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Does anyone know anything about george soros?

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posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 04:40 AM
Hi all, I've been reading about george soros and william engdahl and wanted to know if anyone has read this particular article? Does anyone know if what they say is true about george soros? Is william engdahl a reliable source? Thanks much in advance for any help.

lAn article about george soros

Time magazine has characterized financier George Soros as a "modern-day Robin Hood," who robs from the rich to give to the poor countries of eastern Europe and Russia. It claimed that Soros makes huge financial gains by speculating against western central banks, in order to use his profits to help the emerging post-communist economies of eastern Europe and former Soviet Union, to assist them to create what he calls an "Open Society." The Time statement is entirely accurate in the first part, and entirely inaccurate in the second. He robs from rich western countries, and uses his profits to rob even more savagely from the East, under the cloak of "philanthropy." His goal is to loot wherever and however he can. Soros has been called the master manipulator of "hit-and-run capitalism."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 07:47 PM
So does anyone know aything about william engdahl? Is he a reliable source? Does george soros really have a tie to the rothschilds?
Is most of what he does hinder on illegal investing?

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 07:49 PM
He makes Bill O'Reilly blow a gasket. Kind of like "he's a nazi" typ Falafel-Boy rage. He is capable.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 07:54 PM
From what little I know about him, and what Faux news squeals about... doesn't sound up to snuff. The main article link you posted is dead though.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 11:07 PM

Here's a link to the new source.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 11:35 PM
I have extreme doubts about this article. I mean consider the following paragraph:

N.M. Rothschild is considered by City of London sources to be one of the most influential parts of the British intelligence establishment, tied to the Thatcher "free market" wing of the Tory Party. Rothschild and Sons made huge sums managing for Thatcher the privatization of billions of dollars of British state industry holdings during the 1980s, and today, for John Major's government. Rothschilds is also at the very heart of the world gold trade, being the bank at which twice daily the London Gold Fix is struck by a group of the five most influential gold trade banks. Gold constitutes a major part of the economy of drug dealings globally.

That last line that comes out of the blue...

Based on what little I could find on the Author, he seems to be going sensationalist. Early works look and sample like basic economic/sociological papers as concieved by a hostorian... his later stuff though seems to be trying to focus on drawing people to buy books by pure shock value. His site has samples as well as chapter titles. They get a bit odd later on...

Thats a 10 minute look over, based on what Ive seen, not sure I want to keep looking.

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