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Conspiracy to Keep Humankind in Chains

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posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 11:08 AM
WAR is an effective tool for political and social CONTROL over a large population.

It can be used to keep a people DIVIDED as well:
If a people are divided they are less likely to realize the truth. Conflicts and turmoil cover earth's history like a rash. But very few even realize who started these wars and for what purpose.

The conflict in the Bible between God and the Serpent, God was trying to keep a certain type of knowledge away from Mankind and the Serpent was trying to teach Mankind that knowledge.

In Eden God made it a sin to eat of the fruit. The fruit is an apple and it is symbolic for a certain kind of knowledge. To keep Man away from that knowledge it was taught that if Man learned it, he would die.

Ask the question, "Why should learning knowledge be a sin?" (the original sin) and compare it to modern day observations ought to wake you up to the fact that you live within societal system that was engineered by the members of "God" to empower themselves while keeping those who live within it ignorant.

To test this theory:
Write down on a piece of paper all the things that you own. Next, for each item ask yourself, "Did I design and manufacture this item?" A majority of things within your home you purchased and have no knowledge of how they were designed or built.

The information they do not want you to learn however is not of the technological kind, it is The Forbidden Knowledge. Methods used to control an entire world and to keep the personalities who live in that world spiritually ignorant and unaware of the prison system they are caught in. Did you learn anything about Freemasonry's dominate presence on earth in grade school?

The social system you live within lies to you. It conditions your mind to think that you are the most advanced human earth has ever seen when in fact, the reverse is true. You are dependant on it for all your basic needs. Everything is already prepared for you.

Your clothes come from department stores, your food comes from grocery stores, and your home was most likely not designed and built by you either.

Do you think that is progress? The bottom line is, you can use technology but you cannot design and build your own unless you have a lot of money and who controls the money? Freemasonry.

The Custodial-designed societal system includes an education sub system that produces robots, people who all think the same way and an employment sub system which furthers that robotic behavior.

This makes it easier for them to control the people because a robot never questions authority and does what everyone else does.

Most think the original sin had something to do with sex or nudity. When properly researched one would discover it was the learning of certain types of knowledge that was made a sin.

Someone didn't want Man to learn that knowledge. Knowledge that when studied, leads to the realization that earth is a prison where spiritual beings can get trapped and that unless they study this knowledge they would be forever controlled and never be free.

Freedom is something they do not want you to have that is why they designed an education system that produces individuals who all think the same way. It is much easier for them to control a robot then it is to control a rebel.

This is taken from William Bramley's book The Gods of Eden. Since i could not find much on this subject on ATS, i thought i would post something i read, and found to be interesting. Any thoughts? post away

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 12:11 PM

William Bramley's book The Gods of Eden is a phenomenal read.

For me anyway it was one of the top five books that changed my views on mankinds existence.

A book far ahead of it's time. I think it will be another 500 years before most of mankind wakes up and realizes "There ain't no Santa Claus (Jesus)".

I note that many people that criticise this book haven't the guts to throughly read through the entire book, possibly because most people need to hold on to their "core programs/values/beliefs" and a book such as this is absolutely soul shaking, not many books can make this claim.

Again, and I can only speak for myself, Mr. Bramley's book answered many of the questions that "The Bible" could not. His research has uncovered a history that has been masked for centuries.

"The Gods of Eden" is a very solid primer on alternative human history, which will open up many doors of further research for the inclined reader. It also has the potential of liberating the average intelligent and open minded individual from the relentless clutches of our deceptively common paradigm.

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