduct and ethics when dealing with the average joe public who come to you for assistance; as we are following the directives of information that you yourself have given to us-in one form or another-your web page for instance: in which, you yourself indicate what you investigate (and thus accept relevant information on); what you are for/about (and thus who you are not); and why you are there (and thus who you are and who you are not).

It translates as "We are not the crime organization and would like to take them down"

It just so happens that I am not the crime organization and would like to take them down too.

What part of this statement do you find deceptive? The part where I was raised by the crime organization and thus

[edit on 6-3-2009 by HugmyRek]

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 10:23 PM
What part of this statement do you find deceptive? The part where I was raised by the crime organization and thus must be them...

Doubly victimized.

The man in the Seattle office held closely to ideals. The woman should be fired, investigated, or otherwise reprimanded, queried, and retrained. -- Bad people carry badges too. Stupid people who carry badges have the potential to cause buildings to blow up, witnesses to be killed, and government to drag on in the dark: for they label and ignore and lose humnit.

Then again, if you yourselves are wantonly making an ass of this country on purpose, cause your getting paid and status and are insulated and don't care:

Well, then ignore me; I must have fallen into your trap and knocked on the wrong door. But! I know different.

Look. Daniel Ralph Maples in Tacoma Washington DID NOT kill his girlfriend. I know because I saw who did. People don't listen to me-but they listen to her killers and concealers. She was a very nice lady who didn't deserve this, and this sort of policing, justice, forensics, and situation does not bode well for the public. This is not an isolated incident. It has happened over and over and over again.

This is more than just the cult. This is more than just the serial killers guild. This is more than average foriegn infiltration. This is more than the remnants of the false flagged cold war with 'walled' Russia. This is this country, hands on ripped to shreds piece by piece, person by person, agency by agency:
by way of thousands of arranged instances, planted evidence, utilized media, and enlisted and organization known corruptable individuals.

For which, I suffered to watch and obey in illegal servitude to, while you did nothing but turn a blind eye, enlist their services, or not notice their actions.

It were the last.
If you do not know that all American terrorism comes from one Tacoma Washington man operating for the last 30 years-then there is something wrong with what you know.

If you have a moral or ethical problem with terrorism (and all its actual situational specific example components) AND you have a problem with the moral or ethical applications of the Liberty of terrorism according to the constitution; then why do you hang up?

You lack evidence.
Could hanging up have ANYTHING to do with your lacking of evidence?
The statement should not be formed as a question and is not meant to be sarcastic.

What evidence do you require?
And how do you expect me to aquire them, when, by way of this very organization and it's codependants and witten or unwitten supporters, I am unable to hold even a menial job and stay within unharrassed good mental health, as well as keep my child or children healthy and alive and as unadultriated as possible, long enough to track the relevant supporting documents and connections alone, by myself, with a targeted, bastardized education,


law enforcement and administration and services: neglect, dissasociation, disobediency and counter action-retailiation

to your own ill ends; in contrary to your own safety as well as the public's-for which you are.

Please help.
I request your blessing in a request for the address confidentiality-however,
I am not quite aware, that I should not be requesting it from, of, and due to YOU; relevant and resultant to the behavior of the Seattle agent female during my attempt to share relevant information, concerning the prior activities of the murderous suicidal Chief David Brame (et al), in the city where all North American terrorism-and much of the world's, stems from.

As well as,
relevant, resultant, and due to, the despondancy and attention deficit of your Tacoma outpost agent, regarding unachieved and seemingly unwanted testemant as to the facts as they occurred, concerning American resident false flagged Sikh operations: and my placement within them.

Sure I would have called, if I had a voice, if I had a structure, if I had a telephone reciever, if Brame hadn't given the home invasion rifle back to the home invader in 83ish; during the infiltration of SEATAC, BOEING, tacoma fbi; during the planning of the bombing of air india; following the bombing of Portland; following the eruption of ST Helens; following the murder of baby Guidoiz, preceeding the murders of the Puget park girl and the Pt Defiance park girl. The latter of which had recieved testimony as to the bombing of Air India 182 for which passengers had flown out of Vancouver and again out of eastern Canada.

But, if you want to leave them free to canabalize your kids.... then you yourselves become pretty scary--when I have no one and you have access to services which I am as well denied at every level of government in the most Twilight Zone fashion.

Care to explain?
I would be interested in hearing why you are ok with all of this.

When YOU request a tip, due to circumstances not of my making or choosing; the phrase 'leave no child behind'-reiterates the organizations standard of assassination of relevant witnesses: and I am caused to wonder if that is not why you ask.

Especially, when you hang up when I tell you; when a skank op related to one instance or another gains employment at my place of work or residency at my place of dwelling; when my child's (and formerly my) corrupt school districts stalk my son's demeanor to conceal their own activities or those of their favored abuser's or unethical behavior; when you take an aggressive or defensive tone, even.

Is there no safety in you for all you are decieved by?
Are you tracking the LDS, and Patel to destroy my relevant information.
Is your behavior a statement of your guilt in occurrances you did not commit, simply for the fact that you do not want to be percieved as committing them--resulting in your being percieved as committing them due to your covering up for them so as your not mispercieved, for which then you are?

When all of these boil up, and the world blows up-then will you protect us so we can tell you. Or, will you leave us to be picked off and exploited one by one, convienient for you so you do not have to know.

I am under threat by a policeman. Attempted murdered twice with his knowledge. How is it that I am to call 911 with anything above a window breaking complaint-and expect that he will not find out and make good on his promise; within the context of the Blue Wall's protection of each brother?

One of My attempted murderer's has gained a county level seat in the state of Nevada-how am I to reveal him in the context of the all of the above without being silenced before I am heard.

How am I to speak when there is no one willing to listen for the lack of a verbal, cognitive, developmental or otherwise platform for communication-wherin I have been systematically denied the appropriate services to meet the ends of those entailed above; living within it, lacking the neccessary understandings to fill out the relevant forms or advocate for myself-all advocacy denied by the appropriate entities?

My IQ is 126. I like to play music and watch water.
I smoke cigarettes due to a forceful set up addiction to them.
I will not marry an American, and no amount of money or circumstance could bribe me.
I was forced to marry during a visit to Canada. And my children lived that day because of it. Am I married? Am I single? Am I widowed?

And yet-you hang up.
Do you treat many girls this way?
Advice on your part as to how to access any of these services you state to have.
Too busy for the information you request. Too late for requested information to be given?
Can you read this?
Can they?
Please help define what actions I should take or not take concerning your mislabelled terrorist database and correctly labelled murdered child information requests, and somewhat correct murdered women instances; and nearly completely absent or totally mislabelled as 'gang violence' murdered males status; and completely abs

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 10:24 PM

and completely absent murders by public venue listing and or media. It has been a very long time with the opposite of help.

Is it not ok for the public to know the correlation of all of these. We would get less infiltrated if the America is impenatrable 'concept' were not so stupidly and blindly platformed.

Then again, while travelling on the road during many of these instances, I would not know had media played, for the fact of being moved elsewhere immediately after.

I do know many of the faces on your terror list, had renounced recruitment to terrorism; and that is why their faces are there. I will repeat this to my grave. Whether or not you believe it is either fault or statement of guilt on your part.

You are America or you are Hitler-there is no between ground. Which?

If you want to know about Hitler, I can tell your X-filed department some things, when and if ever they have the time.

Though the two (X-filed and common logics)are, pursuant to my unfortunate and largely unbelievable experience-inexplicibaly entwined; I am alone to guess at the proper course of action in seeing help or mediation, within this light, from you or anybody else that I, or you, it seems: uneducated, would be prone at guessing at to be relevant or safe enough or accessable enough or proper enough to seek reprieve-outside of the United Nations, for which I am a bit shy to approach.

Thank You

(and that's that)

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 02:20 PM
Yo Space aliens!!!!

I got a ultra urgent message for you brought to you you in part by foreigner (xeno in your galactic language) Humanity says we hope all you galactic dweebs (yeah i'm talking to you greys and syrians) out there have ass whooping insurance cause your about to pay a deductable!!!! And no your galactic medical insurance doesn't cover ICU visits to remove size 10 steel toed boots out of your scrawny, scaley, sniffiling backside!!!!

Whats the difference between a rigelian and a tau cetian. who cares! both have wonderful alien brains that make pretty rorsche patterns on the wall when you hit them with baseball bats! BINK!

Hey reticulan you invaded the wrong farm house. meet donk my gimp cousin we keep in a box. donk meet your new toy. Donk has a probe of his own and funny he likes to stick it in the same places you do reticulan! Here wear this lipstick grey. it's donks favorite thing other than raping livestalk.

Yeah thats right humanity is fighting back.

Manifest terran destiny!!!! taking back the galaxy one star system at a time.

Dracos. Are you kidding me. Yeah go ahead and land. try that stupid idea. and when the 6 billion earthlings surge your space ship and start taking you dracos hostage or outright stealing your flying saucers ejecting dracos out the back to lighten our load you'll feel real smart. you realize humanity is the type of race to send your dumb ships back to your home planet with nuke booby traps to obliterate your hive nests or whatever.

Pliadians. umm...yeah. keep arming us. we have something special in mind for you. Use humanity! wrong we use you. sort of like your local bank. but worse.

Yeah space aliens take that message to heart. humanity is coming for that ass. watch your back homie. We gunna bend you all over like some prison convicts. hey you learn some nasty tricks in jail. now that were busting out it's time for the galaxy to be our nasty trick. suckit!

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